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How to Write a Term Paper

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Most of the students take admission in schools and colleges just for a degree or a job. For getting a degree student must have te submit term papers to their professors. A lot of students feeling stressed due to not writing term paper properly and it may cause fewer grades.

So why settle for the less and why not try for the high grades by writing the finest term paper because you have only one chance, it will both exemplify your skills as well as your grades.

You might have a little or more understanding of the term paper. Some might have great writing skills, some might not have. But only having a great writing skill is not enough to write a term paper, but if you have average writing skills and in addition, you are well organized and strategic then it is possible that you can draft a striking term paper.

If you also grab the secrecies behind the term paper writing skills, then thoroughly go with this article.

How can we define a Term Paper?

“A Term paper is a report or long paper that is written by the students as a course of school or college. It is basically a research paper that is written by the students at the end of school or college semester. It helps the teacher or professor to evaluate the knowledge of student about a particular course or subject.”

Referencing the definition of term paper from Wikipedia Provide your objectives and observe organization in the flow of your ideas. A term paper is one of the major assignment given to the students to understand student’s knowledge about a particular subject, course or topic.

Writing a term paper is not a cup of tea. It requires intense research about the topic and also the writer should have technical writing expertise. It is normally a discussion about the given topic or a scientific report. The term paper is an academic writing paper that should reflect the overall knowledge of the student about the course or subject. It should be well researched, organized, analytical and well-written as well.

How to select the best term paper topics:

Normally the teachers or professors assign the topic on the basis of your subject or course.  But sometimes, they make you free to choose the topic of your own choice and interest. To choose the best term paper topic, surf web, read blogs, magazines, news, articles etc and come up with a topic that sounds fascinating to you.

While choosing the topic, keep in your mind that it will match with the objectives of your course or subject. If the topic of the term paper is match up with your interest, it will be more easy and fun to research and write about the topic.

The following important facts that should be considered while selecting a topic for a term paper:

  • Complexity: While choosing a topic, remember that it should be easy for you to explain it irrespective of its complexity. In case of any queries related to the topic, feel free to consult with your expert. If there are certain portions of your topic that have been explained by the professor but you not understand it properly, feel free to ask the professor to clear your concept.
  • Resources:  While searching for the available resources, first go through your library at the community or school. Then check the resources available through online mode. Be prepared with all the essential resources before start writing the term paper.
  • Length:  Choose the length of the term paper according to your choice. But clear it in advance. Should it be long containing 10 pages or should it be short containing 5 pages? It can help you to how much information you want to include in the paper.

If you want to know the average length of a term paper, then it can be many pages long. There is not any predefined length for writing a term paper. It is the responsibility of the teacher or professor to decide the length and structure of the term paper. And students just need to follow the guidelines of the teacher.

Normally the acceptable length of the term paper is about 5000 words. And the commonly used format of a term paper is:

  1. It should have a 1-inch margin.
  2. Its font should be 12 pt.
  3. It should have a single column.
  4. It should have a single line spacing.

Some term paper topic ideas you can select:

  • The impact of beauty standards on the mental health of a person.
  • Discriminate between democracy and socialism.
  • The elder family member is always right. Are you in favour or oppose it?
  • What are the best methods to lessen smog in the megalopolises?
  • What are the methods to solve the issue of sex determination in schools?
  • Write the effectiveness of humanitarian missions?
  • Write on the impact of politics on cultural development.
  • How to behave with a mentally challenged family member?
  • How can we control environmental issues by making more movies on it?
  • Doing investment on the child’s education is beneficial or not?

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Difference between term paper and research paper:

Normally the student remains confused when they need to write these two forms of assignment papers.

  • The first and foremost difference between the two is the time frame. You need to submit the term paper by the end of the term or a semester. And to complete a research paper, you several months or even years of time.
  • The second difference comes with the assigning of the task. Both are assigned in the distinct timeline. Usually, the teacher or professor assigned a research paper to the students at the starting of the academic semester. Whereas the term paper is assigned after completing the half-semester.
  • The next difference comes between the term paper and research paper is their purpose. The agenda behind writing a research paper is to determine the reasonable solution for the issue or problem. Whereas a term paper depicts the knowledge gained by the student on a specific topic.
  • A research paper contains a hypothesis at the end by supporting or ether rejecting the hypothesis with the help of suitable data. Whereas the term paper is the simplest that is written in support of the already crafted thesis paper. A research paper is comparatively lengthy.
  • In spite of the significance of a research paper, it does not have any impact on the grades of the student. While the term paper has a strong control over the grades.

