How To Paraphrase A Paragraph – Best Tips Explained

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Almost every college students are aware of the fact that when they get assigned to the academic essay papers, then they have to provide proper pieces of evidence to support the argument. That directly means that the students have to show the readers that they had used reliable sources plus useful quotes for completing their essay paper.

It is not worth if the students are creating the assignment paragraphs by simple copy and paste. Instead of copying the sections, it is better to try paraphrasing. It can surely help the students to grab the attention of the readers quickly towards their paper.

When the students are trying to paraphrase a paragraph, then it means they have to include the information in their own words from the excellent research materials. However, most of the students do not have any idea of how they can paraphrase a paragraph. To make the readers attentive or interested, it is beneficial to paraphrase the essay paragraph of the paper.

What is the meaning of paraphrasing an academic paragraph required by college students?

Paraphrasing can get defines as taking the original text, and by using their unique selected words, they have to structure the context impressively. Generally, the school or college students have to rewrite the context by conveying a perfect message having the same meaning as the original text. It is not simple for the students because it requires high concentration and a better understanding of the words. However, if the students follow some of the proper steps, then they can quickly paraphrase a paragraph.

Moreover, paraphrasing a paragraph not means that the students from the college or university have to change the words only. Of course, the students have to convert some simple words to logical meaning words, but it does not mean that if they translate word “gathering” to “party” then it could get accepted in paraphrasing a paragraph. A properly written or structured paraphrase expresses the ideas or thoughts related to a source. The students have to include proper sentence formation along with the high quality of words so that the readers can understand their point of view quickly.

How to paraphrase a paragraph

Get to know everything about paraphrasing along with some crucial tips to rephrase your content to avoid the chances of getting an unauthenticated data to submit by having plagiarism in your content.

Composing your own words in place of other people’s ideas without modifying its real sense is known as paraphrasing. Through paraphrasing, you still are expressing similar ideas but with totally different words.  By restating the statements in your own way, you are giving wings to your ideas to flow with best-fitted information in your writing.

It is also needed when you get plagiarism in your writing — in fact, rephrasing or paraphrasing your content in one of the essential techniques to avoid plagiarism. So it is necessary to learn how to rephrase a paragraph or the entire paper to enhance its accuracy.

Almost every student uses the ideas of other researchers in their own writing. Sometimes they quote or cite the sentences by mentioning the original writer. And when they don’t have their own ideas to represent, they alter or rephrase the statements given by other researchers in their own words without changing its original meaning. If they try to copy the exact wording used by the original author without quoting, their content may be declared as stolen data.

So, be more aware while writing anything in your paper and don’t misinterpret rephrasing with some similar tools like quoting, summarizing, citing, etc. Use the useful tricks described in this articles to reduce the chances of getting duplicity in your writing.

How to paraphrase : 

Paraphrasing a paragraph might seem easy to some students, but in actual it is not. It is generally seen with the students that they rely entirely on the technologies even for their studies. When they have been assigned some research work or other paper writing, the internet is the most common source for them to explore the data. They came in contact with the work of other researchers and copied their statements without modifying the content. If you are trying to do so, you have to quote or cite the comments. And sometimes due to over usage of such tools, you rephrase the content and without proper knowledge, alter its original meaning.

So to avoid such situations, you should follow these key points while rephrasing:

  • Carefully read the paragraph multiple times to comprehend the actual meaning completely.
  • Keep a straight focus on the central concepts and roughly note them out.
  • Modify the content in your own words based on the so noted vital concepts of the original.
  • Compare both the paragraphs (original as well as paraphrased) and make necessary modifications so that their meanings remain almost similar.
  • Source from where the idea has been taken, and the data has been compiled must be cited wherever necessary.

Before going further, you should know that a rephrased paragraph should meet every criterion of paraphrasing.

  • The content must be written one’s own words.
  • Make sure not to rephrase to such extent which may change the meaning of the original.
  • Authenticated and correct sources must be cited.

While paraphrasing, one should not lose his attention as doing this may change the meaning of the original content, which can also reduce the quality of your paper writing.

Paraphrasing tips 

Paraphrasing is an art which must be done with the utmost attention. It is an arduous task for the students to write a similar idea as in the published version but in a totally different way.  Even while following the above-defined straightforward steps, they still commit some mistakes and modify the apparent meaning of actual content.

So to avoid such circumstances, you should keep in your mind the following tricks while paraphrasing:

  • Begin your initial phrases with a distinct point from the original data.
  • Replace the original words with their synonyms if possible.
  • Alter the structure of the sentence like from passive voice to active voice.
  • Break the data into multiple and distinct sentences.


Apply these tips to enhance the effectiveness of your work and hence, the overall quality without having any duplicity.

