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How To Write A Conclusion For A Dissertation – The Good, Bad & The Missing

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What Exactly Is A Dissertation?

A dissertation is the lengthiest piece of assignment writing, mostly given for the final assessment of a student during the final year of their post-graduate, master’s or Ph.D. level degree. It is also termed as a thesis or final year project.

The dissertation is a method in which the students are allowed to depict their research or findings for a particular topic that they choose to write. They get the chance to showcase their knowledge that they acquire throughout the course of study, about any particular subject. The main purpose of giving a dissertation as an academic assignment in universities is to assess a scholar’s research skills to determine their final grades. It is an independent project but you can take any kind of guidance from your tutor.

It is the longest and most complicated as well as the most significant academic project that is given to the university student. It requires months of time and hard work to complete the dissertation project. If you select the right topic and can showcase your passion towards it, then it proves to be rewarding.

A dissertation can be either partly taught and partly researched or completely researched. The taught dissertation need to follow a certain proper structure that contains

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

The second form of dissertation is the one that you have to write from scratch by doing intense research. It means you have to focus on a particular topic and do wider research to collect all the useful and necessary information.

Class Of Dissertation:

The dissertation type may vary depending on the course of study. There are two major types of dissertation on the basis of their differences:

  • Empirical dissertation: It is the type of dissertation which includes a collection of data, for instance in psychology degree. It might mean taking into consideration both professional and ethical guidelines while acquiring data from public members. For natural and life science, empirical dissertation entirely depends on lab tasks.
  • Non-empirical dissertation: These type of dissertation are written already collected data and arguments by others. For this, you have to spend a lot of time on books and other articles. You don’t just have to explain the thinking of others but also need to analyze it critically and explore its practical applications.

How Long Is A Dissertation Conclusion:

The length of the dissertation conclusion may vary with the type and overall length of the dissertation. The conclusion should be approx 5-7% of the total word count of the dissertation. For the dissertation written by empirical scientific study, the conclusion should be precisely short that should consist of the main findings and recommendations. Whereas conclusion of a humanities dissertation needs more space to put all the relevant points.

What Should I Include In My Dissertation Conclusion?

Everyone has to follow these skills irrespective of the topic and the type of dissertation:

  1. Research area should be defined and outlined properly along with the specific questions.
  2. Discover the current issue.
  3. Take sources for important information.
  4. Assess the legitimacy and consistency of the topic.
  5. Evaluate the evidence considering entire debate areas.
  6. Come with the result of the well-argued conclusion.
  7. Arranging and showcasing the results of your research work significantly, persuasively and fluently by going through all the strategies on how to format your essay.

The other chapters of dissertation writing might include a dissertation title page, dissertation abstract writing, table of contents, acknowledgments, appendices, etc.

How Do You Write A Conclusion For A Dissertation:

After completing the main body or paragraph of the dissertation, the next work is to draw a perfect conclusion. There might be some guidelines given by the university professors, otherwise, you need to use your own thoughts. For writing a doctoral dissertation, the last chapter is known as the conclusion chapter. It is the short chapter included at the end of the dissertation.

This chapter consists of the following elements:

  1. A brief summary: include a few paragraphs on the basis of your key research.
  2. The concluding points which you have drawn from all your research work for the topic.
  3. The importance of your research: basically for researchers and practitioners.
  4. Provide recommendations for future findings.
  5. Recommendations for practitioners: this part is extremely important for management and business-related fields and other fields too.
  6. A concluding the last paragraph: collectively on the basis of a dissertation or thesis.


Now after understanding the general outline of the drawing a perfect conclusion, it’s time to understand how we actually write the conclusion. The conclusion of a dissertation mostly works on the principle of reflection. In detail, we can say:

  • If the readers only go through your conclusion and not along with your whole work, what message you wish to convey them?
  • What should be your ‘take-home’ message to the audience? What is the idea, call of action, etc that you want to leave in their mind, after completing the reading work?

