List of abbreviations in the dissertation

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A list of Abbreviations is basically a procedure of writing a short form of words or phrases. In case you have use lots of acronym in your research paper or dissertation then you need to prepare a list of abbreviations.

For instance, Mar. It is the abbreviation of  March.

Examples of abbreviations generally used in a research paper are:

  • FSC: It stands of fundamental of science
  • CRM: Customer relationship management
  • GDP: Gross domestic product
  • MNCS: Multinational corporations.
  • HR: Human resource

    Importance of a list of abbreviations for the dissertation?

It is very important to provide a list of abbreviations dissertation along with their meanings. If a lot of abbreviation is used in the dissertation, Providing the list of abbreviations with their meaning is very much crucial as the reader might not be aware of the short form of words. A list of abbreviations is very much crucial for enhancing the readability of the dissertation. The inclusion of the list of abbreviations thesis becomes essential when you have written a lot of technical words or phrases in your dissertation.

Where do a list of abbreviations go in a dissertation?

There are mainly two places where you can position the list of abbreviations in the dissertation :

  • You need to include the list of abbreviations at the beginning of the dissertation or research paper. It must be put after the table of contents
  • It is sometimes also positioned in the table of content.
  • You can include the list of abbreviations in footnote if you have used only a few abbreviations.

How to use Abbreviations in thesis

Abbreviations is used for unit measurement. When the abbreviation is used for the first time in the text then you will be required to provide both full and short form.

Abbreviations can be utilized in tables and figures.

For example, you can write fig, as an abbreviation for a figure.

  • Note: You cannot use the abbreviations in the title of the dissertation, research questions, objectives, etc. In addition to this, you cannot use the abbreviation at the starting of your sentence.

Once you develop an understanding of how to use a list of abbreviations in a thesis, learn about how to write a list of abbreviations in MS word.

How to create a list of abbreviations in word?

8 easy steps of writing a list of abbreviations in the word are:

  • Step 1

Open Microsoft word document and scan every page for abbreviations that you intend to insert into a list. Then you need to double click and drag the mouse towards a word or phrase which constitutes abbreviations, then select it.

  • Step 2

Now, press the Shift+alt+x key for the reference tab which is present on the Microsoft word ribbon. After that, you need to click the Index” section’s “Mark Entry” option for creating index entry on the basis of text selection. In the mark index entry dialog box, you need to click on the mark option. You should Continue the Mark Entry process to mark each term that qualifies for your list as an addition to the Index.

  • Step 3

Now, press control + end option for navigating to the end of document. Then after that you should press Enter key which will help you in adding a blank line after conclusion of text. Now click on “Insert Index” item in the Reference tab’s Index option for opening the Index dialog box. Click on the “OK” button without changing the default index settings.

  • Step 4

Now, select the text of the index. Press “Ctrl-C” for copying it to the clipboard. After that Press “Ctrl-Alt-V,” on the Home tab of the Microsoft Word ribbon and click on the Clipboard group’s “Paste” item arrow. Then select unformatted text as the paste mode.

  • Step 5

Here, you need to develop a Microsoft Word document and paste the recopied index text into it. Now, you require to Scroll through the text and find the index entry with the highest page number

  • Step 6

Press Ctrl+H for accessing option of  Finding and replacing.  Type comma then a space into the “Find What” box.

  • Step 7

Now, click on replace all option for removing all the highest index page numbers.

  • Step 8

Lastly, you need to press Ctrl+C option for copying edited index to clipboard. Then after that you can press text in your main document.

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Q1. What should be included in a list of abbreviations?
List of abbreviations includes the full form or definitions of the abbreviation that are used in your phd thesis or masters dissertation. for example- Fig is used as the abbreviation of figure.

Q2. Can you use abbreviations in a dissertation?
Yes, you can use abbreviations in a dissertation in a dedicated manner. This article discuss how to write abbreviation and to include the list of abbreviation.



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