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Student's Assignment Help December 29, 2015

Every student of singapore search for Part Time jobs Singapore just because Singapore is one of the most expensive cities of the world. The lifestyle of Singapore is also high. Singapore is the 5th popular destination loved by abroad students for higher education.

Thousands of students take admissions in top Singapore universities every year. The currency of Singapore is Singaporean dollars. The tuition fee of Singapore universities is also high. Students always face financial problems in Singapore. There is one of the best ways to reduce your financial burden in the Singapore. You must do part time jobs to earn Singaporean dollars.

Part time jobs Singapore students

You can earn money via part-time jobs to pay the tuition fee, room rent, food, and other expenses. Many students find themselves unable to get part time jobs easily. Singapore is a big city and job search is difficult.

Here are the few sources to get part-time jobs easily in the Singapore:

A) Stroff.com:

Stroff.com is the best website to find part-time jobs in Singapore. Many students have different skills by which they can earn money and this website will help you to find the job related to your skills. It has a large database of services and companies. You can find part-time jobs easily. You will get high potential jobs that offer a huge salary.

B) Stjobs.sg:

Stjobs.sg is also a great website to find jobs in Singapore. You can find jobs based on function, post, and industry. It has a great database of services that offer part-time jobs.

Thousands of Singapore companies post their part time job vacancies on this website. You will get information about every kind of jobs including restaurant jobs, booking a job, entertainment job, accounting job etc.

Part time jobs Singapore students
C) Singaporeparttimejobs.com:

This is also a great website to find jobs in Singapore. You can find jobs near your residence easily.

D) Affiliate jobs:

If you have no time for physical jobs then you can try affiliate marketing jobs to earn money in Singapore. You need to be present online. There are many websites and companies running an online business like hosting and domain service providers, e-commerce websites. Search amazon.com, Americanswan.com, bigrock.com, godaddy.com etc websites and create an account as an affiliate member.

You will get approval as an affiliate member of this company. You can start promoting their products via the affiliate link and can earn money for a lead generation. If someone will purchase products from these websites from your affiliate link then you will get a commission. These companies offer 10-15% commission to affiliate member.

E) Freelancer.com:

Freelancer.com website is the best website that can help you to earn money easily. There are millions of projects available for freelancers on this website. Create an account on this website and bid for the project related to your skill. Complete the order and earn money. This is the easiest way to earn money online.

F) Blogging:

Blogging is also the best part-time job for students. If you have good writing skills and have knowledge on a particular topic then start your own blog and place google Adsense, info links advertisements to earn extra cash from these services.

Part time jobs Singapore students
G) Data entry jobs:

You will find many website that offer data entry jobs to the users. Create accounts on these websites and you will get tasks like solve captcha etc. Complete the task and earn money.

H) Social media exchange websites:

We know that everyone has an account on social media websites like facebook, twitter, stumble upon, and Instagram. Websites like followlike.net and addmefast.com are paying to like and share pages and posts of other users. You can create accounts on these websites and like, share other member’s posts and pages and earn money. These websites have affiliate programs also. You can promote these websites on your social media websites and can earn extra cash.

You can do part-time service as a freelancer or an employee in Singapore.