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Plagiarism Facts

Student's Assignment Help 05/03/2019 419 Views

Plagiarism is the biggest problem that students are facing these days because of the lack in awareness about how to summarize without plagiarism. Graduates must have an idea about the facts that can put their work under the title of plagiarism. That is why few importance of avoiding plagiarism are given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals. By going through these facts you will be able to know about how to complete your research paper and plagiarism free essay when it comes to referring the things.

What is the definition of plagiarism?

When you do not come up with your original ideas and rather prefer to modify and twist the ideas of other people it is plagiarism. Unfortunately, most of the people are coming up with unique ways to save them from the plagiarism by altering words and not ideas. Those who are involved in this pursuit are becoming the cause of dilution in the quality of education as new ideas are not evolving due to plagiarism.

Why plagiarism is an offense for school, college, university students?

When a student indulges in copying things for his assignments he can be subjected to punishment by the professor with zero scores. But in the case of authors and other books writer’s offense is a legal offense where intellectual rights are being infringed of a person when you copy his work. So whether it is for graduates or in professional career plagiarism must be avoided at all levels.

Some important facts you should know about plagiarism before writing college assignments

Here are few tools for plagiarism free assignments to the college and university students. By going through these facts you will be able to eradicate the plagiarism from your essays, research papers, and even thesis as well.

  1. Putting quotation in your essay, research paper can also cause plagiarism

Suppose you are bragging that quotations were appropriately added by you in the essay but still it shows plagiarism. Then in that causes you might have skipped putting inverted commas on the quotation which directly means you claim that quotation as your own work. Under such stage, your assignment will be considered as plagiarised by plagiarism detector.

  1. Do not ignore citation of your resources

Most of the students do not bother to go given research paper citation at the end of the paper and face plagiarism offense. It is very important to tell your readers that you are using others ideas as an example to explain your thesis on the topic. It could be done by writing a good citation at the end of the paper.

  1. Avoid using a hyperlink for referring sources

The material that we pick from online resources is high in quantity than the other research material managed from offline research. As a result of which students go with adding hyperlink of the website on the citation page of the paper. This is a blunder because websites keep on adding and removing their pages randomly and it showed the poor authenticity of the reference you provided to the reader. You work will be counted as plagiarism if wrong resources are cited on the reference page.

  1. Do not cite in the wrong format

Likewise, the name of the resource of reference to the importance of the research paper format can also not be ignored. A wrong format of assignments citation is equal to no citation and that directly symbolize the cause of plagiarism. So make sure that you have learned about the different assignments writing format for citation purpose.

  1. Give attention to the apt detail about a text in your reference

For example, you are giving a quotation in your assignment then make sure that you are not skipping some of the words from it. A quotation actually means to keep the words as it is from one text to another by adding inverted commas. It is of no use and your work will then be counted as plagiarized work.

  1. Avoid using excessive quotations in your text even by putting inverted commas

The use of the quotations from the reference text must be minimal by the students of colleges and universities. This is because when you will be adding a quotation after every second line the reader will get disgusted about your work. You must have you own idea and using quotation only means you want to prove your idea by a specific quotation that justifies your thesis. But when your assignment will be stuffed with such quotations it will appear like a ditto copy of the reference texts.

  1. Put inverted commas on every quotation of the essay

If you have skipped dozens of quotation without commas and only tried it to some of them then it is again plagiarism. Even one single quotation without commas can put your work under the category of plagiarism. So, avoid such blunder in your assignments from happening to get a good score in the essay writing and research paperwork of the college.

  1. Paraphrasing with the same vocabulary is also plagiarism

Suppose you have extracted the gist of the reference text but still struggling with your vocabulary and end up writing the same words as that of text, to paraphrase the idea it is again plagiarism. So it must be in your mind that along with the shuffling of the words you also have to substitute the vocabulary for escaping from the tag of plagiarism in essay and research paper assignments.

  1. Time and again repeating vocabulary in the same text

If you are using the same vocabulary in your essay, research paper or thesis over and again it will be counted as plagiarism. Make sure that you are able to replace the previous words with a new word to refer to the things. The use of a dictionary is appropriate for this task to save yourself from plagiarism in college and university assignments.

So these were some important things that every graduate should know before writing his essay or another sort of assignment. If you fail to cope up with this issue of plagiarism in your college assignments then plagiarism-free essay writing help is given by the professional helpers. Experts are offering affordable online research paper help which does not contain any hint of plagiarism. Various free research paper samples are also available to check the quality of plagiarism on Apart from it, you can also go with emergency research paper writing services in case of an instant requirement of help. You will get your college assignments on time before the end of the deadline along with free research paper editing help.

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