Basic Structures for Academic Essays – Different Types

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Different Types of Academic Essay Structure

Compare and contrast: It is considered to be one of the most difficult or complex academic essay structures. This structure is mainly used in the argumentative essay. Such types of essays generally include those fields like philosophy, political science, etc. which is completely based on the evaluation of theories.

Students write compare and contrast academic essays for measuring the effectiveness of the different practices in fields like nursing, anthropology, etc. There are two structures such as alternating and one at a time which you can utilize for making comparisons and for identifying the similarities of authors’ views about specific issues or topics.

  • Alternating: In alternating, you can take more than one argument at a time. In this specific structure, it is topic of debate that helps in the unification of the paragraphs. You need to mainly emphasize on transitions.
  • One at a time: In such a structure you can take one argumentative view at a point of time. It is the arguments which creates the section of paragraph and assists in the unification of different paragraphs. In one at a time structure, you need to remember the argument which has already been presented.

Tips: It is quite difficult to address the differences in opinion. You can utilize the key terms for making differentiation between arguments and for making sure the same argument should not get repeated in academic essay.

In addition to this, you need to mark the difference between opinions. You need to provide a detail explanation of all opinions in academic essay. Try to avoid repetition of things.

Chronological Academic essay structure

It is a type of structure that is useful for presenting the way a series of different events unfolds. The chronological structure is basically self-explanatory. In such a type of academic essay structure, you need to mainly emphasize the way different events in a series are interrelated.

General to specific

It is the type of structure that is mainly useful and helpful when you have to examine things that need a full understanding of concepts. General to specific essay structure is considering being appropriate when you need to characterize theory.

  • You should not include irrelevant context: you only need to provide relevant information. In addition to this, try to avoid over-explanation of the concepts or theories, as it can make essay quite boring. While writing an essay keep in mind the thesis statement.
  • You should try to develop the relationship between general and specific content. At the time of writing the later parts of the essay, you should consider the things which you have written in the above paragraphs.

Problem-Method- solution academic essay structure

It is considered to be as one of the best structures which are utilized for identification and analysis of issue which is done for finding a suitable solution. In such a type of essay structure, you need to perform characterization of theory which is related to solving the issue. You can utilize the hypothesis for analyzing the issue and identification of an effective solution for the same.

  • While writing the problem method solution essay you need  to apply the same principles that are utilized in other types of essays. In the introduction section, you need to clearly define the problem. In addition to this, you also need to highlight the techniques which you will use for solving a specific issue.

 Similarity between problem –method –solution, and structure of the scientific paper

The similarity between Problem-method- solution, and structure of the scientific paper is that both include methodical analysis of the hypothesis which is done for reaching conclusion and solving the issue.

Differences between problem- method- solution, and structure of scientific academic essay

      The main difference between the two different types of essay structure is:

 Essay structure of Scientific paperEssay structure of Problem-method and solution
The methodology part in an essay does not include detailed information or justification of the activities which you have executed for accomplishing desired objectives.In this type of essay structure, the methodological section consists of detail information about different concepts .
Such types of essays consist of separate headings and subheadings.Such type of essay does not consist of separate sections and headings.
It is the type of essay which can be utilized for providing the explanation of experiments.You can not use it for providing or describing experiments.
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