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Oxford or Cambridge University? Which is Better – Similarities And Differences

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Oxford or Cambridge university both are the top Universities of UK so which is the better we will tell you. Thousands of students enrolled with these universities every year. These two Universities (Oxford or Cambridge University) are the oldest universities in the world and both are best for education. The high-quality education system, modern teaching styles, and discipline are the features of these universities.

We know you have lots of question in your mind but don’t worry we are only here to solve your problem. Lots of students want to ask Oxford or Cambridge university which is best for education? and some of the students want to ask Which is Better, so you can get all answer to your question but for that, you need to look below.

Similarities And Differences Between Oxford and Cambridge University

Students who want to study in both Oxford and Cambridge University can go ahead because both are the best universities in the world. So Here we are giving you similarities And differences in both universities, you can read and take action.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee of the University of Cambridge is lower than Oxford University fee. The tuition fee at Cambridge University is around $13600 and Oxford University tuition fee is around$14000. So you have the ability to justify which is a better university.

Year of Establishment

Oxford University is the oldest university. It was established in the year 1096. On the other hand, Cambridge University was founded in the year 1209. The long history of Oxford University indicates more resources.

Room And Board cost

Cambridge University charges around $9162 for rooms and boards. On the other hand, Oxford University charges $15500.

Academic Staff

Academic staff is more at Oxford University in comparison to Cambridge University. Oxford University has 1627 staff members while Cambridge University has 1600 staff members.

Tuition Fee For Abroad Students

Cambridge University charges around $27820 to abroad students as a tuition fee. Oxford University charges around $31600 tuition fee to abroad students. So around both Oxford or Cambridge University fee are the same.

Library Collection

Oxford University has a bigger library collection including magazine, books, resources etc than Cambridge University.

Enrolled Students

More students enrolled with Oxford University than Cambridge University. There are around 21690 students enrolled with Oxford University while around18187 students are enrolled in Cambridge University.

ARWU University Rankings

The ranking of Cambridge University is 5 while Oxford University is on the 10 positions in ARWU university rankings. The ranking depends on six factors including Nobel prize winner alumni and staff, cited researchers selected by Thomas Scientific, Articles published in journals of Science and nature, etc.

Nobel Prize laureates

Cambridge University has 78 Nobel Prize winner Alumni’s while Nobel Oxford Has only 26 Nobel Prize winner Alumni’s. Both university Oxford or Cambridge University playing most of the best role every year for Nobel Prize laureates.

Referencing Guide

Sports Facilities

Cambridge University has more sports facilities than Oxford University.

Undergraduate Students

Cambridge has a few more undergraduate students than Oxford. There are around 11941 students enrolled with Cambridge while around 11832 students are enrolled with Oxford University. Competition of both Oxford or Cambridge University is high and that you can see clearly.

Extracurricular Activities

Cambridge University arranges various extracurricular activities including sports, research trips, etc than Oxford Universities. Cambridge Universities arrange 353 different extracurricular programs while Oxford arranged only 73 programs.

QS World Rankings

Cambridge University is ranked 3rd while Oxford University is ranked 6th by QS world University. This ranking is based on academics. On the basis of employers, Oxford is ranked first while Cambridge is ranked second. QS Rank of Oxford is 10th on the basis of faculty/students ratio while Cambridge is ranked 16th.

Oxford and Cambridge offer Tuition fee loans to the UK and European undergraduates. They also offer numerous scholarships to overseas and domestic students.


Cambridge University has 7 museums while Oxford University has only 4 museums.

Successful Business Graduates

There are 3 Cambridge graduates who have established companies while only 2 Oxford graduates have established their companies.

Pulitzer Prize Winners

Pulitzer distributes prize in the fields of literature, musical composition, newspaper, and online journalism. Oxford University has received only 1 award while Cambridge has won 10 awards.

Truing Awards

Cambridge has received4 Turing awards while Oxford has only 3.

Cited Researchers

There are 41 cited researchers with Cambridge University while only there are only 31 cited researchers in Oxford University. Cambridge has cited researchers on more than 21 subjects.

Academy Awards Winners

10 Cambridge scholars have received 10 Oscar awards while only 5 Oxford University students had won Oscar awards for cinematic achievements.

Grants Per Student

Oxford University offers around $12357 to students as a grant and financial aid to students while around $32653 is given to students as a grant and financial aid by Cambridge University.

After read all these points you can easily understand Oxford or Cambridge university which is best for education.

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