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Informative Essay Outline

Student's Assignment Help 06/14/2019 362 Views

Different types of informative essays are assigned to the graduates like creative informative essay topics are too often assigned by professors to students. At the same time, you can also have informative speech topics in your college assignments. But it is not easy to write these essays for those who have no good practice in writing essay assignments too often.

That is why Students Assignment Help experts have given a free sample of informative essay outline here for college students. A compelling outline is a basic step for writing an essay and students often commit mistakes in this step. That is why you can follow the following informative essay outline example to draw a good outline for your college essay easily.

Not only creative informative topics can be written by reading this sample outline but new informative speech topics can also be covered easily with no issue. Submit your essay assignments to college and university professors only when you are writing them by following the expert’s ideas from the following informative essay outline.

Informative essay outline example

Here is an informative essay outline on topic inclusive education for differently abled children from experienced essay writers of Students Assignment Help. The sample can be read by the graduates and postgraduates to write college essays and informative speech for college assignments as well. Best outline, structure, and format of writing an informative essay can be understood by the students with the help of this free example of informative essay outline given here.

Thesis statement

Inclusive education is failing to achieve the purpose of setting equality among students for getting education from schools without any prejudice. The main purpose of setting inclusive education is equality among the students and it is defeated to a great level because of various reasons.


  1. What is inclusive education at first place?
  2. When the concept of inclusive education came into existence?
  3. What is the present situation of education system in the world for differently abled people?
  4. Why differently abled students are going through prejudice and inequality in schools designed for them?
  5. Role of inclusive education in the mitigation of prejudice and biasness that happen in education system especially with differently abled students.
  6. Future scope of the inclusive education in the world.
  7. Can we see inclusive education as successful tool for mitigating the biasness that occurs to differently abled students?
  8. What effects can be seen of inclusive education on the structure of the education system and quality of education.
  9. Why inclusive education is considered as total failure in some regions?
  10. How the professionalism in education cannot be established with the inclusive education for the differently abled students.

Main Essay

Infrastructure and inclusive education both are anticipating forces in the education system

  1. Inclusive education fails to cater the need of infrastructure in education institutions that can help the differently abled students to move from one place to another. This is the biggest injustice that can be seen to the differently abled people if they are subjected to the inclusive education for competing with regular students.
  2. The principle of inclusive education is a total failure in the developing and underdeveloped countries where it is like impossible thing to build up infrastructure according to the needs of people having locomotory problems.

Lack of expertise in the tutors for teaching differently abled students in a regular classroom

  1. There are no special teachers or tutors that are teaching the differently abled people like that of professional tutors in schools that are developed for the differently abled students only.
  2. It becomes very difficult for the teachers for managing a big class with various ranges of people having a different requirement. Lots of time gets wasted in controlling the class and making synchronization between them.
  3. Lack of expertise in catering the tantrums of the differently abled people for general teachers cause a complete failure of the inclusive education system.
  4. An insufficient number of teachers in schools which are converted from regular schools to inclusive schools by the authorities. As a result of which both regular and differently abled students have to suffer from the implication of such rules in the educational institutions.

Attack on moral of differently abled students by bullying them for their differently abled state

  1. This inclusive system cannot check the biasness happening to the differently abled children who are often bullied by other students in regular classroom for their biological impairments which bring their moral down and develop the inferiority complex as well.
  2. The main purpose of giving equality from the inclusive education system to differently abled students gets defeated when they are tortured on mental level by nudging on their issues again and again by the regular students.


  1. Inclusive education is a total failure especially in the poor countries owing to the various problems stated here.
  2. Infrastructure, lack of expertise in teaching, bullying by the students, biasness on moral grounds as people show sympathy to the differently abled students cause the complete failure of the inclusive education system.
  3. It is very important to have a great transformation of the education system in regular institutions to make them suitable for the differently abled students along with other students to implement inclusive education in real sense.
  4. We can suppose to imagine such utopian education system only in coming couple of decades only and not at present situation.

Things to be considered before writing an informative essay

  • Conduct proper research, Precisely collect the information and briefly select the appropriate one related to the topic
  • It doesn’t matter what writer’s opinion is about the topic, it only contains the real facts
  • Presentation of an essay should be in a very impressive way, so it can grab the attention of readers till the end

Things to be avoided while writing the Informative essay:

  • Start an essay without defining the topic
  • Oversized introduction section, it should be short and sweet
  • Writing a thesis statement too broadly
  • Introduce new evidence in conclusion part of informative essay

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