  1. Begin your initial phrases with a distinct point from the original data: You should start your sentence with a different context. It can then be followed by the ending part of the original phrase in your own words. In short, you can also rearrange the actual sentence without affecting its real meaning. Just mention the pieces of central information in an entirely distinct order.
  1. Replace the original words with their synonyms if possible: Try to alter the sentences by replacing the words with their synonyms. Use synonyms with caution as sometimes the ill-fitted words may affect the quality of your paper and the actual meaning of original content. Be sure not to use synonyms in general statements. Prefer to cite those phrases instead.
  1. Alter the structure of the sentence like from passive voice to active voice: It is a most tricky point that students can use to rephrase the data without changing its real meaning. If the sentence is written in the active voice, then rephrase by re-writing it in the passive voice and vice versa.

The main focus is led on the subject if the sentence is in active voice and focus shifted to the verb when in its passive voice. So be sure while changing the structure as there may be some cases where you are not allowed to change the lead of sentence to another. It is a general way used by online applications as well to rephrase your data.

  1. Break the data into multiple and distinct sentences: While paraphrasing generally results in counting the words approximately the same as an actual phrase, you can modify the original text by playing with the size and number of sentences.

This trick doesn’t only mean to divide a long sentence into various smaller sentences. You can do its vice versa as well. Combine different shorter phrases to convert them into a more meaningful expression.

How to cite a paraphrase?

After correctly done with paraphrasing the text, it’s time to give credit to the original author. Giving credits is thanksgiving practice that should be adopted by every student to maintain the accuracy of their data. In fact, your writing can be declared duplicate if you are trying to use the data with copyright without adequately citing.

There are various citation styles that you can use in your paper that are APA citation style, MLA citation style, Chicago notes, and Bibliography. The most common form used is the APA citation style. Unless specified, follow the guidelines of APA style to mention the sources of your content.

While citing the sources, the most common mistake done by the students is they don’t keep a proper track of the sources. And they end up by mentioning the random names of the author that is an unauthentic practice of giving credits to use their content. Everyone deserves praises for their hard work. So you must properly cite the name of original authors along with the title of their work, and the date of publishing while rephrasing.


Avoiding plagiarism

When you are entirely done with properly paraphrasing the text and giving the credits to the deserving authors for their hard work through citation, it’s time to check for plagiarism. An authentic and original work is always free from duplicity. It is necessary to check for plagiarism and make appropriate changes to avoid it.

Even if you have completed your research work with the best idea and content, it still can reduce its effectiveness if there is plagiarism in your content. You can check your document for plagiarism through both paid (with more features) and unpaid (with minimal features) applications available on the internet.

There are various techniques to avoid plagiarism are also available. You can try to cite the content with accurate sources properly. Rephrase the text accurately with best suited and distinct synonyms. Quote the statements if used similarly as the original one.

You can also use online software to avoid plagiarism if any of the above technique wouldn’t work. Reduce the piracy at the maximum level of extent as it could also affect the accuracy and efficiency of your paper. Submit the original data (plagiarism-free) only to get an easy success in your field.


Paraphrasing requires you to write the text in your own words while retaining the actual meaning of the original data. You can use various techniques for paraphrase like changing the structure of the sentence, using synonyms, use fragmented sentences if needed, etc. If you want to use the exact wordings, then don’t forget to quote them by keeping in mind the limit usage of quoted phrases in your paper. And to maintain the accuracy of your document, cite the sources correctly and remove the plagiarism from your content. Submit an authentic content to get success in your field of interest.

How do college scholars can paraphrase a paragraph?

A paraphrase is not like a summary in which the students have to conclude what they have written in the entire essay paper. Instead, while paraphrasing a paragraph; students from school or college have to use an original version of writing to attract the readers. It is essential to use both the sub-points and critical points to paraphrase a paragraph.

As it requires a standard form of communicative skills so the students have to follow some of the given below guidelines so that they can prepare an efficient paraphrase:

  • First, know the underlying meaning of paraphrasing a paragraph: Some of the students from schools or colleges think that paraphrasing a section means to change only the words from the article. However, they forget that it requires proper sentence formation and meaningful statements to include in their essay paper.

It is better to express the same ideas written in the original text in your way. Paraphrasing does not imply to follow the strict rules or regulations, but the students have to be formal with understanding and writing skills. If the students are writing the essay or any of the articles, then they can use paraphrasing.

However, when the students are using someone else’s ideas or words, then they are not able to stop themselves from giving them credit. However, if the school or college students are using the terms after modifying the original content, then they can easily use their own words.

Paraphrasing a paragraph gives a high chance to the students to use a direct quotation or statement in their essay papers. By stating the straightforward argument or ideas, the students can fit the information better in the article about which they are writing it. However, the students get a chance to flow their ideas for writing impressively about one to next design in the context.

  • Be aware of the critical points differentiating between summary and paraphrase: any of the students get confused with the terms “paraphrasing” and “summarising”. Though both the ends sound like same, there are significant points of differences between the two conditions.

