Research Paper Introduction – Meaning, Elements, Importance and Techniques

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Introduction in the research paper is the first paragraph that provides a detailed background of the topic it could also be referred to as the formal presentation of the topic or subject.

The main purpose of the introduction part in a research paper is to make the reader familiar with the content and purpose of writing a  research paper. As Research paper introduction is first section  in research paper which has great effect on the readers mind. Therefore, you should edit and proofread introduction after writing it.

Another objective of the introduction section in the research paper is to capture the attention of the reader. It is the paragraph in a research paper that makes the reader familiar with the subject by providing an overview of the topic, the length of an introduction is completely based on the type of researcher paper is being written.

For example, Globalization is a phenomenon that has bought drastic changes in industries. It has changed the way marketing has been done by firms.

Elements of introduction in the research paper

Different elements of introduction in the research paper are:

  • Topic sentence

it provides the reader with a basic idea about the research paper. You are required to use expressive words for your topic sentence in a research paper, as this will help you in grabbing the attention of the reader. The topic sentences should relate to the information contained in the paragraph.

  • Thesis statement

it is the most important part of the introduction section in the research paper. This section in the research paper provides the reader with a basic idea about the topic. The thesis statement that you have design should be cohesive and clear. Reviewing and refining the thesis statement again is considered to be one of the best strategies for ensuring clarity. While writing the thesis statement as a part of the introduction, you need to make sure that it is narrow, specific and focused.

  • Supporting sentences

In the main body section of the research paper, you need to include at least five arguments. You should include the only relevant argument in the research paper. Supporting sentences might include a reason for selecting a specific topic for investigation, the importance of research. It might also include other important information about the research such as research questions, aims, and objectives, etc.

  • Conclusion sentences

It mainly includes restatements of the main idea of research. You, in order to write a concluding sentence, will be required to again write the topic sentence. But in this section, the topic sentence should be in different words. While writing conclusive sentences you will again need to emphasize the key idea of research. But you have to provide additional information along with the key idea. You should use both expressive and impressive words while writing conclusive sentences.

research paper introduction parts

Importance of introduction in the research paper

The introduction has great significance in the research paper:

Introduction in the research paper is very much essential, as it helps the researcher in stating their objective.

  • The introduction section in the researcher paper consists of the research paper hook which provides the researcher with ease in grabbing the attention of the reader.
  • It enables you to avoid any kind of confusion and misunderstanding.
  • An introduction section enables us to highlight the issue.
  • By providing an effective introduction you can make the reader feel connected.
  • Introduction section in a research paper is important as it enables to clearly state the objective of conducting the investigation on particulars topic.
  • It helps you to demonstrate the importance of the research topics or problem that has been addressed in the research paper.
  • It enables you to explain the way research on a particular topic has filled the gap in the literature.
  • An effective introduction in the research paper helps you in developing a good impression on the reader.

Techniques of writing introduction in research paper

  • You should write this introduction in the last after completion of all other parts. As after completing other parts of research paper you will develop little idea about the content  that you need to add in the introduction for matching it with the other sections of the research paper
  • While writing the introduction section in the research paper you need to mainly concentrate on the tone you are using.
  • While drafting an introduction you need to highlight the main issue because of which you are performing an investigation on a specific topic.
  • You should provide the reader with a hint of the questions that you want to get answered.

The procedure of writing introduction in a research paper

  • Defining of the topic of research: It is an initial phase where you need to provide background information or an overview of your research topic. The beginning sentences in a research paper should represent the issue on which a complete research project is based.
  • Consideration related to keywords: the keywords are those words that represent the different aspects of the investigation. For example, if you are writing a research paper on the impact of globalization on business function, then in the introduction section you need to provide a definition or explanation about globalization.
  • Definition of key terms in a research paper: It is essentials for you to define the complex term which you will use in a research paper. As it is the strategy that will help you in ensuring clarity throughout the research paper. By providing the definition of complex terms you can ensure that the reader has understood what you want to convey. Defining the key terms is very much crucial particularly when you are describing new concepts in your research paper.
  • Introduction to the topic using quotation: You should include the quotation that should be related to the topic. Using the quotation in the introduction section will help you in capturing the attention of the reader. While you are writing a quote you need to make sure it is short and simple.

Research Paper Introduction Example

Research paper introduction on environmental issues

The fast growth in the industrial set up and a massive increase of vehicles on the roads are becoming a devastating causes of environmental issues these days. It is very difficult to survive urban and suburban areas where the air is polluted to a level that can cause different diseases in the human body. Pollution cannot be considered which is caused by the emission of harmful substances in the air only. But at the same time, there are so many other types of pollutions as well. We cannot afford to ignore the soil pollution, noise pollution and water pollution which are equally responsible for the poor life quality on earth with an increasing rate of pollution.

Harmful results of environmental pollution

More harmful results of environmental pollution can be seen in the form of smog which is harmful to the eyes and respiratory system of the human body. Soil pollution causes different harms to the human body in indirect way. So the case with drinking contaminated water by the people. It is the need of the hour to have a focus on this arena of life as well because if we keep on ignoring the things for a long period of time things can turn out to be dangerous in different ways. Here in this essay we will talk about the different methods and mediums through which the environmental issues can be checked by the society of people in togetherness.

Measures taken for reducing pollution

New policies like an adaption of the green chemistry and planting trees people are taking to prevent pollution. Dealing with the various issues of pollution will be the main focus of the essay. By finding a relevant solutions for each problem by doing authentic research using surveys technique.  Apart from the types of pollution mentioned here, you can also add noise pollution and its solutions in the list.

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