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Writing process essays is common among the graduates of different subjects but every time such essays bring problems for the students. Step by step guide in process essay is given here by Students Assignment Help to such students. by reading this article, you will be able to develop an understanding of the basic structure of a process essay and to techniques of writing it. You will also gain knowledge about how a process essay is different from an analytical essay  Apart from it Students Assignment Help is also giving a free example of a process essay to masters and college students. Read these samples and write a perfect essay.

Meaning Of Process Essay

Process analysis is an essay that consists of a description of the procedure through which the task is done. This essay includes step by step procedure that is arranged in chronological order. The main purpose of the process analysis essay is to demonstrate, provide explanations, and give descriptions of specific actions.

What if you have to tell your friend about a food recipe in a written way, of course, you are going to explain every step in a simple manner so that he or she can prepare that dish. Similar is the case with process essay here you have to explain the entire process behind solving a criminal case, writing a novel or analyzing a literary text, etc. It should be written in such a way that the reader does not get confused about how a particular part of the process is being performed.

Format And Outline Of The Process Essay

The process essay outline and its format is very simple to write because these essays are short in length and do not need to be divided into the five paragraphs essay writing format. So just divide the essay outline between the introduction, main essay, and conclusion.  MLA and APA are two basic formats that you can utilize for writing process analysis essays. For writing such essays the format is very important because it can give you good marks in your assignments or also the scholarship for which you are writing such an essay.  Like other essays, the outline of the process analysis essay also consists of the following elements these are:

I. Introduction

In an introduction section of a process essay, you clearly stating the purpose need to develop the interest in the reader about specific procedures. You should include the following in the introductory part of your essay:

  1. Historical background:  A reader always intends to have information about the origins of the thing. In the introduction part of the essay, you need to provide background information about the topic. It is the tactic that will help you in intriguing the reader. This activity of yours will also help the reader in developing a sense of purpose in the task.
  2.  Approximate time frame: In the introduction section, you should clearly specify the time frame in which the specific procedure will complete.

II. Body paragraphs

  • Explain every step in the process

Each manual has several steps. Among which few are very difficult to perform.  If you are explaining the lengthy procedure then you should design steps and provide their explanation accordingly.

  • Clearly specify the purpose

In the introduction or main body paragraph of an essay, you should not forget to provide the purpose of a specific topic or procedure.

  1. Why you are doing this?
  2. What is the purpose of a specific method?
  3. Why you are doing it in this way and not in another way?

Tip: At the time of writing body paragraph for process essay you should make use of transition sentences. It will help you in developing link between paragraphs.  By making use of transition words you can make smooth flow of steps which is very essential for writing well structured essays.

III. Conclusion

  • Provide information about the main outcomes

After completion of the process, you are requiring to provide information about the final result.  It is the tactics of yours that will help the reader in experiencing the winning feeling. if you will state the outcomes, then the reader will get ease in analyzing and confirming whether they have generated accurate results or not.

  • Write an overall conclusion 

Here, you are requiring restating important points related to the procedure. You should also again specify the main purpose of the procedure. After writing the conclusion, you need to ensure that reader has a feeling of accomplishment.

Steps To Write A Process Essay

Before starting to write a process essay you need to identify the target audience. You should spend some time thinking about the expectations of readers.  It is the strategy that will help you in determining which language or writing style to use.

The 3 step procedure of writing the process analysis essay is:

Step 1: Choose a topic

At the initial step of writing an essay, you need to select a topic or procedure. The technique which you can utilize for the generation of ideas related to the topic is brainstorming. There are few tips that you can follow at this step these are:

  1. Draw a single line in the middle of the sheet and draw 2 columns. In one column write material and in the other column mention steps.
  2. Note each item and every single step which you think needs for performing tasks.

Step 2: Prepare an outline

Before, starting to write such an essay, you need to identify the format. If you are not sure about the format or structure of an essay then you can review the guidelines. A process essay could be written as a standard narrative essay.

The different components which you need to include in your essay are:

Paragraph of introduction

In this part of an essay, you need to clearly specify the topic or name of the procedure. You are also requiring providing background detail about the procedure; it is a step where you need to prepare the audience for reading the essay. After that, you are required to design a thesis statement.

Main body paragraph

Here, in this section of such an essay, you should include your main idea. In the main body paragraph, the writer should provide an interpretation of every stage.

Concluding paragraph

Here, you are required to include sentences that give a logical end to the essay. A writer can also provide a short review of the process in the concluding part of the essay.

Step 3: Write an essay

Now you can start writing the introduction of such an essay. In the introduction section, you need to clearly demonstrate the significance or relevance of the topic.

For example: If you are writing an essay on How to wash hand? Then you can provide explanation that washing the hand is crucial for maintaining hygiene. At the next step, you can begin to write main body paragraphs.

First body paragraph: In the first main body paragraph of the process essay you are required to write a list of material.

For instance:  You require soap, water for washing hand.  Towel is also essential for soaking hands.

Second body paragraph: In the second main body paragraph you need to clearly specify an instruction that a person requires to follow while executing a specific process.

Third paragraph essay: This is the last section of the essay where the writer needs to explain the way the specific task can be done correctly. Here, you can also restate the significance of the topic.

Tips For Writing Process Essay

Here are some tips which you can follow for writing a process analysis essay these are:

Ensure work is simple: at the time of writing such an essay, you should keep in mind that the reader can beginner. Therefore, you should use simple words and sentences. You should use simple language for providing clear directions to do something to readers. In the main body paragraph, you should provide enough detail about the procedure.

Proofread and edit: after completing your essay you should proofread it. You should read and see the content from the reader’s perspective. At the time of reading if you have certain questions like:

  • Why is a person making me do such a thing?
  • What is the purpose of this process?
  • What do I need to do a particular step?

In case you have all these questions then you need to edit the content of your essay. You can ask your friend or family member to read your essay and give feedback.

Include bibliography: The writer should include a bibliography in your essay. You should also include video materials that consist of a description of the process.

Make use of lots of transition words or phrases: At the time of the writing process essay, you should use lots of transitions words. It is the strategy that will help you in making the description of the procedure logical and easily understandable by the reader.


You need not present thesis statement in this essay.

Writer need to always utilize second person for writing process analysis essays,

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