Narrative Essay Versus Rhetorical Analysis

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Narrative and rhetorical essays both are inseparable part of student’s assignments which are pursuing their college and university degrees. Graduates have to write rhetorical essays as well as that of narrative essays. If you are also assigned with any of these essays then it is important to know the difference between them.

This is because there is a very fine difference between narrative and rhetorical essays and they cannot be considered independent of each other. Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested free tips for writing rhetorical and narrative essays to the graduates here. You can go through these tips for understanding the actual difference between the two types of essays.

Definition of rhetorical and Narrative essay

Rhetorical essay is a type of essay writing form in which students can use various literary devices to persuade on their readers. Students can write all types of essays in rhetorical form irrespective of the topic. On the contrary when it comes to the personal narrative essays the area of such essay topics is very narrow. They are mostly limited to the topics that relates to the life of an individual and he is supposed to express those circumstances in his essay.

In order to make the narrative essay more appealing literary devices can also be used in this type of essay but not to major extent. That is how we can differentiate the thin line between narrative and rhetorical essays before writing college assignments.

Major differences between Rhetorical and narrative essay

If you want to write narrative essay topics in correct format for college without any error then go through the major difference between them. Here you will be able to get a clear idea about the difference between two types of essays mentioned above.

Narrative EssayRhetorical Essay
In depth narration of an incidence or experienceWriting on a topic in persuasive way by to influence the readers with your ideology
use of rhetorical devices like alliteration, metaphor and rhyme scheme is not very commonIn rhetorical essays the use of metaphor, simile, personification is very common
Often written in a tone which shows the reflection of individual on topic of essayWritten in such a way that writer persuade the reader with his ideologies
Mostly written on personal experiences called personal narrative essaySuch essays can be written on any topic irrespective of the topic
The essays are mostly written in first person narrativeThird person narratives are mostly common in case of rhetorical essays

Some major mistakes that should be avoided while writing narrative and rhetorical essays

Here are some common mistakes that graduates often commit in their narrative and rhetorical essays which should be avoided by you.

  1. Do not overuse the literary devices in your essay
  2. Write your narrative essay in chronological order of events
  3. The main body of essay must possess your ideologies and perspective on topic
  4. Make sure that you are preparing a rough draft before writing your essay.
  5. Never write thesis statement without previewing the entire essay in your mind with vague idea.
  6. Include some significant quotations that are often skipped by the students in essays.
  7. Write your essay by following the proper structure and pattern even though it is a narration of your experience in narrative essay.

How to write narrative and rhetorical essay for college by graduates

In order to write a narrative or for that matter rhetorical analysis essay you have to follow the same procedure like that of any other essay. Here is a step by step guide for writing these two types of essays in brief that will help you to complete your college essay on time.

  1. State your thesis or hypothesis of the essay – As we are supposed to give a thesis statement in the beginning of an essay similar is the case with narrative and rhetorical essay as well. Here you have to cite a firm statement that relate to the topic of your essay which you want to prove to your readers. It could be a life experience for narrative essay and any persuasive topic for rhetorical essay.
  1. Introduce your readers with the main idea of topic you want to work upon – In the introductory part of both types of essays you are supposed to give an account of the main idea of the topic on which you are working. At the same time you can use some literary devices in your introduction part of rhetorical essay. Sometimes in order to enhance the influence of the narrative essays literary devices are also used in such essays by the writers as well. So it is very difficult to draw a firm line between the two types of essays apart from the fact that in narrative essay real life incidence is often narrated by the writer. Narrative essays can also be written on topics which are not a part of the life of writer but they are reflecting upon the issue by showing empathy on the incidence.
  1. Discuss the results of your research through arguments in main body of the essay – The same procedure can be followed by the students for writing the critical and narrative essay body or main part. Just jot down the important arguments and points related to your essay and then explain them with the help of useful and relevant instances from research.
  2. Conclusion of the essay should be brief and handy to the readers – In this part of your essay you need to keep the thesis statement in highlighted part to elaborate the things according to it. The main purpose for writing any essay conclusion is to let the readers clear about the justification of the thesis statement in essay. Essay conclusion for all types of essays is same irrespective of narrative and rhetorical essays. You are supposed to add some literary devices and figures in rhetorical essays and first person narrative in narrative essays apart from it everything else is same.

Help in writing narrative and rhetorical essays for college students

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