How Many Pages Are 500 Words

06/06/2018 | 1281

A 500 words assignment may be completed in one page when the font size is standard that is 12 and the words are typed in a single space. But when it comes to type the assignment in MLA pattern or writing then that case double spacing between the words of the assignment becomes very crucial. As a result of which the page which earlier was one in count now gets double in number. Similarly, when you write a 1500 words assignment in MLA pattern it occupies 6 pages instead of three.

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How Much Time will Take To Write 500 Words?

Usually, it doesn’t take too long, but everything depends on the theme you choose. If you are interested and have some background knowledge, it will take 30-45 minutes to prepare the homework.

If you are not familiar with the subject, you must conduct additional research. In this case, you will spend about an hour or more to produce the paper; it depends on the difficulty of the research.

Once you have a good draft, please take some time to revise it. In this case, the preparation time can be extended by about 15-30 minutes.

Which Types Of Assignments Fall Under The Category Of 500 Words?

The assignments like short essays and summary essays teachers ask students to write in the range of 500 words. But students who do not have the capacity to cope up with these assignments can seek help from professionals as well. So accomplishing the full assignment at this time sometimes gets difficult for the students. As a consequence of which they start to try College assignment writing services from the Students Assignment Help.

The Difference Between Citation Style And Normal Typing

The major theme that MLA pattern typing style involves is the double space to increase the reader’s comfort. That is why if a normal page contains 500 words in one page then two pages will be occupied by the assignment which has been written in the MLA pattern. So, different formats of typing assignments make it change in the count of the total pages in the 500 words assignment. Likewise, we can consider the APA format of writing assignments here as well. In this format, the numbers of pages again get changed due to the format of typing as per the guidelines of the APA. So understanding these numbers is very important in order to accomplish an assignment that is not rejected by the professors at any cost.

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