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How Video Resume Can Efficiently Help You In Getting A Job

Student's Assignment Help 01/01/2016 269 Views

Technology changes with time. We have seen many changes in the technology in the past 10 years. Similarly, the pattern of resume also changed with time. Before 20 years, job seekers were writing their resume via pen, and then computer editors replaced the pen. Now, the webcam is ready to replace editors. Yes, now the world is changing and video resumes are performing better than a paper or soft copy resume.

Video resumes are more effective than a paper resume. Video resumes have increased the job chances up to 30%. Here are the reasons that define the importance of video resume: –

  • A) Reach more employers: – There was a limit with a word file that you can upload your resume file on job seeker websites or can attach it directly on the company’s website. You were not able to utilize the resources of internet effectively. But, video resume offers you a chance to reach more employers efficiently. You can share video resume on social networking websites like facebook, twitter etc. You can also upload your resume on famous video websites like YouTube, daily motion etc. You can upload your video resumes on various job portals like shine.com, monster.com etc. It means you are reaching more employers without investing a single penny. You will get more call for an interview.

How video resume can efficiently help you in getting a job

  • B) Visual content is more attractive than text content: – A video resume will make you unique than others who apply via traditional resume. Employers don’t read each and every text resume because it seems boring but video resumes are attractive. It diverts employer to watch the video. This is a positive side with video resume over traditional resume.
  • C) Show your personality: – Video resume offers you a chance to show your personality that paper resume can’t. Employers need a skillful, confident and unique person as their employee for efficiency. Always record a video with a good body language that must engage the employer to watch the complete video.
  • D) It reflects enthusiasm: – A video resume reflects enthusiasm. You can show your feelings and aspirations in a visual manner. It is sufficient to convince the employer that you are serious for the job.
  • E) A perfect first impression: – First impression is the last impression. It is in your hands to make a video resume stronger and attractive for the best first impression. You will able to impress the employer easily in comparison with the job seekers applied via traditional resumes.
  • F) It will separate you from others: –A video resume will make you unique and different from others. Many job seekers will apply via traditional resume and this will make you unique from other applicants. It raises your chance of getting a call from the employer for an interview. You will get more preference from others

How video resume can efficiently help you in getting a job

  • G) Helps if you are photogenic: –If you think you are beautiful, then it’s a chance for you to attract the employer via the video. Employers are always in a search of a candidate who is beautiful, decent and attractive.
  • H) No limit: – There is a limit with a paper resume that we have to write about us in 2 pages. We can’t describe us completely in 2 pages. But, we can describe our self efficiently in a 2-3 minute video.
  • I) It shows our sense of technology: – Employers love candidates who have good knowledge about the latest technology. A video resume is the best way to impress the employer. The use of modern technology will divert the employer in your favor.
  • J) Market your skills: – A video resume will also show your communication and pronunciation skills. A video resume will demonstrate you’re both verbal and non-verbal technical skills.
  • K) Video resume is simple and affordable: –A video resume needs a webcam and you. You don’t need a team to make a video. Sit in front of the webcam and record it.

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