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How to do a Case Study : 9 Useful Tips for Case study Writing

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Case studies are very crucial for college students because Gaining good academic grades can be very challenging for students, especially when it comes to submitting educational papers before the final deadline. Before the students from different college or university submit academic homework like a research paper, dissertation, thesis, and many more, they have first to demonstrate the ability and comprehensive writing skills for finishing it.

A case study format helps college students to enhance their researching and analyzing skills efficiently.

When the students start preparing for the case study, then they will find that they are moving ahead of the competition. One of the best ways which help the students to prove their worth is to compel a useful case study. Though it takes sufficient time plus practical writing skills when the students start their work on the case study, then they will find a correct way of completing it.

What is a case study? Definition

An efficient case study examines the challenge or specific goal of a person or a group of individuals. In addition to it, the case study can demonstrate the way through which the students have solved any of the particular problems. Case studies focus on several details related to the initial challenge, along with the applied solution to solve a problem. The college students have to work on various case studies depending on the length required to conduct. Case studies usually get used in educational, social, business, and clinical research.

The research design on case study generally involves qualitative methods, but the college students can also use the quantitative methods for preparing it. The college or university students require doing a case study for comparing, describing, evaluating, and understanding the various aspects related to a research problem. In professional subjects, it is common for the college students to tell a story related to a successful business partnership between the customers and client through the preparation of a case study.

Whether it is about the brief description of the client’s health growth since they worked with you or it is the long story, the case study report example prepared by the college students should measure all the successive and highlighting points that agree with the chosen client’s characteristics.

When the students can adequately conduct a case study, then it means that they are leaving a positive impact on the minds of readers.

9 Helpful Tips To Do a Case Study For College Students

There are many kinds of a case study which get assigned to the top college or university students. When the students get familiar with the definition of the case study and its types, then they apply the following steps to write it correctly.

Some of the useful instructions with the help of which the students can prepare a smooth and developed case study are:

  1. Determine the main objective of developing a case study:  All the case studies designed help to demonstrate the value of services along with providing the different goals of clients. The primary as well as an essential step for the college students before they start the writing work of the case study is to understand the main objective or goal on which they are featuring. In short, the students have to prepare a case study by considering all the useful data which can put a great impression on the reader’s minds.

If the students are not clear with the purpose or objective about which they are writing a case study, then there is no need to finish it. However, it depends on the subject or topic about which the students have to prepare a case study that what can be the goal behind writing it.

  1. Establish a well-defined medium for writing a case study: The students have to determine which type, design, as well as style, will be best suitable to the audience before starting the case study. The college or university students have the choice for choosing any of the designing medium or style that can leave a good impact on the reader’s minds plus they can provide factual evidence to support the facts they have provided.
  • Whatever be the case study method chosen by the college students for preparing it, the main purpose should not get disturbed that is to analyze the situation. When the students fail in revealing the factors or information regarding the subject was chosen for the case study, then it shows that the students have not done effective research or they are ignoring some of the important concepts.
  • The case study can get written either about companies, individuals, or even whole countries. It depends on the case study subject selected by the students for preparing plus on which matter they have to present like programs or practices. It is the well-known fact that if one can truly dream it, then they can get it.
  • The students can choose illustrative and reliable methods for deciding which of the design will suit best to the prepared case study.
  1. Determine the correct topic for preparing a case study:  Once the students have decided the angle for preparing a case study, the next step should be to determine what their research will be about. The college students need to understand how to write a case study assignment for the readers plus where case study should take place. In short, the students have to decide which research topic would suit best for preparing the case study. In addition to it, the students can consider the questions which come in mind while reading some new concept or research topic.
  • Students can take help from the library or can consider other sources like books and magazines for finding the excellent research topic required to write the case study.
  • Internet is also the best option from which the students can get different topics or subjects which can be efficient to prepare a case study. Once the students have narrowed down their case study research, then they can easily discuss the specific problem in the case study.
  • The variety of different searching sources include journals, DVDs, books, newspapers, magazines, websites, and many more through which the college or university students can take help for preparing the academic case study paper.
  • The students don’t need to repeat the research which already has conducted before. However, it can be useful for college students to find out the previous articles and then take the useful information which they can use for writing the case study.
  • While conducting research, the students can find out some of the solutions related to the existing case study problem. Sometimes the students can also come up with the interesting idea that might not work in favour of the case situation presented by them.
  • By reviewing some of the case study samples from different studies which are similar either in style or writing ideas, the students can take help. It will be beneficial for the students while preparing the format or composition of the case study.
  1. Select several participants to take an interview required to add in the case study:  The experts or professionals in a specific field of study who have gone through the service or tool can provide the best knowledge to the college students for writing a case study. Though it depends on the proper research conducted by the students for finding something new and unique if the students take the help from participants who have broad knowledge, then it becomes easy to work on a case study.
  • The college students don’t need to put outsider’s involvement in the preparation of a case study. However, if it is about knowledgeable people, then it could be effective if the students take an interview. It could freshen up the mind of the students and will add some more information on the existing concept.
  • It is essential to determine whether the students want to interview individuals or the team of members for offering those writing examples. It would be beneficial for interviewing participants to gather up like a group and provide useful information to the students so that they can easily prepare a case study.
  • If the case study depends on them either on the medical subjects or personal subject on which the students are working, then the students can conduct personal interviews based on their topic. It is useful for the students first to consider what they want to ask and then organize the personal interview.
  1. Draft a list of effective interview questions upon how to conduct a case study: It could be in-person group interviews like activities, effective phone interviews, or personal interviews, which can help the students to gather informative information for preparing the case study. Even sometimes the email is a useful option for the students. The college students need to set up an interview or different interviews with the experts, depending on the subject matters.
  • When the students are going to take the interview, then it is important first to ask the participants some questions. It will help them to understand the concepts as well as their opinions comfortably.
  • It is beneficial for the students to ask the basic questions through which the students can know some facts. It can help the college students to make their work different, impressive, and most importantly, purposeful.
  • It is necessary to make sure that all the interviewing participants or informants are aware of what they are doing or going to include in the case study.
  • The questions which the students are asking to the informants need to be appropriate as well as proper. The students must avoid some of the controversial questions which can create controversy among the statements.
  1. Collect and then analyze all the applicable documents and data: The next and important step of the students to organize all of the data collected in the same place. It can make it easy for college students to access unique information and materials while preparing for the case study. The questions asked by the students related to any of the case study subject should get gathered at the same place so that the readers can get different perspectives on a similar service.
  • The students cannot include all the gathered content in the case study; instead, they have first to decide which information can make the readers interested.
  • It is necessary to think about the knowledge gathered; then the students have to arrange all the stuff so that the situation provided at the case site will be understandable for the readers.
  • The subjects of the data which applies to the case study can get involved, which can add credibility to the findings of the students.
  • If the students get the knowledge about the product or useful writing tool about the specific case study topic, then they can include it in the content. In addition to it, if the students are working on adding the pieces of evidence and facts to the case study, then they can easily make the readers attentive for their work.
  • Analysation is the primary thing after collection of data which the students cannot skip. If the students fail in excessing the content, then the readers can lose their interest in reading the entire case study work prepared by the students.