How to start writing the term paper:

Before you start writing your term paper, be assured that you follow all the guidelines provided to you. Always clear it with the teacher or professor about the instruction before starting the research and writing process.

Don’t wait for the last minute to start writing your research paper. If you want that your term paper would attract high and attain the best quality, make sure to give time every day to write the research paper. Also invest the proper amount of time for the proofreading work to make it free from all the flaws, before you submit it to your professor.

The best way to start the term paper is by setting an innovative and persuasive title. The title page contains the first impact of your whole work. So always remember that it should be designed in a way to attract the attention of the reader. Don’t forget to prepare notes while you research.

The process to craft a perfect Term Paper Proposal:

First, you should understand the meaning of the term proposal. It will make easy for you to craft it. With the help of the term paper proposal, you need to be able to convince the reader about your topic and the facts. It is necessary to submit the proposal and it should be approved before you write the real term paper.

Also, add the latest facts and research related to the topic. Always remember to include the proper referencing. Depict the importance of your topic is showcasing a brief article that contains a lucid description. Provide your objectives and observe organization in the flow of your ideas.

Normally the professor gives a sample or template to writing the proposal. But if not, you can use the below-given format:

  1. Title: It contains the title of your draft for which you want to accomplish your research. The title should be lucid and understandable.
  2. Objectives: The objective is the section that contains the results of your research.
  3. Relevance and significance: To depict the significance of the topic, it is recommended to add blogs, articles, social events, latest news, etc. You should always choose a current updated topic that can grab the readers’ awareness.

Through online mode, you can find many templates and formats for this. You can apply any of them for writing your proposal, following the needs of your organization.

Format of a term paper:

Format of a term paper is mainly based on the citation style and length that you are going to apply in your term paper. While researching any topic, it is needed to pick up any particular citation style. In the absence of proper referencing, your prepared document might be plagiarism prone. Usually, the MLA and APA citation styles are used for writing the term paper because it is an academic writing assignment paper.

  • Use MLA (Modern Language Association) format if you are writing a term paper for humanities and liberal arts:

In this type of format, most commonly used information for citation is the name of publication, location, and date.

  • Use APA (American Psychological Association) format if you are writing a term paper for social sciences:

In this type of format, most commonly used information for citation are:

  1. Name of the author
  2. Title of the book
  3. Publication year
  4. Publisher
  5. Location

Formatting a term paper with APA citation style:

If you are writing a term paper of college or university level in psychology subject, you need to cite it using the APA formatting style.

Formatting a term paper in APA citation style should contain the following:

  • You need to type the text on an A4 white paper sheet. The dimensions of the paper should be 8.5” * 11”.
  • The font to be used should be easily readable. For this, you can use 12pt Times New Roman.
  • The entire paper should be written following the double spaced.
  • All the sides of the paper should have a margin of 1”.
  • Set paragraph indention to 1/2 inch, it can be easily done with the Tab button in your word processor.
  • Also, prepare a first-page header that contains the page number and the capitalized running head on the title page.

Formatting a term paper with MLA citation style:

The teacher mostly prefers the term paper to be written in MLA formatting style. So you need to clearly understand all its guidelines and rules.

Let’s see certain essentials for such:

  • The font to be used is 12pt Times New Roman.
  • The entire paper should be written with double spacing. Never use any extra space or single spacing in the paper.

The top corner of the left of the paper should contain the following information:

  1. Name of the student who is writing the term paper.
  2. Name of the teacher or professor.
  3. Class
  4. Date of submission

Each should be written at a new row

  • There is a need to left a one-inch margin on each side of the paper.
  • At the right corner of the top of the page, you need to include the following information: page number and last name.
  • The title of the paper should be written center aligned.
  • Indent each paragraph to the right. Indentation should be set to 1/2 inch.
  • Align the text should be left-aligned.

How to appropriately design a term paper?

