Personal Essay Definition And Writing Tips

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Those who are getting fearful dreams because of the approaching personal essay assignments deadline can go through the tips for writing a personal essay here. Students Assignment Help experts never miss a single chance to help graduates and postgraduates to complete their essay assignments by giving support and guidelines. Whether you are asked to write a personal essay for a scholarship essay or just writing it for your assignments in both cases you will find these tips crucial for you.

Definition Of A Personal Essay With Example

A personal essay is a type of narrative essay where authors share certain events of their life which has a great influence on their life. It can also refer to short flexible autobiographical work. Study in their academic essays is asked to write a personal essay.  Your personal essay should be very much specific. A personal essay is a great tool that you can utilize for influencing the reader.


Personal essay on experience during medical Course

At the time when I was a child, my cousins who belong to my age died by suffering from the flu. It is a case that has highly influenced me to get admission to medical courses.  I have decided to get admission to medical courses so that I would be able to develop and diagnose the disease. I have taken such a decision on the basis of my belief that by enrolling myself in such courses I will be able to develop an understanding of how to treat specific diseases. By developing an understanding of medicines I would be able to save the life of other people who are suffering from such deadly diseases.

I have taken the decision that I would perform research in order to find better medicines and treatment for contagious diseases.

Structure Of Personal Essay

A personal essay is basically structured as a traditional five-paragraph essay.  A personal essay structure has 3 parts as Introduction, main body, and conclusion.


You need to first write a personal essay introduction which acts as a road map for the essay. The personal essay  introduction includes the following:

  • Hook: At the beginning of the introductory part of an essay includes a hook. It is the tactic that will help you in getting the attention of the reader.
  • Thesis statement: You should also include the thesis statement. After writing a thesis statement you must make sure that your thesis statement demonstrates the main idea.
  • Briefly outline the subject of the essay: The writer in the introduction part should clearly provide the direction for the rest of an essay.
  • A brief history of accomplishment.

Main body paragraph 

The main body paragraph of an essay consists of a minimum of three paragraphs that inform the reader about the topic. The elements which you need to cover in the main body paragraph are:

  1. Topic sentences:  these are basically different sentences elaborating on the point of the paragraph.
  2. Summaries or elaborate main Idea: In the main body paragraph of an essay you need to provide a detailed explanation about the main idea.
  3. Concluding sentences: The concluding sentence of paragraph you should use for the transition into the next paragraph by smoothly introducing the next topic without going into much detail.


  • Every main body paragraph should have unique idea that need to be relevant to the topic. In each paragraph you should elaborate main idea in unique way.
  • It is very much essential for you to ensure that that topics flow logically from one to the next.


Here, you need to close your essay with a final paragraph that summarizes the main points which you have stated in the body paragraph. In the context of a personal essay, you need to include the following information in your essay:

  1. Lesson learned from a particular incidence
  2.  Techniques you will use for bringing change
  3. Any new aspect which you have identified from new experience. In simple sentences, you should restate your key ideas from the introduction in a new way.

Steps To Write A Personal Essay For College

The six-step of writing a personal essay for college are:

Step 1: Identify inspiration and develop the idea

At the initial step of writing a personal essay, you need to first select an appropriate topic. You can utilize a brainstorming technique for developing an idea about the topic. After determining the topic, you should conduct preliminary research for gathering information about the topic.

Step 2: Develop an understanding of the composition of the essay

Before starting to write a personal essay, it is very much essential for you to develop an understanding of the basic structure or outline of an essay. All types of essays mainly consist of 3 parts these are: Introduction, main body, and conclusion. Here, you need to prepare a plan for your essay. You should note all ideas before beginning the writing process.

Step 3: Utilize appropriate Voice for Essay

Here, you are requiring making a choice of style for telling a story. It is a step where you should search for features to make your personal essay unique. At this step, you are also required to determine the way you will develop your authority.

Step 4: Write your opinion

It is a step, where you need to state your view about a particular issue or situation which you have experience in your life. You should maintain consistency in your opinion. At this step, it is very much essential for you to speak about your thoughts. You should narrate only the real experience of life.

Step 5: Choose the right words

At this step of writing a personal essay, you need to choose proper vocabulary. It is a good vocabulary that will help you in establishing and maintaining themes throughout the complete essay. In a personal essay, every word has great significance. While writing an essay your main objective should be authenticity and accordingly, you have to make a selection of vocabulary.

Step 6: Proofread and edit

After completion of an essay, you should proofread your complete essay and try to address mistakes. While proofreading, you should mainly concentrate on vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. At the same time, you should also put little emphasis on analyzing the structure of sentences and the organization of the essay.

Personal Essay Writing Tips

Few useful tips which you can follow for writing a personal essay are:

Show and tell: There is a minor difference between friction and personal essay. In the context of a friction essay, you need to only show. Whereas in a personal essay you are required to tell and show both. In simple words, it means that by providing useful information you need to convert the reader’s imagination.

Write your own opinion:  A personal essay includes a short story. While writing a short story you need to clearly specify a situation and character which creates it. In a personal essay, you are requiring to write your own comments and share your opinion about a particular topic or situation.  It is also very much essential for you to ensure that after reading your essay reader should feel that specific situation concerns you.

Ideas: You should share ideas related to your life. At the time of writing an essay, it is very much essential to provide information about everything which inspires you.

Utilize person active voice: At the time of writing a formal essay, you should use only formal language. The style of writing a personal essay should be more controversial as compared to a literary paper.

Be concise: You should understand that every publication has a different format.  Maintaining consistency in writing is very much essential to write a good personal essay.  In the essay, you should provide only specific information.

Connect: In such type of essay, you should also include detail about the personal experience only. At the time of writing an essay, you should make sure that the main idea is easily recognizable and understandable by the reader.  It is very much essential for you to develop an understanding that more widely the audience there will be higher chances of publication.

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