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In modern days, students are asked to write assignments by defining the limit of words in their college/high schools. Sometimes, this becomes confusing for students because they don’t have idea that how many pages are covered in defined limit of words or how many pages is 1000  words, assigned by their professors.

For instance, when students are asked to write an assignment within a limit of  1000 words they should know about how many pages is 1000 words whether it is typed or handwritten.This depends upon the format and page setting set by student before starting their assignment.We cannot provide the exact page count because it totally depends upon following factors.

 Factors Affecting The Page Count

1.Total words

2.Font you are using-{Arial,Calibri,Comic sana MS,New Time Roman,Courier,Verdana}

3.Font Size-(10,11,12,13,14)

4.Choice of Spacing-{Single,Double,1.5 Spaced}



7.Page Format

 Synopsis of Number of Pages in various Word Count.

Total Words

Font Size (12 Point)


 Single spaced           Double Spaced       1.5 Spaced
100 words  1/4 page1/2 page3/8 page
250 words  1/2 page1 page¾ page
300 words  2/3 page1 & 1/3 pages6/5 page
400 words  4/5 page1 & 3/5 pages1/2 & 6/5 pages
500 words  1 page2 pages1.5 pages
600 words1 & 1/3 pages2 & 2/31.5 & ½ pages
750 words1 & 1/2 pages3 pages2 & ¾ pages
800 words1 & 3/5 pages3 & 1/52 & 9/10 pages
1000 words2 pages4 pages3 pages
1200 words2 & 2/5 pages4 & 4/5 pages3 & 3/5 pages
1500 words3 pages6 pages4.5 pages
2000 words4 pages8 pages6  pages
2500 words5 pages10 pages7.5 pages
3000 words6 pages12 pages9 pages
3500 words7 pages14 pages10.5 pages
4000 words8 pages16 pages12 pages
5000 words10 pages20 pages15 pages
6000 words12 pages24 pages18 pages
7500 words15 pages30 pages22.5 pages
8000 words16 pages32 pages24 pages
10000 words20 pages40 pages30 pages
20000 words40 pages80 pages60 pages
25000 words50 pages100 pages75 pages
30000 words60 pages120 pages90 pages
40000 words80 pages160 pages120 pages
50000 words100 pages200 pages150 pages
60000 words120 pages240 pages180 pages
75000 words150 pages300 pages225 pages
80000 words160 pages320 pages240 pages
90000 words180 pages360 pages280 pages
100000 words200 pages400 pages300 pages

Example- “How many  Pages is  100000 words” ?

#Sample 1.Suppose if a writer is working on a Novel/Book.His aim is to write 100000 words.He will design his novel manuscript by considering manuscript format which includes font,font size,margins and spacing.If his word limit is 100000 words with 12 Point  size of Arial font & single space then his novel manuscript will be covered in 200 pages while for double space 400 pages and for 1.5 space it will covered in 300 pages.


Similarly in same example for different font size and font-style, the word count and no. of pages varies in novel manuscript or in a book.

SizeFontPages(single spaced)Words/pageCharacters/page
12 pointTimes New Roman185509.102193.81
12 pointCourier209452.512478.42
12 pointArial200480.022327.45
12 pointCalibri195482.932351.32
12 pointVerdana228414.892011.00

Students also ask that “How long does it take to write 1000 words using 12 font with single/double or 1.5 space?”

The answer is simple,If you are familiar with assignment writing and your writing skills are good then you may take half of the time(nearly 2 to 2.5 hours) but, if your writing skills are not good and you don’t know about assignment writing then you may take double or triple of time.

If you are using 12 point Arial font/font style then it will take 2 pages for single space,4 pages for double space and 3 pages for 1.5 space.

Effect of Formatting in different Formats on” How many pages is 1000 words Assignment”

The format like MLA format of writing assignments is to be written in such a way that the distance between the words and spacing of the lines is also defined for the students. As a result of which it gets modified from the count of pages from that of normal counting. For instance if you are writing something in one page could be reduced to half page and even increase to the two pages as well. It all depends upon the type of font you are using to write the assignment and its formatting. So make sure that you are keeping all these things in mind while writing an assignment in the MLA format and any other sort of format especially at the time while you have to complete your work within 1000 words limit. It will keep you focused on the word limits easily.

How double Spacing in between the words and lines effect the count of pages is 1000 words?

When students are asked to complete their 1000 words assignment in the MLA format the spacing in between the lines of the assignment and between the words as well gets double and everything to be typed by the students in double space. As a result of which, where 1000 words could be typed in two pages takes four pages to type 1000 words easily. Writing assignments in MLA format is thus increase the number of page count by two times as there is double spacing in between the words as well as lines of the assignments. Students can get an idea from the experts of Students Assignment Help that how to write assignments in MLA format easily. So whenever you have to write your assignments seek help from the experts anytime.

Why students are asked to write their assignment in double space?

Double space assignments are always written by the students when they have to accomplish their assignments by following the MLA format of writing assignments. The major reason why MLA format is designed to be types in double space is for the purpose of better clarity of reading to the people who find it difficult to read the assignment easily that how many pages is 1000 words. There are people who suffer with the problem of dyslexia as a result of which they read out two lines in continuation in haphazard manner.

That is why double spacing becomes important in between the lines and words of the assignments so that teachers and other one can read it out with more clarity without any confusion. In case you have any doubt regarding the assignments writing in double spacing and fail figure out the page count in 1000, 2000, 1500, 500, 3000, 750, 800, 100, 200, 300, 2500 etc words make sure to seek help from the Students Assignment Help Experts anytime. All types of help could be obtained by the students from the decade long experienced helpers of the Students Assignment Help.

What sort of Assignments could be written in Thousands words?

There are so many assignments that could be accomplished within 1000 words by the students. Professor assigns such types of assignments to the students so that they could be completed regularly on the short topics. For example essay assignments to the students are given by the professors within this range of word limits so that students can accomplish them on time before the deadline. More short essays, summary essay writing assignments, term papers and many times other types of research paper could be given to complete within the limit of 1000 words.

So make sure t take the help if you are not able to complete the work on time of writing 1000 words assignments. In case you fail to stick to the word limit that is assigned by the professors that make sure to ask the Students Assignment Help experts to fulfill this task with more efficiency. You can put multiple efforts to this type of assignments as they becomes the main reason behind your success to grab a stable and high salary job in the market of any profession. In the current scenario you can only fetch best job when you have a good score in your academics.

Help from the Students Assignment Help in writing 1000 words Assignments

If you are not able write your assignment of 1000 words in the limit of words then your marks could be deducted from the assignments as well. In order to save a good score in your assignment of 1000 word essay or research paper you can seek the help from someone who is more professional than you in doing this task. For example if you are given with a research paper which needs to be accomplished in 1000 words but you fail to manage the limit of words in between thesis statement, introduction, main research paper and conclusion of the research paper then help of the experts from save us from the quagmire of assignments.

Students Assignment Help experts are capable enough to write all types of assignments within the time limit along with the word limit as well. Those who are failing to accomplish their assignments can write any sort of assignment on time with the help of these experts. So do not hesitate to take help from the professional writers of assignments who are talented and experienced as well. You can enhance your score in the assignments of all types by seeking this help from the experts.

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