To get high grades, a term paper needs more than spending just hours of time in the research process and writing a few pair of words on the paper. The most important things that should be preferred to write a research paper are average writing skills, planning, time, etc.

The steps to be considered while writing a term paper are:

The students are frequently asked to write a term paper in the duration of their school or college time. The term paper might be asked to write by the students on any subject and any course. It is not reserved for any particular source or subject.

The basic processes that are needed to write a term paper will be discussed below.

Processes to write a term paper:

  • Choose an appropriate topic:  Many a time the teacher themselves assign topics to the students. If not, you should choose a topic that is on-demand and also looks fascinating to you. The topic should be well appropriate enough to write.
  • Accomplish intense research for the topic:  Research acts as the key necessity for writing a term paper. Writing the term paper without doing researches may lead to mistakes. You can add speed and fluency to your writing with the help of research. Also, you can brainstorm with more suitable ideas if you first intensely research on the topic.
  • Make an outline of the term paper:  If you prepare an outline before starting the actual writing process, it will give you a sense of control. It can also help you to predict the time taken to complete the entire term paper writing and what amount of time is consumed by which part. The outline gives you the idea to arrange every relevant fact in the chronological order.
  • Write an appalling introduction:  If the introduction you write for the term paper is appalling, the reader finds it more interesting to read the whole paper. If your content is excellent enough, while not the introduction, it will rarely receive positive feedback from the readers.
  • Draft sample of the proposal:  First, write a sample paper of the proposal for a term paper. It will give you the idea of the lookout of the actual paper.
  • Write the term paper: Now its time to write the actual term paper. Always write it very carefully and attentively to attain high grades.
  • Avoid fluff words: Using fluff words acts as the attention killers. In the case of writing formal academic writing too, the reader loves to have product information in the entire paper. If not needed, you don’t need to unnecessarily stretch the information.
  • Draft the cover page:  Prepare a perfect cover page for the term paper topic. it should be eye-catcher and attractive.
  • Write the conclusion with ROCC methodology: The conclusion holds the same importance as the introduction. Writing the conclusion in the ROCC method is the best way. ROCC is the acronym given to Restating Your Standpoint. The conclusion using the ROCC method should contain a strong and crucial gist, the concluding tone and it should leave a clincher for a reader to more think and research about the topic.
  • Pick up a citation style:  It is recommended to follow an appropriate formatting or citation style while you are drafting a term paper. The MLA or APA citation styles are the best for citing the term paper. You choose any of the formats.
  • Proofread and edit the final copy of the term paper:  We can understand that you might have worked so hard to draft a term paper and you don’t feel any need to proofread the entire paper. But believe me, proofreading is really very essential as it will make your paper more perfect. Proofreading makes your paper free from all such errors such as grammatical, incorrect spellings, etc. Don’t take the risk with your grades just because you don’t want to do it or you feel lazy to proofread it.

Now let’s understand the standard format of a term paper:


The format of the term paper mainly depends on the course or subject of the topic. As an example, the format of the topic of economics totally differs from the format of the topic on social studies or legal courses.

1.Title page:  Title page of the term paper is the one that differentiates from other parts of the paper.

The title page of the term paper should contain the following information:

  • Title of the term paper
  • Name of the course or subject
  • Your name
  • Name of the instructor
  • Submission date

2. Acknowledgment:  The acknowledgment page contains the following information:

  • Topic:  Here you need to state the topic or describe the subject.
  • Rationale:  Describe the reason behind choosing this topic for research.
  • Extra information: Include all the other additional and significant information.

3. Table of contents:  The table of contents section contains the list of all the contents that are being used in the term paper.

4. Statement related to the purpose of a term paper: Here you need to showcase the questions that you are going to answer in your document. Also, explain the brief overview of the paper itself.

5. Literature review:  Here you need to give the description of research methodologies and the procedures that you have used to implement the procedures. Include all the necessary and required details but remember the word limit while writing.

6.Results:  Here you need to include the concluding statement or closing statement. Also, verify if your hypothesis is true or false.

7. Recommendations:  Here you need to include the suggestions and views for further future research on the topic.

8. Reference list:  Here you need to make a list of all the sources that are used in the research process. The list should be arranged in alphabetical order and should follow the essential citation format.