When the students do through analyzing the data, then their next step should be to think about how they can put the collected information in the thesis-like statement. If the students start thinking about the concepts, then they can concentrate on which material is essential to put first. The organization the content and the documents required to include in it will help the students to prepare a proper case study.

  1. Develop a case study by using the collected data throughout the entire research: The college students have to include the four critical sections as the essential steps of the case study, namely; an introduction, useful background information, presentation through the central part, and a conclusion. An introduction paragraph is the one in which the students need to write some highlighting statement or valid quote which can quickly gather the attention of the readers towards the paper.


The next step involves the involvement of background information in which the students have to explain why the case studies get created and the purpose behind choosing the research topic. When the students can collect the highlighting points, then they can put in providing the background knowledge through a case study. After that, the students have to present the findings through which they can explain how the case study conducted is useful. The final part is the conclusion in which the college students have to give all of the references and data.

  • The students have to set the introduction part in such a way that the readers can know whether they want to go through the entire case study or not. In many cases, the students have to choice of starting the academic case study paper by putting some tough question. In addition to it, using a useful quote or statement can also build up the interest among readers for reading the case study prepared.
  • After that, the students have to include helpful background information in the case study site by explaining why the conducted interviews set a good example. Along with this, the students can show which factors make the problem discussed by them useful to discuss and how it gives a panoramic view of the solution. In short, the students need to consider the central issue in this part when they are working on a case study.
  • The background information provided can decide that whether the work discussed is persuasive and personalized or not. The college students can also include some photos or video if it could benefit the case study.
  • When the students have presented enough knowledge that the readers are now able to understand the problem, then it is the time to offer useful data. If it is possible, then the students can include customer data plus quotes, which can add a personal touch to the case study along with it gives credibility to work done.
  • It could be useful to provide the information based on how the problem gets developed, what is the correct solution for the discussed issue, and thoughts of the interviewers through which the students have prepared the case study. If necessary, college students also have the chance to do further research or calculations to back the claim mentioned.
  • At the end of the case study, the students should offer possible solutions and useful data which can help the readers to analyze the case study effectively. Some of the references get presented by the interviewers when the students ask them about the facts and evidence for writing on the case study topic.
  • Sometimes it is beneficial if the students leave the problem without discussing its solution. It will help the readers to come up with the solution according to their desire for solving it when the students go them with full grasp of the issue.
  • The students can blow the reader’s mind with a tough question which forces them to think for a necessary change. If the students are capable of writing a good case study, then it will make the readers understand the situation correctly, and they can have a lively class discussion.

When the audience finds some useful evidence or facts in the case study prepared by the students, then they can show their excitement to go through the entire paper.

