Overview of Relevance in Research – Meaning, Types and Significance

02/18/2020 | George Orwell | 834

Relevance in research is a interconnection of one research topic with others. It is basically the level up to which you can apply findings of research in real life. In simple words, the investigation which you are conducting is useful for others.

For instance, if you are conducting the market survey for an organization then the data which you are collecting through the survey should be useful for your firm. High relevancy means the investigation  which you are performing has a high potential of filling the knowledge gap.

For example: if you  are selecting the unemployment issue as your research topic.  You are performing research process for identifying the root cause of unemployment and then information which you have gather through research can be helpful for formulating effective policies for the nation.

Significance of relevance in research

Relevance has great significance in research as it helps you in maintaining the momentum. In addition to this, it is the relevant information that will help you in making your dissertation interesting to the reader. Relevancy is the factor in research which helps you and reader in developing confidence about findings and outcome of the investigation.

Maintaining a high level of relevance is also very crucial for getting the dissertation approved by the tutor. It is very much essential for you to make sure that the topic or field which you are selecting for performing the investigation has academic and social relevance.  A high level of relevancy in research is very much crucial for eliminating risk and ethical issues.

Types of relevance in research        

The different types of relevance in research are:

  • Academic relevance

This basically means level up to which investigation performed on a particular topic has helped you in accomplishing your academic goals.

  • Societal relevance  

It is referred to as the information gathered through investigation helps in developing the understanding of the society

  • Practical relevance 

It is basically a extent up to which the findings could be applied in real-life situations.

  • Scientific relevance

It is basically an extent up to which you can fill the knowledge gap through research on a specific topic

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