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Nursing Case Study Format Example

Student's Assignment Help August 7, 2019 239 Views

A nursing case study is very important to carry out before taking an action towards treating a patient on medical grounds. A case study gives an overall preview of the patient’s medical history based on which crucial steps can be taken to treat the patient. There are different topics of case study like clinical reasoning case study and case study on anemia as well.

Nursing students are often asked to write different case studies during their graduation degree in college. But most of them even fail to draft the format of the case study and cannot write such college assignments. That is why nursing case study format example is given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals on case study for Jaundice.

With the help of this sample, you can understand the format of a case study writing assigned to the nursing graduates. The nursing case study format sample is provided by the Students Assignment Help professionals for free of cost and you can easily follow it without any issue. So whether you are assigned a case study on nursing anatomy or any other topic just follow the given sample of case study on Jaundice.

Introduction to the previous history of the patient to Jaundice

  1. Crystal clear understanding of patient’s medical history
  • Do research on the medical history of the patient to know the occurrence of Jaundice.
  • Try to figure out some important and curious points from the pedigree analysis about a patient from the family tree about the occurrence of Jaundice to his ancestors.
  • Make sure that you get a complete idea about the history of Jaundice to patient.
  1. Treatment given by the previous doctors
  • The present doctor or nurse must be clear about the previous prescription is given to the patient.
  • All the treatment methods used in the past must be understood by the nurses.
  1. The output of the treatment obtained earlier by patient
  • The results of the previous treatment given to the patient must be clear to the nurse.
  • The side effect of the treatment should be clearly observed while observing the medical history of the patient.

Current observations based on the medical history of the patient

  1. Current status of the patient:  Try to know about the current status of the patient by observing his conditions. You might ask him or her about their sufferings directly or can observe their body language as well. That is how you can make it possible to connect with their problems for the best understanding.
  1. How medical history is related to the present state of the patient: The allergic reactions shown by the patient from the treatment of given diseases must be very minutely observed by the nurses. At the same time attention should be given to relating the past experience with present treatment.
  1. Observations of patients physically and through diagnose: The physical appearance like pale body reflect the anemic person and jaundice can also be done by observing the patient. At the same time diagnose can be done through various blood tests as well. That is how the overall condition of the patient can be observed by the nurses.
  1. Psychological status of the patient about the entire situation: It becomes very crucial for nurses to understand the psychology of patients suffering from lung ailments. Some of them get disturbed on the psychological grounds as well. The importance of the need for psychological counseling can also be observed by the medical staff of the hospital as well.

The present effective solutions to deal with the problem or diseases

  1. Essential steps that need to be taken immediately to cure the patient:  Once the patient is observed both on the previous and present situation it comes to treat him immediately. The kind of treatment required based on the observation and output of the diagnoses needs to be clear for the doctors. Making blunders by giving the wrong treatment cannot work out in favor of the patient even after studying the entire history.
  2. Present plan and strategies for treatment required by the patient:  The present treatment plans for the patient should be discussed among the different doctors to increase the reliability and benefits of treatment. One can also go for previous experiences of treating the patient with similar symptoms of the diseases. But the experiment should be safer and do not cause any allergic reaction in the body of the patient. Based on this indication certain actions can be framed for treating the patient by doctors and professional nurses working in healthcare.
  3. Rate of effective improvement through given treatment based on previous experiences: This should be very much clear and on the top priority that given treatment is capable of giving immediate results to the patient. Only those actions should be taken to treat the patient which are helpful to the doctors in the past while treating their patients. That is how you can make this sure that proper treatment is being given to the person suffering from Jaundice diseases. All the actions must be taken in collaboration with the body response of the given patient by knowing his or her past experience for a drug.
  4. Psychological counseling and its requirement by the patient in healthcare:  The focus should also be given on the need for clinical counseling to the patient who is baffled with the long way treatment. Certain recreational actions can be considered to include in his routine for a change. This is because when a patient is sound on the mental health it boosts his recovery power many folds. The application of the above activities or step should be observed in relation to the patient you are treating. That is how the best treatment can be done of a patient after doing proper case study on every aspect from knowing his history to present state as well.

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