How to Write a Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay writing includes the usage of reasoning, which makes it stand out at the top among other college essay papers. The main motive of the college or university students is to encourage the audience for getting agree with their argument. For writing a perfect persuasive essay, students have to gain high research skills and in-depth knowledge about the writing content.

Understanding persuasive essay writing in simple words

Persuasive essay is refers to as piece of academic writing where writer use their logic and reason for sharing their opinion in more legitimate than any other. It is an academic paper that gets assigned to the students pursuing their School, College & higher educational degrees (HND) from the top colleges or universities across the world. The main aim of the paper assigned is to “make the readers understand a specific topic” so that they can easily accept the same position as the student’s viewpoint.

It can be useful for college students to give logical reasons and evidence by stating facts using proper examples and some quoted. However, at first, the students need to select the appropriate topic for the persuasive essay. When the students choose the relevant text for essay writing, then they can continue the work correctly. Paper writing can also enhance the comprehensive skills and knowledge of school students.

How to write persuasive essay?

Usually, there are three features you need to include for writing a unique and original essay are:-

  • Proper evidences which you can collect by doing thorough research. You need to provide evidences for supporting the argument.
  • Outstanding writing abilities to build up the reading interest among the audience.
  • Logic and motivational content to inspire readers.

5 steps of writing persuasive essay are:

Step 1: Explain personal opinion

At the beginning of persuasive essay you need to write your opinion about the specific issue.  You can either support the claim made and suggestion made by author.

Step 2: Define target audience

It is step where you need to determine whether the reader should accept opinion or refuse to agree with the point of view.

Step 3: Execute research

The main objective of debatable writing is to present debatable writing is to represent broad and compelling proofs that you have gather from relevant and creditable sources.

Step 4: Support the main argument:

At this step of writing persuasive essay, it is very much crucial for you to apply statistics and facts which writer could obtain through research. It is also very much crucial for you to cite sources, as it will help you in avoiding chances of plagiarism.  Before doing citations it is very much essential for you to review your guideline   as this will help them in determining the appropriate format for citing sources.

Step 5: Prepare outline of an essay

Before stating to write persuasive essay, you should prepare proper format as it will guide you throughout writing process.

Structure for writing a persuasive essay

The writing task for a persuasive essay is mostly similar to the other academic essays but still is highly essential for the college students to make an effective outline before composing the essay paper.

Students can take help of online sites and books to find the information required for writing a persuasive essay. By bringing fresh ideas and relevant sources, students can create an effective paper for making the readers interested in their content. Students have to start with the informative introduction paragraph, and then they can continue with the main content paragraphs.

Thesis statement

A strong thesis statement is an effective way of writing a persuasive essay or speech. Before composing the introduction paragraph, it can be useful if the students first come up with the thesis statement. Students can choose a valid and robust argument which can easily defend their existing points. It is essential to prepare a clear and concise explanation to make the readers curious about the essay paper. A good thesis statement expresses the opinion of the students and summaries the argument made by the students in their paper.

Writing introduction paragraph

In the starting paragraph, students have to introduce their topic of essay. It is essential to provide meaningful data about the background of the theme chosen to make the readers interested in the essay paper. Stating the argument, along with the thesis statement, can make the readers understand about the topic.

To grab the attention of the readers from the beginning part, students can start either along with the bold statement or some interesting facts. If the students ask some of the critical questions in the starting part, then they have to give their answers in the statements. Instead, it can be useful to provide the solutions in the conclusion paragraph. For making an inspirational conclusion, it is essential first to write the effective introduction paragraph.

Main body paragraph

When the students have completed their opening paragraph of the essay paper along with a clear thesis, then the next section is the body. Every reader wants to hear something new and fresh points from the essay written by the students. Providing supporting ideas in the content can make the readers interested in the paper. It is essential to offer 2-5 arguments in every paragraph of the body part during each research procedure. Students can make the readers curious in the starting paragraph and then can explain the main points in the leading articles. Students can easily add the evidence like in-text citations which can direct or indirect to prove that the ideas are written make a proper sense. If the students mention at least one argument which contradicts their main point, then it can make the readers more interested in the persuasive essay written by the students.

