Conclusion of an essay

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Writing a college essay in itself is a challenging task. An article is divided mainly into three sections that are introduction, body, and conclusion. Most of the students find it extremely difficult to write a summary of theirc essay.

Effective conclusion writing requires the art of summarizing the entire essay in such a way that it can conclude the very purpose of your paper. Due to the conclusion, students sometimes stuck in the halfway even if they have the best content to write in their college essay.

By keeping in mind every point, Students can use them while writing the conclusion essay. Though the conclusion seems easy to write, yet it requires more efforts to put that you ever expected for writing a proficient essay.

So instead of using some craps to write for the conclusion, you should get the idea from the tips suggested in this article for writing the best suitable outcome for your essay.

In this article, college and university students will get to know about the art for writing essay conclusion with some reliable examples.

What is The Essay Conclusion?

The conclusion is written at the end of your essay. It wraps up the entire article in a small package, and only judgmental or decisive statements are used in it. You only have to give a summary of your essay and must not restate the statements in it. The structure of the essay conclusion must be as compact and straightforward as it can be.

The efficiency of an essay conclusion could be enhanced with striking and powerful sentences.

It will help if you generate the ideas for your essay conclusion from the content defined in every new paragraph. Give a final say on the matters that you have used in your paper and synthesize your ideas. It will help if you write the essay conclusion after all the body paragraphs. There should be more specific and summarized view defined in the essay conclusion. If you want to say something that does not go with the main idea, you should write a conclusion for that.

How to Write a Valid Conclusion for an Essay for College Students?

The best method to write the proper essay conclusion is, to begin with, the outline of the things discussed in the essay. Put the statement with the short examples to justify the statement.

It is essential to write the excellent conclusion of the essay that can better explain the purpose of writing an essay.

The conclusion provides the last chance for the student to express their view. It enables the writer to make the readers think about the motive of the essay. At the end of the paragraph, the students can ask some informative questions from the audience.

  • Use concise language for writing a motivational conclusion.
  • Review all the supporting ideas by summarizing arguments correctly.
  • Combine all the necessary points and make a sentence to expand and create a better conclusion.

Based on the points mentioned above, students can make a paragraph like:

When one kept dogs as their home pets, they cannot live for a minute without them. So, what are you waiting for, go, and get a dog for enjoying happiness?

  • Students can also use transition words like “to sum up,” “to conclude,” etc. for making the readers understand the topic of the essay.
  • Do not write about any new information ion conclusion.
  • Most importantly, try to avoid plagiarism and other grammar mistakes in the conclusion part.

How to Start a Conclusion for An Essay?

College students can learn different ways to conclude an essay, and by opting one of them. They can start writing the conclusion after outlining it. Some students in graduation prefer to write it without caring for framing any outline for it. It works well with those who are pretty sure about the content in their essay. And they know what to go with their conclusion.

By keeping in mind the above head points about the ending of your essay; students can also make a rough draft of the essential things that according to them must be included in their conclusion. College students can opt to choose any idea to start writing the essay conclusion according to their comfort. But it is highly recommended for the newbie to go with the more natural way to prevent their paper from mistakes.

How to Conclude an Essay?

The conclusion is the trickiest part of an essay as you have to explain more within the limited words.

The conclusion words should be striking, straightforward, and convincing enough as it describes the final words to your audience.

However, when it comes to writing an essay conclusion, they get confused and end up writing some crap. Here are some key points that will help the college students to get an idea about a valid conclusion.

  • conclusion wraps up the article.
  • It is a way to show your audience that you achieved what you have set out to do.
  • Use quotations and provoke some questions at the end.
  • Don’t just provide the summary, instead synthesize it.
  • It is your final statement to your audience, so make it stable and brief enough that readers won’t ever regret reading your content.

There can be many ways to conclude an essay depending upon the type of content in your article. College students can finish their paper with the result of their research, suggestion. Alternatively, anything that doesn’t fit with the main idea but needed to explain it to their readers.

Points to be considered while writing the conclusion

The very idea of your writing should stand similar throughout the entire paper. Let’s discuss some points that college students should remember while writing conclusion outline.

  • If you already have written a fabulous introductory paragraph, use it as a guide for your conclusion paragraph definition.
  • Bring out the main ideas from every section, and codify them in it.
  • Finish your conclusion with a question and let the audience to develop their thoughts about the matter.
  • You can also end your essay conclusion with a warning if it about environmental factors or something similar.
  • Compare your ideas with other situations and suggest their outcomes or consequences.

Strategies for writing conclusion

There are even some concluding strategies used by college students that must be avoided to maintain its efficiency.

  • Don’t repeat the same ideas again and again.
  • It is not a place to bring up any new ideas.
  • To protect your content from redundancy, don’t restate your thesis statements in it.
  • Avoid keeping your focus on a minor concept, apologizing with the sentences like “I might have made some mistakes” or “This is only in my view.”
  • Don’t begin your essay conclusion with unnecessary phrases like “In summary,” “as described above,” etc.
  • Going out of the character from the rest of your paper by making some sentimental or emotional appeals is strictly prohibited in the conclusion paragraph.
  • You are not allowed to include the proofs (like graphs, figures, etc.) of your content in your final statement.

Ways to Conclude an Essay

The conclusion mentioned in an essay provides closure information. It gives a better chance for impressing the readers with the composition and makes them understand the essay writing purpose. However, many of the students wonder how to write the conclusion of a college essay. There are some of the best ways that can help the students for concluding the best information for the essay.