These are certain questions that you should ask yourself in continuity while writing a dissertation conclusion. Always remember to prepare notes before writing the conclusion of the dissertation, for its effectiveness.

  1. The approach that is beneficial to write a dissertation conclusion is to proofread, take notes and make a summary of every single chapter of the work that you have done. This will give you the proper path and structure to write a perfect dissertation conclusion.
  2. After you prepare notes by taking into account all the chapters of the dissertation and mix them all to form a proper conclusion.
  3. You have all the necessary raw materials to prepare a dissertation, start writing the conclusion by taking all the main ideas and use them to prepare a general summary.
  4. After completing this, append the sections of practical implications, offerings, and upcoming findings or research.
  5. The final step is to read the prepared draft of the conclusion again and again and ask a question to yourself, ‘Does my conclusion really show the essence of my work’?
  6. Along with the points that should be included in the conclusion, there are points that should be avoided completely while writing a dissertation conclusion.

    The Three Main Pitfalls faced By Students While Writing Dissertation:

  • The First One Is Protracted And Rambling Conclusion: If you give the summary of the whole work in a lengthy chapter, this can distract you from the whole purpose of the conclusion. A lengthy conclusion contains nothing but unnecessary repetitions distracting the reader from consuming new and innovative information. Always try to keep yourself away from the repetitions. Your main agenda here is to provide the summary of entire chapters, not to restate the same sentences in different words. If a person has completed the reading of the whole dissertation, this chapter can give him or her boring feeling.
  • The Second Is The Conclusion, Too Short In Length: The pitfall can be either way. The dissertation conclusion should not be either too long or too short. Even writing a short conclusion is much better than a too long and rambling conclusion. The too-short conclusion can refer to providing not enough information about the topic.

The aim of the dissertation conclusion is to avail the reader with a logical conclusion and summary of everything that has been discussed in the dissertation paper. There is a need to grant the reader with everything they want to grasp collected by your findings. You can accomplish this by putting only the important points and arguments. A short conclusion can be taken as the improvement for too lengthy conclusions that only wastes time both of reader and the writer. But too short conclusion can lack logical information and important points and arguments because of using limited words.

  • The Third One Is Implausible Conclusion: Sometimes students come up with the conclusion that only confuses the reader and boggle their minds. They use points in the dissertation conclusion that doesn’t have any connection with the rest part of the dissertation or the evidence that you provided with the help of your findings and research.

Sometimes the students make a major mistake of saying that the findings of their particular research or study will be useful for every reader, even the readers who do not have any connection with the particular topic or subject matter. Such intense errors can risk your appearance as unprofessional.

Remember to shun any unsupported claims. If you use only the significant claims or research, it can help you to showcase only the most beneficial and important data collected by your research. It can help you to keep the conclusion accurate by considering the required word count.

Now as you understand all the substantial things, you could be prepared to begin the writing process for your dissertation conclusion chapter. I think, now you have come to an end with the writing of this lengthy assignment paper. The only thing that you have to remember is to give the end of the paper in a way that whoever is reading the paper will never forget it and the research and findings that you have done.

Main Purpose Of Dissertation Conclusion:

Before actually going for the practical implications of something, it is very necessary to understand its purpose. It doesn’t matter what discipline you choose to write the dissertation, you always want certain messages in the concluding chapter that should be taken by the readers. In general, your conclusion should depict:

  • The normal overview of the relevant and significant contributions of your work: Your actual contribution of the work should be absolutely clear to the reader and the general committee. And the location of it according to the rest of your research field. The best way to display the contribution of your work is to use the bulleted list.
  • Give the summary of main points from all the chapters of your dissertation: If your wish is to publish your dissertation work, the conclusion should always thrive in the overall summary of your work. It is not necessary that every reader would read your whole work. By using this technique, you can give a short overview of the entire chapters of the dissertation.
  • Recommendations: It is very necessary to include at least one paragraph on the practical implications based on your research and findings. This step is important not only for your but also for the readers and the committee. You can provide flexibility with your recommendations if they do not belong to the work done by your research process. The recommendations can either be highly specific with the particular steps or it can be general recommendations that guide the reader about certain specific ideas and principles.
  • Future work: It doesn’t matter how much time or hard work you have done for your research for the dissertation, it will never get over. There is always the chance of new openings in the future. But it doesn’t mean at all that your work is not complete. However, the Ph.D. work is never considered to be complete but there is always the chance of further research in a good dissertation.