Preparing an outline of the term paper:

The outline of the term paper should be prepared before accomplishing the research or writing the term paper. The outline of the term paper act as the foundation of the entire term paper. Your whole paper is based on the outline. There might be guidelines given by the instructor to follow to prepare the outline.

As all the other assignment papers are written by the students, term paper also contains three main parts and that are introduction, body, and conclusion.

The structure of the outline should be well researched and arranged. You should have proper technical writing skills and should have the proper skills to arrange your thoughts and ideas. Now let’s see the appropriate layout to present your term paper topic (layout is also known as abstract or rubric):

  • Cover page:  The cover page of the term paper should contain the text or sentence that should have the following information:
  1. Name of the writer
  2. Course number
  3. Name of your teacher, mentor, professor or guide
  4. Submission date
  • Abstract:  The abstract contains a description of your paper. Its usual length should be less than one long page. It lets the readers know where the paper is headed, the issue at hand and why the subject was interesting or important enough that you decided to write about it.
  • Introduction:  The introduction of the term paper should be started with a statement about the topic that you are going to discuss in the whole document. Take account of the current social events related to the topic. Also, discuss the importance of the problem you are going to discuss. You should also state here your planning to resolve the problem.
  • Body:  The body paragraph of the term paper should consist of the synthesis of your term paper. Discuss your main idea about the topic and its significance. Include certain necessary aspects of the research and all your research analysis related details.
  • Results:  Here, explain your beliefs about the subject. Explain your belief in certain aspects of the topic. Also, explain how your research changes your viewpoint about the topic from what you had in the beginning. Is it the same as it was in the beginning or it has changed?
  • Discussion:  End your term paper writing process by writing the conclusion or summary. The ending statement should contain an opening question should have the power to convince the reader for further more research about the topic.

Proper structure of outline of a term paper:

The main purpose of writing an outline of a term paper is to act as a roadmap for the direction of the whole paper. Here you need to take all the important points that should be included in the term paper. Outlines are mainly prepared for the sake of the writers to keep them on the track. Many a time the professor asks the students to submit the proposal first before submitting the actual term paper.

So you need to write the outline before even writing the introduction of the term paper. With the help of your term paper outline, your tutor can guide you with some suggestions or areas of improvement and can get an idea about the quality of your whole paper.

The term paper outline helps you to stay connected to the main points of your paper.

The basic outline of the term paper contains the following:

  • Introduction:  The introduction contains the purpose of the term paper or thesis statement. Provide your objectives and observe organization in the flow of your ideas.
  • Body: The body section is further divided into various sections and subsections:
  1. Heading one:  History is related to the argument of the topic.
  2. Heading two:  It contains the scope of the issue being explored.
  3. Heading three: It contains the effects of the issue being explored.
  4. Heading four: It contains the potential solution.
  • Conclusion:  It contains a summary of all the key ideas of the topic and a response to the thesis statement.

Sample term paper outline:

The sample of the outline of the term paper is as follows:


  • Determine and describe the subject.
  • Write a statement related to the reaction to the subject.
  1. Consent/ Conflict?
  2. Have you altered your mind?
  3. Is the subject up to your expectation?
  4. What have you discovered?
  • A statement containing the thesis.

1st paragraph of the body:

  • A sentence related to the topic.
  1. 1st evidence in support
  2. 2nd evidence in support
  3. 3rd evidence in support

2nd paragraph of the body:

  • A sentence related to topic.
  1. 1st evidence in support
  2. 2nd evidence in support
  3. 3rd evidence in support

3rd paragraph of the body:

  • A sentence related to topic.
  1. 1st evidence in support
  2. 2nd evidence in support
  3. 3rd evidence in support

4th paragraph of the body:

Restate the statement of the thesis.

  1. Re-verse 1st paragraph.
  2. Re-verse 2nd paragraph.
  3. Re-verse 3rd paragraph.

Statement depicting the conclusion.


The whole article is dedicated to describing term paper to the students. We have seen all the important facts and key points related to term paper writing. A term paper is taken as the most important part of a student’s academic writing.

So before writing the paper, it is necessary to understand it properly. If you want to attain high grades by your term so it is most important that you should understand each and every fact related to term paper writing.

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