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Oxford Citation is an important part of the assignment. Still, you are not sure about what actually is, or how to do it? Then you have come to the right place. Our professionals are providing you with a complete guideline on a particular referencing style. Even we have an Oxford referencing generator which will do it all for you.

What is Oxford referencing?

The oxford referencing is a style of citation. It is basically a note citation which the prestigious University of Oxford has developed.  Oxford referencing is also known as documentary note style. It is a referencing system that consists of two elements these are footnote citation and a reference list that is placed at the end of the document. While doing citation it is very much essential for you then it is very much essential for you to follow guidelines. If you will not follow guidelines, it could have a significant influence on your grades.

What to include in Oxford citation?

In the context of Oxford format, in the reference list, you need to include the author’s name, date of publication, title.

In relation to the oxford citation style, you need to insert superscript in your essay where you cite your work of other authors. At the bottom of a similar page, you need to repeat superscript number then follow it with complete detail. In the context of the oxford citation style, students need to include the page number, author work you are citing. After that, you need to begin giving numbers to footnote. You should continue the sequence throughout your essay.

Note: You need to include footnote at the bottom of the page which separates text of your essay from the footnotes.

Example of Footnotes:

Was by no way the first to develop classical connections. Dr. Pearson states about Ben that he has drive young radical democracy of Athens during the 25th century BC.1. Other research results reveal that the main reason of  battle was break down. The intervening years’ public opinion has oscillated
between two points of view, remaining steadfastly ‘pro ANZAC’ until the end of the 1960s,3 then anti-war during the 1970s and 1980s, ‘settling in the last decade to somewhere in the middle ground’.4

  1. Linkson, ‘ ‘A Possession Forever’, p. 355.
  2. Nickson and Pearson, What’s Wrong with ANZAC?, p. 40.
  3. K.Smith, ‘A forever possession: Charles Bean, An Ancient Greeks. and Military Commemoration in Australia’, Australia Journal of Politics and History, vol.54, no.4, 2015, p. 346.
  4. L, Nizem  and H, Reynolds, What’s Wrong with ANZAC?: The Militisation of Australian History, Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2015, p.9

How to do Oxford citation?

You for creating a footnote need to indicate a reference by putting a superscript number directly from the source material. Such a number is known as a note identifier. You need to follow a note identifier along with a footnote citation at the bottom of the page. The number of note identifiers and of footnote should be the same. In simple words, you need to ensure that reader should able to easily address the source which you are referring to. You need to arrange both footnotes and note identifiers in chronological or numerical order. The same number should be attached to the beginning of the citation

The latest version of Oxford citation style

According to the latest version of Oxford citation guidelines,

  • it is not any more common practice to utilize Latin Abbreviations like ibid, and op. cit.
  • In case you are doing citations of specific work in your essay, then you need to provide complete details of work in a footnote.
  • You can utilize a short form of author’s surname, abbreviated title, and page numbers.  Sere 1 and 2 footnote above that is basically a shortened format.

How to cite different sources using the Oxford citations style?

Below is the example of the format to cite different sources using Oxford citation styles.

Source TypesExample of footnote
Book consists of  one author1 P. Glims, History: An Introduction to Theory, Method and Practice, 3rd edn., Florence, Routledge, 2018, p. 30.
Book written by two AuthorsJ. Lake and K. Reynolds, What’s Wrong with ANZAC?: The Militarisation of Australian History, Sydney, University of New South Wales Press, 2012, p. 12
Book 3 or more Authors1 U. Fitzmons,

L. Laughren, and K. Williamson, Australian Documentary: History, Practices and Genres, 3rd edn., Port Melbourne, VIC, Cambridge University Press, 2014, p. 128

Book no author1 Dictionary Plus History, Oxford University Press, 2016, p.1
Book : Editor1 L. Murli (ed.), Great Game: The Photographic History of Australian Football, Docklands, VIC, Slattery Media Group, 2015, p. 10
Chapter or part of a Book to which a number of authors have contributed1 A. Blankers, ‘ Energy Suistainability’, in M. Goldy, B. Doucglas, and B. Furnass (eds) Sustainability, Collingwood, VIC, CSIRO Publishing, 2014, p. 100.
Book translator1 B. Jiksom, Compartment no. 7, trans. M. Rogers, London, Serpent’s Tail, 2015, p. 2.
Online E-book1B. De Munick, Guilds, Labor and the Urban Body Politic: Fabricating Community in the Southern Netherlands 1500-1900, Milton, UK, Routledge, 2018, p. 76.
WebpageK. Oswell, 1990, George-orwell.org, 2015, part 3, ch. 10, para. 5, http://www.george-orwell.org/1984, (accessed 3 nov.2016)
Journal article ( one author)1 L. Ozitas, ‘A Literary Genre in Value Education in History Courses: Poems’, Journal of Education and Training Studies, vol. 10, no. 7, 2019, p. 40.
Journal article ( 3 or more author)1 B. Mchmidt Sanbidge, K. Tan, and N. Sanderson, ‘Information Literacy Skills: Mobile Learning ‘, Journal of Information Literacy, vol. 13, no. 1, 2019, p. 150
Newspaper article1.      H. Crok ,’ Shining light in the Dark’. The Age, 26 feb 2020, p.10


1.      The story of Cinderella [DVD], Director M, Jomes, Burduck, BC, MGM, 1940.
Web Video1 The globalization Debate[online video], Presenter B. Benton, London, UK, Studio 9, 2017, HTTP:// youtube.be/w4Aq1-h2gd0,(accessed 14 June, 2019)
CasesRich Hardle industries NV V UK securities and investment commission |(2015) 278 ALR 87

Techniques to cite secondary sources in Oxford

If in case you have taken information from a book or article which contains Quote from the work of other authors’ work then it is known as secondary sources. Quoting secondary sources using oxford citations style includes the detail; of both works.

9.K.Amith, guests for things, UK UIniversity Press, 2014, cited in C. Diano, On the Importance of Being an Individual in Renaissance Italy, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018, p. 250.

Note: In your reference list you only need to include the detail about the source from where you found information. It is very much essential for students to locate the original source of information which is quoted in the work that they have read.

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