Effective Ways To Write A Dissertation Conclusion:

The thesis is the most important aspect of the portfolio of each and every student. It is the representation of hard work and concentration of the study life of a student. It acts like a mirror. It represents your accomplishment in the whole college study life.

Normally the dissertation consists of certain necessary chapters and that is:

As we discussed that the thesis or dissertation writing is the lengthiest and complicated task. The toughest of all these chapters is the last chapter i.e. conclusion.

Why The Conclusion Is Needed In The Dissertation Or Thesis:

After finishing the writing work of the lengthy dissertation, the students might have the feeling that they do not have anything remaining to cover now. The shortage of words and their confusing thoughts make them provide the conclusion of the dissertation of 140-160 pages in just one to two paragraphs. Can you imagine how clumsy it will look to give a conclusion of 80000 words dissertation in just two paragraphs?

The conclusion is the thing that will go with the reader after completing the reading work. it is very difficult for the reader to take away and remember all the points and facts that they read in the paper, in that case, it will be helpful if they read the proper and meaningful conclusion to take the best message from your findings. Always remember that the conclusion should be the most attractive and pickiest ingredient of the dissertation writing.

The conclusion has the power to depict the actual and necessary element of the dissertation topic. It also gives the idea if you have achieved the real purpose of your dissertation or not. It is a well-organized chapter that provides a summary of each chapter of the dissertation.

Understand The Process Of Concluding Dissertation:

Most of the times, people run with a shortage of words in the process of reaching towards the end. Students get excited and feel too relaxed that they have finally reached the final portion of the dissertation and start writing anything unnecessary in the concluding paragraph. This can not only affect their scores but also can disrupt the image they achieved by their whole findings in the reader’s mind.

While writing the conclusion chapter of your dissertation, always remember to take the overall summary of all the chapters of the thesis. Just do not write anything irrelevant by distracting from the track.

There are certain differences between the conclusion writing of a dissertation and other forms of assignments. Similar to the overall length of the different forms of assignment, the conclusion of the dissertation should be longer than the conclusion of other types of assignment. There are certain unique approaches for writing the conclusion of a dissertation. Every student should keep in mind that the conclusion could act as the game-changer.

Certain Techniques Helpful To Come Up With A More Interesting & Attractive Conclusion:

  • No.1- Provide Discussion On Main Findings:  It is obvious that each chapter of the dissertation contains some new idea and information and that would have already discussed at the end of each chapter. You have already concluded the findings for each chapter at the end of each chapter.                                                                                                                                                                  In the last chapter that is named as a conclusion, the writer needs to arrange and organize each and every information as a whole to make the conclusion link with the main purpose of your dissertation. Give an overview of the literature that you have used for your research or findings. Explain the contradiction of your main findings with the literature. Try to give more importance to your new findings and how it can link with the issues of the world.
  • No.2- Recommendations For The Future:  The dissertation without any possibility of further findings in the future cannot be worthy. A part of the conclusion should be dedicated to attracting more readers with the possibility of future researches. Giving suggestions for the possibilities of future findings with the help of your work could append a point to your conclusion.

The conclusion should have the ability to bring new questions and queries in front of the reader that could be provided with the answer in the future. Your dissertation conclusion should be aimed at providing recommendations to expand the scope for your future work.

  • No.3- Provider Summary For It: Always keep in mind that the conclusion is your final and golden opportunity to depict the readers your overall knowledge gained by the course of five years of study and your deep researches and findings. There are possibilities that the reader has not read all your chapters. There is a possibility that the reader has mistakenly skipped certain important point or chapter. There might also be the case that he had not to find your thesis so interesting to read.

