How to Embed a Quote in an Essay – Guided Tips with Examples

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In this article, we have defined the Best way to write a quote and the significance of Quotation. The detail about the techniques of putting and shorting Quote in an Essay has been provided along with certain useful tips. By reading this article students will be able to develop an understanding about Citing a definition in an essay.

What is a quote in an essay?

The quotation is basically used for certain words repeatedly. The main objective of Quotation in academic writing is to indicate a similar language which is written by other writers or authors. You can utilize it for the designation of speech. An individual is required to include the quotation if they are using the same words as other authors or writers.

Significance of quotations

  • The quote is considered to be very crucial as it helps you in developing the interest of reading in the reader. In relation to academic writing, Quotation is basically a very much crucial technique that is utilized for including the facts from different sources.
  • It is very much essential for you to do citations of original references from where a quotation has been taken.
  • Citation in academic writing provides the reader with an idea of investigation.
  • It is the Quotation in academic writing which enables the reader to address the passage or source from where information has been gathered.

For instance, you have written a novel of the modernist author. It is required by you to do Quotation from the other novel from where the information has been sourced.

  • The quotation is very much essential for convincing the reader to believe in the argument.

After developing the understanding of Quote and significance,  Now let’s learn about How to write a quote in an essay?

What is the best way to write a quote in an essay?

Embedding quotes in an essay is a good way of expanding and backing up ideas with solid, fact-based evidence. It is a quote that will assist you in supporting your argument. You can use quotes for developing topic ideas or thesis statement. Quotes will help you in making your essay look attractive. It will also aid you in eliminating the risk of plagiarism. You for creating a corresponding reference page at the end of the essay.

Now, Let’s gain knowledge about how to embed a quote in an essay?

Techniques to put a quote in an essay

Instead of citing the source, you should include quotes in the paper. In addition to this, you should also provide the Quotation in the assignment. The different techniques which you can utilize to put quotes in the essay:

  • Introductory sentence: It is the citation style that will help you in determining the structure of the quotation. The number of times you use a quotation, you need to provide the reader with proper justification. In addition to this, you also need to demonstrate the way a specific quote is relevant to arguments presented by you.
  • Introductory signal phase: Students can utilize signal phrases in which they need to include the name of the writer and also a source. You can also utilize it as dialogue verbs such as for arguments, making claims, etc.
  • Integration into your own sentence: You can cite a quote in your own words?.


Tricks to shorten a quote

If in case students found some part of their academic idea redundant then in such a situation you can shorten your Quotation by eliminating unnecessary words. While removing the unnecessary words you need to make sure that the meaning of sentences remains the same.

How to add an explanation to a quote?

If in case of Quotation there is a lack of important information then in such a situation you can include text in the bracket.

Citation of Quotes

Citing Quotation is very essential part of academic writing. In relation to all direct Quotes, you are required to provide the citation of original sources. If the quotation is not cited properly then in such cases there are high chances of plagiarism. You should be aware of the fact that because of plagiarism in your content you might have to face serious consequences.

It is the citation style which will help you in determining the way you need to do citation of your sources. There are few citation styles where you can do in-text citations just after the Quotation. While in another type of citation style you need to include a footnote. When doing the in-text citation, you need to provide complete details of the publisher.

Block Quotes:

These are quotation marks that utilizes such words that you directly quote from another source. It is the type of Quote that indicates that particular text has been utilized in a unique manner. Such types of Quotations are generally utilized for analysis literature. You can use Blockquotes in the case where the in-depth examination of text requires you to quote at length.

Example 1: APA style in-text citation

A most popular football player always states that “Practicing football with friends on weekends is always the greatest thing (Simon, 2012, pp.3-4).

Example 2: MLA in-text citation

A most popular football player always states that “Practicing football with friends on weekends is always the greatest thing (Simon 3-4).

Now,  by reading the below paragraph you will be able to get information about How to quote a definition in an essay?

Cite a definition in an essay using APA style

If you are asked to cite a definition in an essay then you can utilize APA style. But before applying this style you should review your guidelines.

In case you have retrieved information from a print source then you need to cite it like this a standard book. It means that you need to first write (date). Title of book (edition ). Place of publication: Publisher

For example: Charles.(2001) In Websters Dictionary ( 12th. ed.). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster, Inc.

If in case you need to cite a definition within the text , then you require to place the defined word and the date of publication in parentheses after the relevant phrase and before the punctuation mark. You also need to include the page numbers.

For instance: As per Merriam-Webster,andragogy is “the art or science of teaching (“Andragogy”, 2001, p. 90)

Tips for making quotes more believable & effective

  1. While Quoting in an essay you need to ensure that:
  • Writer can utilize Quotes marks for Quoting text.
  • You wrote name of the original writer in the correct manner.
  • Content or text is similar to the original.
  1. It is always advisable that students while doing academic writing should not rely too much on Quotes. Paraphrasing is one of the best techniques of including Quotation. It is the technique that will help you in demonstrating that you have completely developed the understanding of the text.
  2. You should include such Quotations which support your argument.
  3. Students should try to try the idea or content of other authors in their own words. It is the technique that will help students in avoiding plagiarism.
  4. You should take decision-related to the inclusion of a number of Quotes in your writing based on the subject of study.


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