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Now Google Is Getting a Mother

Student's Assignment Help 04/30/2019 313 Views

Yes, Google is getting a Mother now. It isn’t a joke. Google is now going to be part of a larger company called Alphabet. The founders of Google – Larry Page and Sergey Brin have confirmed that Google will now work as a subsidiary of its mother company Alphabet.

The shareholder will get the same number of shares in Alphabet against their current share count in Google. The CEO of the Alphabet will be the same person – Larry Page, who was the CEO of Google.

Its core businesses are “ads, YouTube, Android, apps, maps, and other ventures. Now Google is more than a Search engine giant as it has diversified the business to different technologies and infrastructures.

The founders have the intentions of managing all the business ventures under one mother company Alphabet which were acting individually so far.

It’s about the reorganization of Google that was needed in the current time because the current situations (in the year 2015) are far more different from the year 1998. At the earlier time, Google was only a Search Engine Company. As time passed, Google started new ventures and made some acquisitions.

The rise of the Alphabet indicates towards the adoption of the similar kind of strategy that Warren Buffet (Founder of Berkshire Hathaway) uses to run his own ventures. He is a big fan of this strategy. He believes in providing openness to their employees. This helped him to become one wealthiest person in the world.

Google’s founders are leading towards establishing the corporate empire by stretching the business and going across the industries they find interesting in the context of future growth. Their decision on restructuring the Google will help them in the near future. In subsidiary companies of The Alphabet, each one will have its own CEO who would be overseen by the Larry and Sergey.

Both of the founders are known for building things that were never imagined before. The expansion of the company is the result of their visionary thinking. It might also have done to focus on prospective technologies and other infrastructures.

Whatever be the reason behind this reorganization is. Google’s shareholders and the entire world expect something innovative and beneficial from the Larry and Sergey that led towards a progressive world.

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