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Student's Assignment Help November 30, 2015

There are two kinds of students one who like to study and one who don’t like it. But, when students get homework both type of students came in a single row, they don’t like to do homework. It’s a general fact that you have to do homework in the form of assignments during high school studies and college. You can’t run away from it. Many students leave the homework copy blank and the result is poor grades. They have fear of homework. For this purpose parents and teachers both have to work hard. They need to teach the importance of the homework in their life.

How to Overcome Your Fear of homework

Here are the best ways that will overcome the fear of homework: -

A) Find out the reason why you don’t want to do the homework: -Parents and teachers must ask their children why they don’t do the homework? If the reason is they don’t know how to do it? Then please start giving more attention towards your child’s study.

B) Offer friendly climate in the school and at home: - Try to behave as a friend with your kids. Students need special care and if you will offer them the friendly environment they will share their doubts with you. Many students fail to ask their doubts in the classrooms due to fear of the teacher. Try to offer friendly climate in the classrooms. Students will feel more comfortable and they will ask doubts to the teacher. So, he/she will able to complete the homework.

C) Explain the importance of homework: - Teachers must explain the importance of homework to the students.

D) Don’t punish students for not doing homework: - If a student fails to complete the homework then instead of punishing him try to talk with him/her politely. Ask the reason behind it. If you will punish them then it can have a negative impact. Students may develop a phobia about homework.

E) Keep in touch with the teacher: - As a parent of your child, it is your responsibility to be in touch with his/her teacher. You must aware with his/her performance. It will help you in better development of your child.

How to Overcome Your Fear of homework

F) Reward: -Parents and students must offer them some gifts for doing homework. If schools will start homework as a competition then it will encourage students to complete their homework. You will get 100% result. Students will work hard to win the award.

G) Give some time to your child: - Make a schedule of 1 or 2 hours for your children. See the student diary and help your students in completing their daily task. It will create a discipline in your child about studies.

H) Comfortable sitting position: -You must give special attention about the sitting position of your child. Ask them to sit ahead in the classrooms and also offer good study climate in your home. Make a separate study place for your child. If you can’t afford separate study space then try to shut down the television and other things that can divert the mind of your child during the study.

I) Give them a break: - don’t involve your child in too much study. Offer them a break as well. Make their schedule that involves playing time, free time, puzzle time and other things. Also, take good care of their diet.

J) Increase study time slowly: - Don’t force your children for study. Start slowly and increase the study time daily by 4-5 minutes. You will experience that your child is not taking more interest in studies.

How to Overcome Your Fear of homework

K) Writing skills: -Try to involve your children in writing poems and paragraphs of a textbook. Ask your children to perform the task daily, it will lower their fear of writing homework.

L) Break the homework into pieces: -When student see a lengthy homework they become very nervous and try to avoid it. Break the homework into pieces and show them. They will become very happy and will complete the whole task and in the end they will realize it’s very simple.

M) Involve them in extra activities: - Instead of giving homework activities schools must offer some creative homework including drawing and puzzle games. Colors and visual things attract students. They will take more interest. It will help you in overcoming the fear of homework.

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