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Hilarious Persuasive Speech Topics

Student's Assignment Help 07/26/2019 360 Views

If you are looking for best quality persuasive speech topics for writing your college speech then have a look at the following list. Students Assignment Help professionals have given free persuasive speech topics to the graduates for their college speech.

You will be able to grab persuasive speech topics on social media, science, and psychology, etc. here. Just follow these topics and prepare your speech on time to avoid any problem in the later part. It is very annoying for graduates to come up with new speech topics every other day.

That is why they approach external help from the eminent platforms like Students Assignment Help. The topics of speech that are given below are unique and fresh which are not used by anyone else earlier. As a result of which you will be able to hold the interest of the people for a long time on a unique topic. These topics can be used as persuasive essay topics as well by modifying them to a bit.

Persuasive speech topics on Psychology

  1. A person neglected by society tends to neglect society.
  2. Children of shy parents are always frank to the people.
  3. Attention deficit children should be treated with love and extra care.
  4. Hyperactivity is not a disorder.
  5. Being extra possessive towards your kids can make them dependent.
  6. Fare is the biggest challenge to overcome for students to gain success in life.
  7. There is a big difference between psycho and psychology.
  8. We do not require clinical psychological counseling for depression always.

Best Persuasive speech topics on Science

  1. Science is giving us both negative and positive experiences in our life.
  2. Human being has become lazier with the coming of science and technology.
  3. Future generations are going to be limbless because of reduced use of them.
  4. There are always two phases of a coin and similar is with science.
  5. Future kids will be set up with a memory chip in their brains with the advancement in genetics.
  6. People are going to adopt robots in the future than children to make their life easier.

Free topics for persuasive speech on education

  1. The quality of education is very poor in the present scenario.
  2. Political parties cut their benefits by playing their politics on education indirectly.
  3. Education is not able to provide a livelihood to people nowadays.
  4. Educated and illiterate people are getting the same wages in their workplace.
  5. Uneducated people are more successful than an educated one.
  6. Education is the biggest system that paralyzes the thinking ability of children.
  7. Higher education should be reflective in nature and not based on learning more things.
  8. Educational institutions are mere business hub these days for the big businessmen which are looting the students.

Sports topics for persuasive speech to graduates

  1. Sport is a genuine place to learn discipline than reading books to understand the discipline.
  2. The academic success is always treated higher than the success achieved by the sportsmen.
  3. The sport is more associated with the glamour these days which is very bad.
  4. We cannot bring equality in society until there is equality for girls and boys in sports.
  5. Patriarchal society does not admit the playing of wrestling and such other games for women.
  6. Fixing of matches and doping incidences are reducing the popularity of the sports day by day.
  7. Media is projecting sports in a positive way but then many anti-social elements reduce its influence by gambling on players.

Best persuasive speech topics ideas on Politics

  1. The actual meaning of politics is not known to politicians in most of the cases.
  2. Politicians can make and break the society with great impact.
  3. A good politician never exists in the society who is an idea in every aspect.
  4. Politicians are having the highest command to run a nation and they do not sense this responsibility.
  5. The politicians who are taking education relation decision should have a fair experience in the field.
  6. There are some politicians who serve the purpose of a role model but their voice gets suppressed due to their low fraction.

Topics for persuasive speech on addiction

  1. Addiction is the biggest enemy of human life.
  2. Watching TV, eating too much, sleeping for a long time and becoming active on social media always is also an addiction.
  3. Addiction can curtail your wings which are moving towards success.
  4. Deep self-introspection can save you from all kinds of addictions that you are facing.
  5. Developed nations are more prone to addiction than in developing countries.
  6. Government rules to check the growth of alcoholism and drug addiction are shown in the documents only.

 New persuasive topics for a speech on women rights

  1. Women’s right is the much-debated issue for centuries and still women fighting for their rights.
  2. The reproduction system is the biggest cause of setting inequality between men and women in society.
  3. Live-in a relationship should be based on legal criteria so that any of the partners do not cheat the other.
  4. The rising trend of living in a relationship is becoming a big challenge for women who get pregnant after such relations.
  5. The rules for life in relationships are still not in favor of women who have to suffer a lot.

Fresh topics for persuasive speech on social media

  1. Social media is spoiling many lives by keeping the people engaged for the entire day on their social media.
  2. The ratio of death caused by social media is increasing day by day globally.
  3. Depression is one of the most dangerous impacts of social media on the human brain.
  4. We cannot grow on an economical scale if the majority of the population will be contaminated with the addiction to social media.

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