How to Write a Poetry Analysis Essay – Step by Step

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Poetry is a crucial part of the life of literature students and they are often asked to analyze the meaning of different poems and then write an essay about it. If you are also enmeshed in the same quagmire then here are some poetry analysis essay writing tips that are given by the Students Assignment Help. After reading this article you can write the best  poetry analysis essays.

What is a poetry analysis essay?

A poetry analysis essay can be refers to as procedure of investigating content. It can also be define as the procedure which includes reviewing multiple artistic, structural and functional pieces which makes up poem. Writing this essay includes analisation of sounds, words, feelings and topic which writer utilizes for making poem.  In such essay you are require to clearly specify  phrases and such poetry analysis essay also include critical review of given poem. It is type of essay which provides wider and broader picture of an essay.

The main purpose of writing poetry analysis essay is to develop understanding about poetry work.

Before developing the understanding about poetry analysis essay outline, you should first gain knowledge about structural rules for writing such essay.

Structural rules for writing poetry analysis essay

Before, preparing an outline and structure for writing poetry analysis essay you need to make few preparations.

  1. You need to first identify the sources which can be utilize for gathering the information related to author and poem.
  2. Before writing such essay you need to perform preliminary research and required to gather the information about other opinion.
  3. Prepare a plan for writing an essay. One best technique of developing an effective plan is to prepare notes while you discover the important point during research.
  4. At the time of preparing a plan you should highlight the ideas which you intend to discuss.  After that you can properly create outline and start writing an essay.

Poetry analysis essay: Outline

The basic outline of poetry analysis consists of following elements these are:

An introduction: In this section of such essay type, you need to provide explanation showing relevance of ideas.  You should include clear and real facts which will help you in developing interest of reading among readers.

Body paragraphs: Here, you need to give detail explanation of ideas.  In this part you should make comparisons between opinions of different people.

A conclusion: It is a last but most impactful part of an essay.  In this part of essay you need to clearly provide reason why your idea is right or wrong. You should also represent the results of your research.

Structure of poetry analysis essay

The structure of poetry analysis essay includes the following


  • Name of poem
  • State name of poet
  • Write date of publications
  • Provide background detail.

Main body paragraphs

 Form of poem

  • Clearly provide structure of poem
  • Rhyme of poem

Meaning of poem

  • complete meaning
  • How poem relate to our life?
  • Theme

Poetic Techniques

  • Literary devices


  • Analysis of emotions and feelings related to poem
  • Express your feeling

Review of poem

  • The intention & feelings of the poet,
  • Targeted audience,
  • Does the poem reflect the poet’s persona, perspective

How to write poetry analysis essay?

Initial step of writing poetry analysis include selection of topic.  You can select poem written by your Favorite author. You should first select the broad topic and then afterwards can narrow it down.

The 10 different step involve in writing poetry analysis essay include

Step 1: Read the poem

At the initial step of writing essay you need to first read and develop understanding about poem. While reading a poem, you require to properly focusing on developing understanding about meaning.

Step 2: Determine type of poem

It is a step where you need to determine type of poem. There are number of different types of poem and here you need to make decision about poetic piece. The different types of poetry are:

Limerick: This is basically a five line poem in which first, second, and fifth lines rhyme and have three feet of three syllables each.

Ode: It is a type of poem which consists of 10 rhyme lines in limerick pentameter.

Sonnet: such types of poem generally consist of 14 lines in limerick pentameter.

Step 3: Identify rhyme scheme and other poetic techniques

It is a step, where you need to identify and develop understanding about poetic techniques. There are number of techniques which authors utilities for writing poem these are meter, enjambment. Stylistic devices and end stopped lines.

Step 4: Write one or two lines from poem

Here, you by executing preliminary research should gather the background information about poem and author. At it is the tactic which will provide you an ease in analyzing the poem.

Step 5: Prepare outline for essay

Now, at this step, you require to prepare an outline for poetry analysis essay.  The main elements of such essays are Introduction, main body and conclusion.

Step 6: Design thesis statement

After preparing the outline, you need to design the thesis statement.  A thesis statement is basically a last sentence of introductory paragraph. This is a statement which informs reader about content of essay. You need to write thesis statement in precise manner. After writing thesis statement you should ensure that it clearly represents the objective of writing essay.

Step 7: Draft introduction

At this step, you need to provide detail summary and give background information about poem. Basically, summary provides reader an idea about problem addressed in the poem. It provides reader an ease in getting the information about author, poem, location where author has wrote poem.

Step 8 Write body paragraphs

Here, you are requiring having discussion about poetic devices in every main body paragraph of poetry analysis essay.  Before writing each body paragraph, you need to select a poetic device and demonstrate three examples from poems.  At the time of writing the main body paragraphs, writer also needs to clearly demonstrate the way every poetic device which you have select expresses meaning.  You can include the topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph.  In the first main body paragraph of an essay, you should provide information about the genre under discussion.  Here are two techniques which you can utilize basically for organizing main body paragraph of poetry essay are:

  • Identification of theme or pattern: Here, you require including examples by analyzing piece of poem. You can also write direct and indirect quotations for providing creditable evidences.
  • Do evaluate the first section of poem, then second part of poem. 

Step 9: Conclude

In concluding paragraph of poetry analysis essay, you need to review the key points. You should also share your opinion about why author have specific feeling. At this step, it is very much essential for you to clearly demonstrate the significance of the poem.  You should provide the explanation of the relationship between subject matter of the poem and outside world at the end of concluding paragraph.

Tip: while writing the conclusion of such types of essays you should write such sentences which consist of one-syllable words that have influence on drama.

Step 10: Revision and proofreading essay

Revision and proofreading both are very much essential.

Tips for revision of essay

  • At the time of revising essay you should ensure Transitions from one paragraph to other.
  • Peer review. It is the strategy which will help you in addressing and correcting mistakes.
  •  At the time of revising the essay you should mainly concentrate on structure.

Example of poetry analysis essay

Analysis of the poemWe wear mask”

In present scenario, people judge each other on the basis of their activity, personality and feeling.  Some people in society hides by putting mask as stated by the poet in the poem we wear mask.  It is a poem which author has wrote during 1800 when United States has experiences serious turbulence in racial relations. There is African American who was being differentiated on the basis of cast, color, religion etc.  Few African American were not provided with equal opportunities in different sectors like education, employment. Such instances has significant influence on poet too, the different elements of imaginary, metaphor and hyperbole are utilize by author in We wear mask poem for proving that people fake their true images.

Poet has also utilized the imagination for creating a mood of suspicion in the poem. In the first paragraph of the poem author states that we wear mask which hide our cheeks and shade our eyes.  In simple words, by giving this statement author intends to say that all people wear masks.

Metaphor is also utilized by author for sharing message with people hidden behind mask.  The poet for making a poem more mysterious and suspicious has utilized a rhythm as well as figurative language.

Suggested topics for writing poetry analysis essay

Some topics which you can use for writing poetry analysis are:’

  • Indo-Anglian poetry: world treasure’
  • A poem of kabir:  author has use literary means
  • English epic poetry and its influence on modern poetry.
  • Susan Gilbert and her role in the poetry of Emily Dickinson.


Is writing Poetry analysis is quite confusing?

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