Conclusion part

Generally, the conclusion part is the summary of all the points written by the students in their entire article. However, paraphrasing all the aspects and thesis which the students have mentioned in the complete essay paper can help them to make a proper conclusion.

Persuasive essay writings depends on many factors

An excellent persuasive paper format is something that defines the paper plan prepared by college students. The most common and highly popular writing styles for Persuasive Essay are APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian.

Students can prepare their Persuasive essay papers based on the valid format for their history, literature, and other humanitarian classes. There is no need to involve last versions of CME, ACS, or IEEE styles which get used to formatting the documents in technical disciplines and precise science.

The students can easily find examples of correct format of Persuasive essay from the relevant resources like internet, books, or magazines. It can be useful if the students give proper explanations and patterns along with the required instructions of each academic style.

However, not every writing style fit in every academic paper. Some types of essay writings require the use of specific techniques and structures, while some of the methods are flexible in choosing. Students can check online to know which of the style is appropriate for the essay paper.

Example of Persuasive Essay

Title: Toxic effects of high addiction towards smoking cigarettes:


Inhaling of smoking is a very harmful habit that must get banned from society. It is one of the nasty habits having several harmful side-effects on the health of people. Though people know that smoking can cause yellow teeth, heart disease, bad breath, asthma, cancer, and many other harmful conditions, but still they never stop smoking.

Thesis statement

Is it true that “smokers do not grow old because they die at a young age”? Why would anyone want to waste their hard-earned money for harming their precious life with cigarettes?

 Main body

Para 1

Smoking can be just referred to as a silent killer for people having its habit. Often I wonder that almost every person knows the hilarious effects of smoking but still they smoke and they not only harm their health but the health of other people surrounding them.

Smoking is the unusual practice of burning cigarettes to inhale the resulting smoke to get a taste. It is a common practice found over the entire globe. Today’s teenagers think that smoking is a popular adventure without considering the consequences behind it. They start adopting it as a new fashion by thinking that it is straightforward to smoke any time at any place.

However, it is challenging to stop the person if they get addicted to smoking. Recently, it has been researched that 87% of the lungs cancer deaths get caused because of tobacco like issues. Smoking gradually spoils the functioning of the organ systems, and slowly, it can stop the precious life due to which there is nothing wrong to say that smoking is a “silent killer”.

 Para 2:

Smoking is not only harmful to the people having a habit of it, but it is also detrimental for others who are around that person. It is also an expensive thing on which people are spending thousands of dollars to buy cigarettes every year. However, it is must to include the cost of health bills also. People smoking for every single minute have to face life-threatening effects later in the future.

The family members of the smoked person have also to face the problems. Young children, friends, and all other family members get affected by the smoke given out by the armful cigarettes.

So yes, those people who do not smoke also suffer from the smoking effects. It takes practical efforts and very much hard work for getting the success in the life and smokers to destroy their entire life as well as the life of others in a minute by smoking cigarettes for every minute.

Para 3:

Tobacco smoking is a deadly addiction which is practiced by over thousands of people across the whole world. Whenever someone lights up the cigarette, the smoke gets released from it and goes into the atmosphere, and then everyone can inhale it during the time of breathing. However, it has become the standard and challenging issue found in many of the public areas.

Tobacco products are generally made up of raw material, named ‘leaf tobacco’ which people chew, suck, snuff, or smoke. All such products contain the nicotine, which is a highly addictive psychoactive ingredient because of which people get addicted towards smoking. Tobacco is the ultimate reason for several harmful and chronic diseases, including cardiovascular and other lung diseases.

Anyhow, some developing countries are implementing strict rules against those who practice smoking in public areas. Initially, people start thinking it like fun and entertainment sources which let them begin smoking. Almost millions of people across the globe have the addiction of smoking either by seeing the advertisements or their colleagues.

Some people get so addicted to the tobacco that they start taking cigarettes like they are covering the requirements of drinking water. It is called as chain-smoking in which people start getting addicted towards smoking by seeing other people. However, passive-smoking refers to the mistakenly inhale of smoke when people sit beside a smoker.

The inhalation of environmental tobacco smoke or second-hand smoke is equally responsible for causing health-related problems. It occurs when smoke from tobacco get enters the environment, and people inhale it without thinking for a second. Today it has become the need for an hour to prohibit smoking from society.