However, in both the states, students have to put the text in their way or words but summarising a book sometimes requires using the same phrase as the original one. For summarising the book or the paper, students have to keep in mind that what they have included before in their writing. A summary is shorter as compared to the source as well as a paraphrase.

Paraphrasing a paragraph does not always involve the facts or statements like that of the summary. For writing the useful review, it is essential that the students have to focus on the basic facts rather than the detailed statements.

When the students of college or university get the proper information about paraphrasing a paragraph, then they can easily prepare even the important essay papers quickly. It becomes simple for the students to use the attractive words and highlighting thesis statements to make the article highly attentive.

  • Understand why paraphrasing does not mean making the text: When the students are dealing with the summary part of the essay, then they have to conclude all the necessary facts at the end of the paper. It makes them clear that they have to prepare for the short text for writing the summary part. However, the case is not same for the paraphrase.

The students can even make a paraphrased paragraph longer than the original one. It is not about the length of the sections but the students have to focus on the clarity and choice of the words for preparing the paraphrased paragraphed. It is essential to be accurate and unique while paraphrasing a paragraph.

It is practical to use formal and attractive language to make the readers interested in the essay paragraphs written by them. It could be dangerous if the students are using slang language for preparing the paraphrased section. There is not only one way to paraphrase an article the students can choose any of the methods available for paraphrasing the item.

However, the main point required to paraphrase an essay is that the words and the language choice should be original and highly informative.

  • Develop original text by better understanding the paraphrasing term: If the students are starting the paraphrasing work for a paragraph, then they have to look at the section for at least three times before beginning the task. It is helpful for school or college students because it can create a better understanding of them. The students have to focus on the words which they want to change effectively.

However, if the students are not able to get any about paraphrasing a paragraph, then it is essential first to understand the actual meaning of the section which they want to paraphrase.

Looking upon the words and proper statements can make the students familiar with the actual accounts. It can help the students to make a better choice for the accurate words and language required to paraphrase a paragraph.

It can take a more extended effort from the school students while paraphrasing, but when the students understand the section correctly, then they can quickly complete their task. Even if the students are using someone else’s ideas in their paper, then also they have to be sure that they are preparing the original and unique paragraph for impressing the professors.

  • Change the choice of original words: When the students are paraphrasing an article, then it means that they have to change the words and diction being used in the paper. As a writer, students have to remain confident about uniquely explaining the ideas. That is why the students need to use diction. “Diction” refers to the words which the students choose to clarify their point of view in front of the readers.

While paraphrasing a paragraph, school or college students have to choose the different words other than the original ones to explain the same idea as that of the original text. The words chosen by the students to explain the paragraph must be different from the other words selected by other students.

When paraphrasing, it is essential to keep the meaning of the original text the same as it is. It is highly relevant to leave the facts intact so that the readers can understand the actual meaning of the paragraph which has been paraphrased. Writing the quotes or statements collected from the original copy of the text in your language is beneficial to learn more about the paraphrasing. It is crucial to include the main facts and information, along with the required keywords and statements in the same paragraph.

  • Know why thesaurus can get used with word choice: If the school students are not getting the other words or statements to convey the corresponding text in another form then they can use a thesaurus. It can help the students in reminding the new and unique words which are similar to the original words.

However, it is essential to use only the informative language and word which can fit in the paper. The students must have the proper information about the quotes and statements which they are using to avoid the spread of wrong information. It is beneficial to use the thesaurus if the students are lacking in the knowledge of the words or do not know the proper substitution.

Thesaurus has the same counterparts as the original words and students have to use the texts to change the original meaning of the words. The words used in the original content should not get repeated in paragraph paraphrased by the students. It is useful if the students are using unique words and statements to clarify the same meaning in front of the audience.

  • Try to develop a unique structure of the paragraph: A well-structured of the essay paper means that how the students are putting the sentences and paragraphs together in the original document. The students have to put the sentences in the same sections to make a sensible and perfect essay paper. It is not any worth to change the original words with its synonyms, and then the students say that they had paraphrased a paragraph.

Forgiving a meaningful structure and effective structure to the sections, the students have to make a new paragraph by following the original text to convey the same message. The sentence formation and the structure of the paraphrased paragraph must be different from the original version used by the students.

However, it could be wastage of time and efforts for the students if they are changing lots of words or sentences in the new paragraph because it can change the original meaning or description of the article after paraphrasing it.

The students need to keep in mind the useful content and the essential words that can make the new paper look attractive and unique in front of the readers. The choice of the format also tells much information about the structure of the paraphrased paragraph.


To paraphrase a paragraph, students have to restate the original information or text by following the new words. It is not like the summary required for writing any of the research paper but is has points similar to it. However, before creating the paraphrased paragraph, it is essential for the students of college or school first to understand the actual meaning of the paraphrasing.

When the students fail in understanding the concept behind paraphrasing a paragraph, then they can contact the team of professional writers. Students Assignment Help offers several reliable services that help the students for preparing the perfect paraphrased section quickly and comfortably.


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