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Well, All Australian students think to be a topper of the university, but only some of them achieve it, it’s not they used to study 24 hours they adopt some measures which make them perform some uniqueness in their exams some of them are:

1 – Manage your time:- More importantly, keep a calendar of due dates of all assessment items/examinations in all your subjects, and stick it somewhere where you will see it every day. So it’s perpetually lurking in my periphery. Has it haunted you? I guarantee you will never have another assignment or examination sneak up on you again.

University marks are not a function of your intelligence. They are a function of your ability.

2 – Over-perform in assignments:- There is no excuse why you cannot get 100% in all your assignments (or at least very close!). You are allocated several weeks (typically) for an amount of work which can almost certainly be completed in considerably less time. Not only that, but you have a marking criteria access to any textbook or online tutorial you want, a class full of people working on the exact same task and a lecturer who is being paid to sit in his/her office and answer any question you may have.

You can never be fully prepared for curve-ball questions or stress-induced moments of temporary insanity in exam situations, but assignments are three marks and should be treated as such. Keep this in mind, and ensure the mark you aim for in Assignments is higher than the mark you want on your transcript, or you’re doomed to disappointment.

3 – Study efficiently, not excessively:- Reading notes are not studying. Similarly, picking up an exercise book and summarizing the entire course into 500 pages of hand-written study material with the original notes sitting beside you aren’t studying. It’s an epic waste of time. Writing notes are effective if executed in the correct manner. Read your page of notes, put it aside, then write your summary from memory.

If you can’t reproduce the information without reference one minute later, you certainly will not be able to the next day or week. Similarly, when working through the exercises, don’t have similar examples or worked solutions available to glance at. Do as much as you can without supervision. Stop. Check where you went wrong. Close your notes, turn to a new page and make the entire problem again. Repeat process.

4 – Share your knowledge with others:- There is no greater way to test whether you understand a topic than to try and explain it to somebody else. In fact, you may be surprised to discover that you lack a fundamental understanding of something you assumed you understood fully. By teaching others, the concepts are reinforced in mind, which allows me to perform better in my own courses. As a result of my better grades, more academics approach me with offers to teach more challenging courses.

As an Expert, I realize that the opportunity to hold a formal teaching position is not available to every student, but the process can be emulated at many different levels. Organize group study sessions. Help out the guy in the back row who is clearly struggling with his tutorial problems. Teach your bird to recite the Schrodinger equation. As silly as this may sound, I guarantee that all of these approaches will help solidify your understanding of course content, and as a result, obtain a substantially better grade.