Essay Idea’s Generation – Method and Tips

02/28/2020 | George Orwell | 896

What do you mean by Generating Ideas for Essay Writing

Essay Idea generation can be defined as a procedure that includes creation, development, and communication of ideas about the topic on which essay could be written.

Method for Essay Topic Idea Generation

The generation of the idea is the first step in writing essays. Before writing an essay you have to generate ideas about topics or particular issues on which you can write essays. There are mainly four methods which you can use for generation of idea related to the essay topic these methods are:

Method 1. Brainstorming: In this method, you are required to prepare the list of essay ideas that you generate daily related to the subject. Brainstorming is basically a group creativity technique. It is the method which is generally applied for the identification of the solution for a particular problem.

The main advantage of the brainstorming technique is that it enables to think independently. By applying the brainstorming techniques people are able to generate essay ideas more quickly. It helps people in the generation of more innovative ideas about essay. Brainstorming enables people to generate a large number of ideas. Another advantage of brainstorming techniques is that it allows you to expand the portfolio of alternatives.

Method 2. Freewriting: This technique is somewhat the same as brainstorming technique. As per this technique, you can select any essay topic randomly for writing and then you need to write continuously for three to five minutes. It is the method that helps in the generation of huge amounts of information. The freewriting method also provides you with ease in concentrating on a particular subject during essay writing.

The main method of using this technique is that it helps in increasing the flow of generation essay ideas. According to the freewriting technique, you are required to note the idea about the topic which you generate every day. But in the freewriting technique, you need to write and present the idea in the form of a sentence or Para. While using this technique you should continuously write without having concern about grammar or spelling mistakes. While thinking about the idea or essay you can utilize occasional words from a native language.

Method 3. Idea web: The majority of persons develop ideas in form of list or paragraph. An idea map is considered to be one of the best techniques for developing ideas related to the topic of writing essays. Maps or a diagram quickly represents the interrelationship between ideas. You in order to create an idea map required to place a topic at the center and then you need to draw a circle around it and draw four to five lines. After that, you are required to write the essay idea and by continuously reviewing the topic generate and connect more ideas.

Method 4. Moodling: It is considered to be one of the easiest techniques for the generation of ideas related to the essay topic. As in this technique you need to sit at one place quietly and think continuously by observing things surrounding you. It is the technique of generation of an idea which is generally utilized by experience writers, Muddling is considered to be the as best method as it helps you in the generation of unique ideas about the topic for writing essays.

Tips & Simple Techniques used in  Generating ideas for Essay

Essay Ideas Generation required both analytical and critical thinking. If you don’t have both the abilities and you are facing the issue in generating the idea of essay topic then you can use techniques such as brainstorming and free writing.

  • While generating ideas for essay you can conduct online research, as this will help you in the generation of idea of topic on which essay can be written,
  • In addition to this, another way of generation of the idea is that you can participate in various discussions, training, and meetings taking place in an organization.
  • You can also have access to books, magazines, online articles, as this strategy will help you in getting a number of ideas related to the essay.
  • During the process of thinking about topics and noting different ideas, you should not worry about spelling mistakes or grammar.
  • You should note the ideas as soon as you get them and repeat the activity. It is the technique that will help you in the identification of the best idea for essay writing.
  • You should not feel that you need to work logically. You should care about the way you have to develop the idea, you are required to make sure that idea which you have generated is good.
  • Avoid being critical: As it is the factor that can create hindrance in creativity and barrier in idea generation procedure.
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