  • Try to structure the essay conclusion in a less complicated way.
  • Use the most powerful sentences and clear thoughts that can strike directly on the minds of readers.
  • Restate the statement by using other words in the same point of the conclusion.
  • Make a review of the supporting ideas used.
  • Summaries all the essential arguments that you have used to prove the statement.
  • Conclude all the critical points and get ready to answer every valuable question discussed in the paper.

It can be beneficial to note that the essay conclusion contains several sentences as the number of paragraphs written in the essay. Students have to learn from where they have to start writing a conclusion for their dissertation. However, thee necessary points that every student has to keep in mind are:

  • The introduction part of the essay must be general, but the conclusion of the essay must end with something specific.
  • The examples used in the conclusion sentences must be different from that of the introduction paragraph.

Different Types of Essay and How to Write Their Conclusion

Usually, there are four types of essays that the students get asked to write on. However, every kind of essay has its importance and qualities, plus conveys different information to the readers.

Analytical essay

In this type of essay, students have to analyze and examine the facts about particular things. Students can interrupt some of the things like book, novel, poem, play, or any other work of art. It can be beneficial if the students try to take a picture in the minds of the readers through their essay sentences.

  • How to conclude an analytical essay: The conclusion of the essay should contain the relation between the analyzed text and the presented argument.
  • Example: Analyze Facebook’s influence on today’s youth: Though social media applications allow users to connect with people across the world, it has come with many disadvantages also. From the transferring of inaccurate information to cyberbullying, all the complications have increased the demand to make better rules.

Expository essay

The students have to mention a balanced study of the topic in their composition. The students must have extensive and real knowledge about the subject chosen for the essay. This type of essay is mostly based on facts and examples. Students have to write all these facts in the composition.

  • How to conclude an expository essay: Take some of the essential points from the introduction part and use it to make the perfect ending of the paper.
  • Example: What is your opinion is the leading cause of global warming?: Many of the scientists think that the leading cause of global warming is the rapid rise of greenhouse gases. However, some of the scientists believe that factories, industries, and much other society’s transportation method are causing global warming. However, the leading cause is evident, that is, humanity.

Narrative essays

The students have to narrate or tell about a story that can be personalized based or fiction. There is nothing like facts in this type of essay. In this essay, the students have to mention whether the situation had happened in their personal life or not.

  • How to conclude narrative essays: The conclusion part of this essay is different from other themes. Summaries all the actions and time frame plus give the information that what happened with the last characters.
  • Example: Tell about your most proud moment of life.: Standing up for my younger sister when other kids were bullying her had made me angry. Without using any bad words or threat, I had explained to them the importance of friendship. For now, they cannot be best friends, but at least they can respect each other.

Persuasive essay

From delivering this essay, students try to convince readers to think from their point of view. It is not only to present the list of facts; instead, it tries to clear the purpose of writing an essay. Students have to mention both sides of the statement but have to explain why the right side has more weight.

  • How to conclude a persuasive essay: Do not restate the thesis statement mentioned in the introduction part. State that why your point is correct but do not try to prove that in a wrong way.
  • Example: should education in college get free?: Free education would motivate many of the adults and their parents to let their kids educated. It could encourage colleges to be more creative. May be, free education can make a nation most educated across the world.

Examples of Conclusion

In this part of the article, college students will get to know about some essential features of the conclusion of essays. Here are some famous essay conclusion examples.

College students should know how to write essay conclusion from scratch. Examples of writing narrative essay conclusion can differ from an example of writing an analysis essay conclusion.

Some readers prefer to read essay conclusion before reading the entire essay because they want to know the brief story. Here are some examples of conclusion written below;

  1. The best way to make compassion between the characters of the Hunger Games is to start with prim. The most epic character among them is who keeps the secrets of other people and help the strangers. Bu is about saving children, which is the greatest act of prim.
  2. Social media helps people to connect them through space and time. It caused a considerable globalization process. Now, it is high time to limit the usage of social media for the negative influence of Facebook.

University students must keep all the parts of the essay in the same stream in the essay conclusion. Each part of the conclusion of an essay depends upon the part of the conclusion paragraph. Conclusion outline is the tool to show the entire concept of the essay topic and helps to make the last impression on the readers.

Graduation students should keep in their mind to make all things clear from the bottom of the heart. Students should not worry about reaching the new concepts and dimensions in the essays. They should make the statement sound in the end with concluding paragraphs.

How Much Length, Students Should Keep off the Essay Conclusion?

Students must consider that the length of an essay conclusion. The number of words to be written in essay conclusion must be according to the essay length.

If you are writing a conclusion for a summary essay, they must reduce the length of the conclusion paragraph to a great extent. On the other hand, college students can increase the length of the essay conclusion in writing long essays.

However, students must maintain the distribution of words in all sections of the essay to balance every subheading.

Importance of an Outline of an Essay Conclusion

The best way to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay is to start with an outline. You are required to provide a brief idea about the facts that you are going to discuss in the conclusion.

Most of the college students do not bother about the outline of the essay conclusion. Such students ends the essay by writing crap in the conclusion that does not match with content in the essay.

However, if students will draw an outline for the conclusion,  it will be easy for them to concentrate on the main points. If students want to write an effective conclusion for an essay, then must draw an outline for conclusion at first.

Common Mistakes Committed by Students While Writing An Essay Conclusion

Students must avoid these mistakes while writing an essay conclusion;

  1. Do not make the conclusion paragraph too short or too long, and maintain the word counts.
  2. Do not avoid drawing an outline for an essay conclusion. As outline of essay helps you to stay tuned with the entire content written in the essay.
  3. Students must refer to some examples in the paragraph of the conclusion from the main body content in the essay.


It can be challenging for college and university students to write a conclusion at the end of the essay.

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