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How I Wrote My First 1000 Words Essay

Student's Assignment Help July 18, 2019 131 Views

Writing long essays on difficult topics is not an essay task for college and university students. Most of the essay writer from college and universities fail to write long essays when they pursue a degree just after school.

This is because long essays are comprised of multiple parts and under-graduates needs to be very much attentive while writing these parts of lengthy essays. Preparing the outline, doing research and citation of the resources at the end everything trouble at its peak to a newbie in lengthy essay writing.

When I was in my first semester of graduation my professor assign me with a long essay of 1000 words. I wrote the essay so well that my professor gave me very good marks in the essay assignment. So if you are facing any issues in writing such long essays here are a few tips that I want to share with you in order to write 1000 words essay easily.

  • Five paragraph essay outline is must at the primary step:  The long essays are comprised of five paragraphs in their outline which includes the thesis statement, introduction, main essay, conclusion and then citation. This is very important to make an outline for 1000 words long essays in five parts before writing them. I also followed the same rule and successfully completed the outline of my first ever written 1000 words long essay for college.
  • Understanding of the different essay formats: One of my friends told me that it is important to write an essay in the given format to impress the teachers. I go through the different formats that are used in writing an essay like MLA, APA, and the difference between them. It helps me to write my essay in the same format in which we were asked to write by the professor.
  • Research methods for research on the essay topic: I was completely understood about the essay outline and format so far but not having a fair idea about the methods of research for an essay topic. This is very important to carry out research on the given topic of the essay before we start writing on it. So I tried to know about the way by which research can be performed for an essay and finally carried out good research on my topic.
  • Essay hook and its importance: The next goal was to write an essay hook for my college essay so that it appears interesting for the readers. Some quotation and interesting points were gathered by me at that time to complete my essay hook. The professors were very happy the way by which I have started the essay with genuine and best essay hook in my long essay.
  • Thesis statement and its role in the essay: The thesis statement of an essay serves the role of clearing the main objective of the writer to approach the given topic of the essay. One cannot stay away from writing a good thesis statement for their essay if they have done good research on the topic. As I mentioned earlier as well my research on the topic was very strong and thus it was not a big thing for me to write the thesis statement of my essay.
  • Introduction part of the essay: The introduction as the name indicates requires the essay writer to add some background stuff in the essay. Here students manage to describe the purpose of writing in a given essay and the way by which that purpose will be achieved.

Also, some resources that will be used for justifying the things are enumerated in the introduction part of the essay. I did the same thing while writing my first essay for college assignments after school. Some mistakes were committed by me at that time like revealing the main ideas of my essay in the introduction which was a blunder.

  • Main essay body: The main part of the long essay is written in the same way as that of short or summary essays. But college students have to be a little critical towards the things while writing essays at the college level. Including arguments and their justification is an essential part of writing the main essay for college. I was very well aware of all these things and follow the same pattern for writing the main part of my long essay.
  • Conclusion: Finally, I wrapped my essay with a conclusion which is written, justifying my hypothesis from the thesis statement with examples. The examples were taken from the main essay and then they were subjected for the parallel scenario with the thesis statement. This is the way I wrote the conclusion of my long essay.
  • Citation of resources: Giving an account of the books, articles, research work that is used for the research on the essay topic in the citation is very crucial. I also wrote a good essay citation along with a bibliography for my essay at the end. It enhanced the quality of the essay in the eyes of readers and my college professors as well. No single resource was skipped by me while giving citation at the end of the essay in the proper format of essay citation.
  • Plagiarism facts to look after in essay: There are so many reasons for which an essay can fall under the category of plagiarism. I was very much concerned about the plagiarism and that is why I had gone for editing and proofreading of my essay before submitting it to the professors in college. By knowing the plagiarism facts I edited my essay copy wisely to make it error-free. That is how the essay gets completed on time and very easily.

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