If you want to get appreciated for your each and every single effort then you should put all the important points in your concluding paragraph. But remember not to just copy-paste the same sentences from the previous chapters. In conclusion, there is a need to include key from each chapter. The summary should consist of a brief analysis from each chapter and the facts and figures that were left out in the chapters.

  • No.4- Provide Personal Opinion: Here there is a need to treat yourself as Newton. You should discover here something that is unknown to everyone. There is a need to disclose some new chapters and facts and figures in front of the reader. You should act as the creator and your thoughts are really important for the readers.

Do the proper utilization of this chapter. This chapter is your last chance to put all your opinions and knowledge about the topic of the paper. You should discuss the theories use your own examples, consider your own observations, give the suggestions for future studies and tell the reader the extent of your dissertation report.

Also, you should remember that you are not writing papers for the exams conducted in high school. And grades will not be provided on the basis of the number of sheets or papers, you have taken in the writing. Try to consider each relevant point but do not make it too lengthy or complicated. Use this opportunity as more as possible and never show yourself much authoritarian.

  • No.5- Try Accepting The Limitations:  No one is faultless in this world and none research is perfect too. All the time there is a place for a step up. Indeed you have done hard work. You have come up with something that was not disclosed to the world. With the help of plenty of researches and of course you did it really well. The dissertation report that you have prepared is obtained by the limitless hard work that has an intense finding along with every single and small point from that particular field.

But there should be certain limitations to be adopted. The conclusion should have certain limitations with the possibility of adding more content and furthermore research in the future. But remember never feel too negative for your dissertation work.

  • No.6- Grant Answers: The person who reads has spent quality time to read your work. Be assured that the reader should end up without any query in the mind. Include all the research questions and problems in the conclusion. Remember to give a satisfactory answer to all your questions and queries.

The finest method to write the dissertation conclusion is to provide the answer to the research question that you have iterated. It might look foolish but trust me it will show your intellectual side to the reader. The answer provided by you should be balanced and you should include justification with the evidence.

  • No.7- Do Not Introduce Anything New: Always write the conclusion by summing up all the important points that you have already discussed in the other chapters. Remember not to add any new facts and information in the dissertation chapter of conclusion. It can distract the reader and create confusions.
  • No.8- Activate Your Grammar Gene: Don’t allow the small and unnecessary errors to spoil all your efforts. To enhance your writing skills, it is necessary to have fine grammar and vocabulary skills. Always be cautious with the tenses. It is strictly restricted to use Present Perfect and Past Continuous tense in the dissertation conclusion writing. Use more and more simple past and present perfect tenses.
  • No.9- Avoid Repetition: There is a particular cause for dividing the dissertation into different sections. The content should be divided on the basis of portions and should be limited only to certain sections. The conclusion written by you might look exhausting and boring by repeating things unnecessarily.
  • No.10- Always Use Your Creative Writing Skills: The other chapters of the dissertation are necessarily boring. The conclusion is the place where you can depict all your creative writing skills. The conclusion should be written in the form of two-way communication to facilitate the readers to establish a connection.
  • No.11- Avoid clichés: The perfect dissertation conclusion is the one that is written by avoiding the use of clichés such as ‘in conclusion’, ‘in summary’ etc. It is very perverted to use such clichés. There is no need for any tag or label for a perfect conclusion.

If you want to look at your dissertation conclusion professional, it is beneficial to use phrases such as ‘we can see’, ‘it is clear’ etc.

  • No.12- Close The Dissertation With Logic:  You might have projected various aspects of a particular communal issue. In conclusion, you can use a logical opinion of the problem.
  • No.13- No Apologies: Never use the sentences of apology such as ‘I may be wrong, but’, ‘I may not be an expert’ etc. These sentences can give a wrong impact on the efforts and findings done by you. Might be you are not a specialist in various fields of study but you are definitely a novel in your thesis.

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