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Pros And Cons Of Singapore Education System For Foreign Students

Student's Assignment Help 07/11/2019 752 Views

To study in Singapore it’s a dream of many students of the world. They work hard and clear the entrance exam to get admission in foreign universities and want to education in Singapore. They get a visa and complete other legal formality including documentation etc. The challenge is not over; if you want to higher education in Singapore then you have to understand the Singapore education system and this is the real challenge for students.

So, let’s discuss some Pros And Cons related to the Singapore Education System faced in Singapore.

How To Face Singapore Higher Education System – Solutions

Students are studying with the focus but still, they face day to day problems and finding a solution to those are difficult for them, so here we present some Pros And Cons of Singapore education system which students can easily grab.  So if you are going to foreign for studies then you have to check this, if you don’t see it then you will face many problems while getting an education in Singapore.

First-Night Panic Attack

It’s the first day when you are away from your country and your family. You will think about why I came to study here? While unpacking your bags, you will realize how tough is to live alone and away from our family.

Solution: – Don’t think about it, it’s the best solution. Try to meet new people and start communicating with them. They also came to Singapore for higher studies without family and friends. You all will get a good company and you can reduce your stress and sadness to a great extent.

Your Device Won’t Work

After a long journey from your country to Singapore, you will find that your mobile is shut down or get a signal of low battery. It’s a common thing happened with many students that they leave their chargers at their home. It’s your first priority to inform your family that you have landed safely in Singapore.

Sometimes you will find that you’re SIM is not working at the foreign land or you forgot to recharge your device with the International Roaming Plan. It might be a possibility that the switches of Singapore will not support your adopters but with without any problem, you will get the solutions of your problem.

Solution: -You must fully charge your mobile and take a universal adapter with you. It will not happen that you will get the same switch plug-in in Singapore as you have in your own country.


There are four official languages used in Singapore that are English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. It is impossible that everyone will understand your language even you will use the English language for communication. It may also be a problem that your English communication is poor. So might be it will create some problems.

Solution: – If you are facing this problem then try to take the help of other friends. There is nothing wrong with that thing. If you can learn other languages then go ahead, it will be an extra advantage to you.

Answering The Same Questions

There are various moments came when people ask about you and your country. The same answer, again and again, will make you bore. But your way to talk and your body language will become solutions to it.

Solution: – Try to explain and yourself in a good manner. Never talk rudely and always fell happy to talk about you and your nation, you must proud of you and your country.

You’ve Indulged Too Much

When you will land in a new place, you will feel it like a tour or weekend. You will involve yourself in eating new food items. It can increase your calories. You will experience cloth tightness after a month. 80% of abroad students have a complaint about it.

Solution: – Never break your routine. If you came to Singapore for higher studies then continue your workout and exercise regularly and it will give you concentration because higher education in Singapore it’s a dream of many students of the world.

They work hard and clear the entrance exam to get admission in foreign universities. They get a visa and complete other legal formality including documentation etc. The challenge is not over; the real challenge start’s now.

You Will Not Get Your Products

You came near to various brands and products while living in your hometown. It is not possible in Singapore that you will get the same brand’s product. It can make you nervous and might be your face some problems.

Solution: – Before living in your country, take your cosmetics and other products along with you. It’s the best solution. If you need the same brand product in Singapore then search your products online and ask the dealer that they can make it available in Singapore for you.

Homesickness Pain

This is very common. Students become emotional when they live away from their parents and family you may feel very upset and it will increase your pain.

Solution: – Better to talk to your parents once a week. Try to communicate with them via video conferencing. Make new friends who also came to Singapore for higher education, they are also facing the same situation. You both together can overcome your homesickness pain and you don’t have to lose for confidence because you are here for your aim Higher education.


Singapore is too costly. You will face money problems in Singapore. You will need money to pay your tuition fee, accommodation fee. You will need money for extra other activities.

Solution: – You must do a part-time job in Singapore. It will reduce your parent’s burden and you will be able to earn money in Singapore dollars.

You don’t need to exchange it and it will also save your currency exchange fee. You can also use referral schemes offered by several companies like ours who offer a handsome amount of money which can be earned easily just by referring your friends to our online homework help services, and once they get the work done by the company like us you will get a commission amount. This is very simple yet the most effective earning while learning platform

You’ve Packed All The Wrong Things 

If you will bring more items with you then you need to take it back at your home while going to your home. If you will take a few items then you need to purchase the things in Singapore. It can be very costly.

Solution: – Come to Singapore with the necessary items. Keep your unnecessary items at your home. If in case you need to purchase an item, you can purchase instead of purchasing all the things.

You’ll Have To Come Home

When students live in Singapore during the higher studies, they became familiar with the climate and fall in love with this modern and updated country. They don’t want to leave Singapore as they make it their second home.

Solution: – You can extend your visa by doing a job in Singapore; you will get it with some strict terms and conditions.

So these are the best Pros And Cons Of Singapore Education System that you have to know before going for study. You have to keep all such points on your mind to easily solve your problem in Singapore while education.

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