Awareness, proper counseling, and efficient education towards smoking cigarettes and its side-effects can guide the students to quit smoking. It might decrease the risk of smoking teenagers and other people who have a high addiction to it. For instance and better effect, it can be useful if the social media sites start posting various ads against the use of cigarettes and guide adults to live a healthy and happy life.


Do you want to live a life having guilt for killing some innocent person through your cigarette’s smoke? Some people say that get addicted to smoking due to the nicotine; however, the best way to avoid horrible smoking is never to start it. People can also use suitable patches, pills, and the help of a doctor to quit the habit of smoking immediately.

So next time, if you think to light up the cigarettes or witness someone smoking remind yourself and to that person about the harmful effects of tobacco. Ask yourself that is it a worth to lose someone’s life because of the addiction to such a dangerous habit?  Every people have to follow a motto “stop cigarette smoking and save precious lives”.

By taking help from the sample, as mentioned above paper, students of middle schools or high schools can easily prepare their persuasive essay on any topic. The necessary part of making the essay on any subject chosen is to follow the correct format and pattern. It is the primary duty of the students to first research on the topic and then knows the model for writing their essay work. After that, the students can continue to work on the persuasive essay.

Some of the persuasive essay topics for college students

Till Now we have explained about persuasive essay definition, its parts and how to write a persuasive essay. Now we are presenting a list of persuasive essay topics for college & University students

Latest Middle School Persuasive Essay Topics

School is the place where the students start building up the new designs. By choosing the middle school as a topic for the persuasive essay, students can select an appropriate theme for attracting the reader’s attention.

    1. How can silent prayers change the school environment? Is it worth to make a new start in middle schools?
    2. Should girls be given equal rights as boys for taking participate in sports?
    3. What is the reason behind making school uniform compulsory for every student?
    4. How can school seniors help their juniors for facing a tough academic situation in the schools?
    5. Is it worth to tolerate high discrimination in the schools?
    6. What is the impact of gender inequality on the psychological development of children?
    7. Can voting age become lower in a different nation? Is it a good idea?
    8. What are the reasons responsible for the immigration of people from different countries?
    9. How can free healthcare programs help students in living a healthy lifestyle?
    10. What punishment should get implemented if children found driving below the legal age?

Controversial Topics for Persuasive Essay Writing

  1. Is there anything wrong about polygamy?
  2. Should discrimination based on caste and religion gets abolished from society?
  3. How can domestic violence have an end from the community?
  4. What is the impact of reservation on the organization? Is it helping the students or spoiling their career?
  5. Is education has become a business in today’s society or the changes letting it to the modern system?
  6. Can specific weapons destroy the whole nation? How their use can be minimized?
  7. Should education become free for poor children? If not, then how can they get the motivation to get training?
  8. What can be the effects of being a single parent? Can they also give the proper moral education as required for the students?

Persuasive Essay Tips for College Students

A persuasive essay needs an exciting introduction along with the motivational message. If the students present the inspirational quotes related to problem along with the great visual content, then they can impress reader.

There are some of the tips which can help them to prepare excellently for their persuasive essay

  • Instead of choosing someone’s subjective point, it is useful to include the facts in the content.
  • Never forget to put citations in the persuasive essay and write about your description rather than using other’s words.
  • After completing the entire essay, it is essential to make a recheck of the whole article. If any of the grammar mistake or vocabulary mistake is remaining in the theme, then the audience can lose their interest.
  • If the students want to convince the audience or readers, then they have to use their best skills. The fact is that if the students want to make the readers curious with their essay, then they have to make them interested in their research paper.
  • Writing and advance researching skills can help the students to make perfect persuasive essay paper.
  • Though it is necessary to keep the content original always while writing a persuasive speech but sometimes using the unusual ways to show the information can also become beneficial for the students.


Perfect persuasive essay writing is the one which reflects the compelling personality of the students. If the students want to increase the efficiency of their essay paper, then they have to edit it properly. If any of the mistakes or errors remained in the content, then the professors of teachers will directly reject the essay paper.

However, there are many online writing services available for the students, which help them in preparing a persuasive essay before the final submission dates. Students Assignment Help is the best company which provides several academic writing services for high school or college students.




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