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Nursing Paper Types and Writing Guide – Topic Suggestions

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The nursing students are asked to write nursing papers on topics like clinical reasoning cycle and nursing ethics by using pie charts, illustrative diagrams with analytical skills. The reason behind assigning these nursing research papers and other sorts of assignments is to make the nursing graduates perfect for their professional field. Often nurses have to keep the patient’s record in an innovative manner so that it can be easily analyzed and understood.

That is why this type of work is assigned to them in college assignments. Numbers of research paper topics are given to the nursing students by professors to make them expert in the field. So if you are also asked to write a nursing paper then here are few tips given for different types of nursing paper writing.

The ideas are suggested by Students Assignment Help for free of cost. Few nursing paper topics are also suggested to those who are unable to find a relevant topic for their nursing paper assignments for college.

Types of nursing paper assigned in the Nursing colleges to graduates

There are various types of nursing papers that are assigned to the graduates by professors in order to enhance their critical skills. Apart from nursing papers, nursing case study, essay writing, and thesis work are also assigned to the nursing students. Have a look at the types of nursing papers that graduates have to write throughout their course in the college in the form of nursing college assignments.

  1. Argumentative nursing paper:  Like argumentative essays, these types of nursing papers are based on defending a hypothesis based on examples by the students. These are mostly based on the treatment of various diseases in a different way and finding out the best out of them. Apart from it, the nursing argumentative papers can be written on the management and administration of the healthcare sector as well. It is just like proving an argument right which is given in the thesis statement.
  2. Compare and contrast nursing papers:  When two different things are subjected to the parallel comparison in healthcare they are considered as contrast nursing paper. Here students are supposed to compare two different medical conditions, various indifferences of the outcome of treatment by doing research. The purpose is to sort out the best out of two which is fruitful for the patient.
  3. Cause and effect research paper on nursing:  There are several diseases that affect the human body in a cause and effect way. For example Jaundice, anemia and even fatigue are few examples to name under such categories. Nursing students are supposed to understand these causes and their effects on different patients after research. The papers thus written after researching cause and effect issues are termed as cause and effect nursing papers.
  4. Descriptive nursing paper: The name speaks for the type of paper which says that the graduates of nursing have to describe a disease or treatment in depth in such papers. The ultimate purpose is to make the issue clear to the reader who is reading the paper. This helps them to explain the medical history and kind of diagnosis to the patients as well on professional ground.
  5. Reflective nursing paper: When nurses are supposed to use their learnings to treat a patient with a new sort of disease they are supposed to reflect on it based on previous experiences in learning. These types of papers are very much helpful to train them for the professional field.

How to write a nursing paper with perfection for best score?

Prepare an outline for your nursing paper

The nursing paper outline and structure should be prepared in the format given below. That is how you can write a good paper.

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
  4. Citation and references

Do some research to add crucial points to every part of the paper

Every part that is given above which includes introduction, body, and conclusion must be added with essential points. For example:

  1. Talk about the goals and motif of paper in the introduction. Also, give a brief scenario about your research resources and background of the research topic to readers. Show the depth of topic and serious issues related to it in the intro part.
  2. Give a justification through research in the main body by adding arguments step by step that supports your thesis in the paper.
  3. Wrap up the paper with a conclusion that shows your reach to your thesis through research work explained in the body of the paper.
  4. The citation should be written in proper order by following the exact format of MLA and APA whatever you are asked to follow by professors.

Do not forget to edit and proofread the paper before submission

Get your research paper edited and proofread from professionals if you are not able to do so. You can also give a look at the citation and plagiarism while proofreading the nursing paper for the final assessment before submission.

Some best nursing paper topics suggestions for nursing graduates

Here are some nursing topics ideas for those who are worried about writing their nursing assignments because of the lack of the best topic. The topics are based on crucial areas of nursing like mental health nursing, nursing ethics, and personal nursing philosophy, etc.

  1. How personal nursing philosophy affects the approach of a nurse on a professional ground?
  2. Importance of case study for taking a decision for the type of treatment that will be given to a patient in a nursing career.
  3. How the stable mental health of a patient can be obtained by a nurse through better psychological counseling of the patient.
  4. Role of clinical reasoning cycle in the nursing profession.
  5. How to manage an open wounded surface being a professional nurse?
  6. What is the significance of knowing the medical history of a patient?
  7. Clinical assessment and its applications.

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