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Literature graduates and postgraduates often deal with various genres of literary texts from poetry, sonnets to novels and play. To write an essay by analyzing these texts is not an easy part . That is why our professionals are providing  literary analysis essay writing tips  to such graduates.By assessing below guidelines college or high school students will able to write an excellent essay.

Definition of literary analysis essay

Literary analysis essay is basically an academic paper which includes an argumentative analysis of a piece of literature. In such type of essay, writer needs to throughout analyze the novels, books. They are also requiring developing understanding about ideas, characters, writing style which author has utilize for narrating a story.

The main purpose of literary analysis essay is to showcase why author has utilize particular character, imagination or things in order to persuade reader. Other main objective of such essay is to address key themes and to identify technique which author has use for revealing themes. It is literary analysis essay which helps students in developing critical thinking skills. These are skills which helps students in looking beyond the literary meaning.

Content of literary analysis essay

There is no particular set of paragraph which you need to include in such type of essays.  Content which you require to include in specific type of essay is completely dependent on the field. For instance, if you are analyzing poem then you need to include only one content. Length of an essay is also completely based on the nature and type of field for which you are writing essay.

Below is the list of points which you should include in your essay despite type of literature.

  • Type of literature
  • Information about characters
  • Main idea relevant to topic
  • Review of themes
  • Description of piece of literature
  • Writing style, structure.

Outline of literary analysis essay

You need to spend time for preparing outline of literary analysis essay. It is an outline of your essay which will help you in ensuring success of work.  You should start preparing outline by defining you ideas and highlighting the things which you can use at end.  The outline of essay consists of 3 parts these are:

  • Introduction: Here, you need to state you topic and provide background detail.
  • Main body: In this section you need to include the main statements, ideas and evidences.
  • Conclusion: It is a part of an essay where you need to restate the main thesis and write summary of key points.

How to write literary analysis essay?

The 6 steps of writing literary analysis essay are:

Step 1: Select and concentrate on topic

At the time of planning to write literary analysis essay, you need to first select a topic. It is considered being as key idea on which complete content of your essay depends. After that you need to search and read a book relevant to topic. After reading the book, it is very much essential for you to ensure that you have clearly developed the understanding about what author intends to say.

Step 2: Collect evidences

At this you should perform little investigation for gathering information and evidences.  You require gathering facts and other evidences for making reasonable conclusion. It is the tactic which will help you in accumulating enough material which you can use for writing main body and conclusion.  At this step, it is also very much essential for you to gather information about the author of specific book. It is a strategy which will provide you an ease in developing the understanding about intention of author. This will also assist you in developing the understanding about thoughts of author.

Step 3: Prepare Outline

Preparing an outline is considered to be as crucial part of literary analysis essay. It is tactic which will help you in ensuring inclusion of all important points in your essay.

Step 4: Write introduction

This is beginning of essay therefore, it should be quite interesting. The main purpose of introductory section in essay is to inform reader about the context in text.

  • Name of Author
  • Title of work or name of book
  • Aim of literary analysis essay
  • Interesting facts
  • Thesis statement

For example: In the book name tale of Two Cities, the author Charlene showcases the procedure through which wasted and unfruitful things can be recycled.  Author has provided example of how waste newspaper can be used for creating a beautiful painting.

Step 5: Craft main body

After successfully writing the literary analysis essay introduction you require to begin writing the main body paragraphs.  It is a step where you need to write minimum three paragraphs in support to Thesis statement. You can include Topic sentences at the starting of every paragraph.  Here, you require representing your ideas which you have developed after analyzing the book. , poems at the time of writing the main body paragraphs, it is very much essential for you to provide evidences. In main body Para of essay you need to include following information:

  • Key aspects which represents what to anticipate in the Para.
  • Demonstrate the Quotes which you are using appear in book or novel.
  • You require providing name of person who has written specific quote.
  • Do paraphrasing of Quote
  • Demonstrate the significance of Quote and explain the way it relates to Thesis statement.

For example: In case you are having discussion on the main character from the story in a hook, then you should emphasize on description of relationship, behavior.

Step 6: Write conclusion

It is a last paragraph of literary analysis essay. Here, you require reflecting the way your topic of essay is related top book. Students also need to provide summary of the content which they have discuss above. It is very much essential for you to write short but strong conclusion. You can also restate thesis statement here. It is the tactics which will help you in providing reader with sense of completion.  You can also provide short description about arguments and justification for the same.

Note: Here, avoid introducing new information.

Different types of literary analysis essays

There are different types of paper. At the time of making the decision related to selection of specific writing style you need to consider field. For example, it is a literary analysis which covers number of disciplines such as marketing, management, social studies, history, communication etc. There are different types of literary analysis paper and below is the description about their writing style.

Close reading: It is a technique which involves attentive reading. Here, you are require to provide interpretation of text

Theoretical: here, you require implementing hypothesis or concepts relevant to topic.

For example: In case you need to have discussion on how opinions are developed then you can apply the theory of agenda setting.

Comparative: you need to write such type of essay on the basis of distinguish between two or more alternatives of doing work.

For example, if your essay topic is to make comparison between democratic and socialist system, then on the basis of your analysis you need to demonstrate the differences between two systems on the basis of decomposition of key elements.

Contextual: It is a paper which includes different disciplines such as History. You for writing such types of essays need to perform in depth analysis of history in order to provide explanation of events. Students can utilize critical sources such as internet or libraries for writing contextual literary analysis essay.

Applied: In such type of essay you need to do analysis of problem from the practical perspective.

You can select from such types of essays considering your field. An appropriate selection of essay is very much essential for making paper strong along with clear focus.

Useful suggestions for writing literary analysis essay

Here are few tips which you can apply at the time of writing literary analysis essay these are:

  1. At the time of writing such essay you should consider that different characters are frictional. It is also very much essential for you to analyse the way author has utilize different styles for portraying the characters and their environment.
  2.  You should notice few literary tools. For instance, imagination, symbolism, metaphors.
  3. In case you still have confusion then you should read the text again. At the time of reading the text you should mainly concentrate on analyzing the way words are used in essential scenes.
  4. It is very much crucial for you to read the text properly and discover the real message which author intends to share.
  5. Make use of correct terminology for writing such essay.

Suggested topics for writing Literary essays

Few topics on which you can write literary essays are:

  • Fate’s Role in Romeo and Juliet
  • Ambition and Its Corrupting Influence ( A book written by Hmalet)
  • Night by Elie Wiesel ( A book written by Shakeper)
  • Essays on Ancient Greek Literature
  • Literary Analysis Topic on the Subject of Race such as  Heart of Darkness
  • Women’s Literature

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