Organizing An Essay

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 Organizing an essay : Meaning 

Organisation of an essay means arranging all the paragraph of an essay in systematic and logical manner. The structure of an essay is completely based on the type of an essay a person is writing. Organizing an essay is very much essential for making it easy to read and understandable by reader.The organization of an essay is very much important for ensuring that all the arguments are clearly understandable by the reader.

Key characteristics of organized essay are :

  • It is cleared.
  • All the parts of organize essays are arrange in a specific sequence.
  • It is proper sequence that helps you in confirming that reader clearly understand the purpose of an essay.

Techniques for organization of an essay

There are few techniques which you can utilize for organizing essay are:

 1. Prepare an outline 

Before starting to organizing of essay, you should first prepare outline of an essay.  You can utilize thesis statement as it will help you in determining the appropriate sequence or way of organizing an essay.

For instance, in case you intend to write compare and contrast essays on two different topics, you can outline the differences and similarities. In simple words, before organizing your essay, you should determine the sequence of the way you will have discussion on points. Suppose, if you intends to discuss challenges of management strategy then you need to discuss them in sequence of most biggest to  issue of least concern.  You can also start your essay by stating the small problem first.

2. Eliminate sources that drive organisation

At the time of organizing essay You should not feel that you need to copy the format of source which you intend to discuss.The best technique for organizing an essay is to concentrate on key idea of every paragraph. Even if you have to present proof in a unique order than it appears in your source. It is one of the best technique which will help you in maintaining better flow between paragraphs.

3. Use topic sentence for every paragraph

You should write a clear topic sentence, as it will provide you an ease in organisation of an essay. You should discuss only topic sentence in each paragraph. Discussing on tangential information will lead to disorganization of an essay. It is very much essential for you to ensure that the topic sentence which you are writing represents the main arguments of main point of paragraph.

For instance, make comparison between two sentences. First sentence, Smith  was born in year 1947. Second sentence is Thomas who was born in 1947, became richest people in country  by year 1987.

In this example, the first sentence does not provide direction for the paragraph in an essay. It only includes statement of facts and only provide reader with clue about the relevancy. The second sentence  provides the evidence of fact and help reader in developing the understanding about what  the content in paragraph mean.

4. Ensure making use of transitional words and sentences

Maintain consistency in your essay by utilizing transition words which connects every paragraph to one before it. Start your paragraph by using words in contrast, likewise. As it will provide reader an ease in analyzing thoughts. The transitions words helps in underlining overall logic behind organizing essay in particular manner.

For example, you can begin paragraph such as despite number of points in favor of Pizza hut there are some other factors which has created hurdles from becoming organisation as best Pizza seller in town. It is a  sentence which enable reader in developing the understanding about the way paragraph is link to the  rest of content in an essay.

You can make use of Transitions within paragraphs as well. As it will enable you to relate the concepts in the paragraph in smooth manner. If in case you are facing difficulty in relating paragraphs then organisation of an essay may be off. In such can you can utilize revision strategy for identifying whether paragraphs in your essay are organize in systematic manner or not.

Important things to consider

Here, are few things which you should consider while organizing your essay these are:

  • While organizing the essay you should confirm that the structure represents the objective of an essay.
  • Before the organization of the essay, you are required to consider the objective.
  • While making a plan for the organization of essay you need to determine the claim which will help you in making the reader believes that the claim made by you is correct.
  • You should start each paragraph with a topic sentence.
  • While organizing essay you should make sure that you place simple argument first and then complex arguments. Justification for arranging the arguments from simplest to complex one is that it provides the reader ease in developing the understanding of the basic claim. The inclusion of the basic claim first is the strategy that will help you in convincing the reader.
  • You should not include detailed background information in the introduction section. You can include detailed background information about the topic or a particular issue in the main body section of the essay.
  • Students should avoid the use of technical terms. If in case you have used technical term then you need to definer them.
  • Before organizing your essay you should note important points that are to be included in the essay.
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