  1. Add useful references if required: It is efficient for the students if they add references to the sources which they have discussed in the case study. However, if the students have some useful information that can get related to the research but is interrupting the flow of material, then it is the time to include it in this section.
  • When the students have useful terms that would be tough for other cultures to understand, then the students can add such words in the form of appendix or note for the readers or instructors.
  • As the case study prepared by the students get completed, then the students have to check it properly. Wherever the students find it necessary, they can do either addition or deletion of some terms. When the students are doing this, the students can discover whether the information discussed is relevant for presenting in front of the readers or not.
  • Each data point has to get included or fit into the whole case study when the students are going through it section by section. However, if the students are not able to add the required data in any of the articles, then they can get stick to the appendix.
  1. Edit and then proofread the case study properly:  When the students get done with the case study writing and formation part, then the final task is to edit it. At first, the students can take a few minutes after the completion of the writing task; then they have to start revision. While doing change, the students have to correct all the grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, vocabulary mistakes, and any other irrelevant stuff which can destroy the purpose of the writing case study. After correcting all the mistakes, the students get ready to present their paper in front of the readers.

When to do a case study?

A case study has proven to be an appropriate research design when the college or university students want to gain concrete, in-depth knowledge, or contextual report about a specific real-world topic or subject. It allows the students to explore the critical structure, useful meanings, essential characteristics, and implications of the case on which they are working. It is an excellent choice to conduct a case study while they are preparing for a thesis or dissertation.

  • A case study is an effective way which keeps the project focused and well-managed when they do not have enough resources plus time to conduct large-scale research.
  • The students can use one complex case study where they need to explore a single subject and most importantly, in-depth analysis.
  • It is useful for students to conduct multiple case studies when they need to compare or illuminate the different aspects of the research problem.

Craft an impressive case study format by including a proper outline

When it comes about formatting the prepared case study, then it means that the students have finished all the essential steps required for writing a case study. A proper outline is an effective method that helps the college students to arrange all the necessary information and materials in a well-ordered form.

Though there are several examples through the help of which the students can prepare an outline of the case study still they would not be able to make it perfect until or unless they consider some essential steps, namely:

  • Title: The students have to try to keep the title of the case study conducted short. However, it does not mean that the students have to write only one or two words in the form of title. Develop a short but exciting name for the project which can grab the attention of the readers. The students have to think about the useful title for the work which they have completed based on a specific subject.
  • Subtitle: A helpful subtitle or some more subheadings can help the students to discuss enough information in an arranged manner. The case study itself is enough to explain what students have done while preparing it, but if the students can give an efficient subtitle to their work, and then they can explain it clearly as well as concisely.
  • Executive summary: A two or three-sentence summary of the entire case study is enough to make the readers refresh about the work which the students have done. The college students can put short sentences that contain useful information about the entire case study in the form of bullet points. It will help the students to leave a good impression on the minds of the students.
  • About the subject to discuss: An introduction part that explains some of the points which are useful for giving the idea to the audience is an easy way to make them attentive. Setting up a helpful profile site or highlighting points is an effective method to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Challenges and useful objectives: The students have to include at least 2-3 paragraphs description in the case study in which they have to discuss the challenges or priorities of the problem presented. It is also essential to include the primary goals as well as objectives for explaining the audience about the primary purpose of the problem discussed. In addition to it, the students have to offer either a proper solution or idea which the readers want to get from the case study presented.
  • How to overcome the problem: The students need to describe how the answer provided for solving the problem is healthy to put in front of the audience. It can be either for two or three paragraphs discussion in which the students have to show how they can solve a problem efficiently.
  • Results: The students can make the use of some specific numbers which can quantify their contributions in the case study. It will help the students to present informative content in front of the readers, which can impact on the reader’s minds.
  • Supporting quotes or visuals: It is beneficial for the students to pick out the supporting ideas or evidence so that the readers can visualize the story which the students are telling. At the end of the case study, the students can put some plans which can encourage the readers to learn about something unique and creative.

Useful case study examples for college students

Medical Case Study Example: 

Case studies have more worth than taking it only likes a piece of self-congratulating marketing material. A perfect case study can raise the series of questions plus effective solutions to the problem which the students discuss by researching in-depth information.

Case study: Parenthesis and arm weakness

An older woman of 48 years having is a history of remote neck surgery gets admitted to the hospital as an emergency case with the fragility and paresthesia in the left arm. She first noticed the symptoms when she awoke in the morning; however, she denied having any of the neck pain, headache, vision changes, or other symptoms. By examining her physically, the doctors found that she had grip weakness in the left hand.

Business Case study Example: 

Generally, almost every top company makes the use of case studies to make them successfully developed. It gets used as a piece of sociology and marketing content which can be perfectly useful since it helps the clients to understand how the agency has achieved excellence in the past.

Case study: How social media sites influenced the teenager’s future?

From many of the researches, it has found that social life is helping in making the adults curious about enhancing their future. At the one side, social media is developing the thinking, but on the other hand, its addiction is lacking the teenagers to make their future developed. According to well-conducted research, if social sites are helping teenagers to connect with their friends quickly then at the same time, they are failing in mental development.

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