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Examples of Research Proposal Topics

Student's Assignment Help 03/04/2019 390 Views

Finding authentic research proposal topics is very important for college students. This is because they are asked to submit a research proposal before proceeding to write the actual research paper. So if you are trying hard to come up with new and fresh topic which is not outdated then go through following list. All the topics are research-based and suggested by Students Assignment Help experts. By selecting a good topic from the given list you can start your research proposal. Once the research proposal is selected by a professor you will be further directed to write thesis statement and research paper introduction. So check out the list given here by expert’s brain.

Free list of Research proposal topics on Management

Management research proposal topics are enlisting below which are given by Students Assignment Help. Graduates can assemble various ideas for their research proposal from the given list easily for high score.

  •  How geographical and language variations serve as a big obstacle in the way of marketing?
  •  Is outsourcing of the business work is a good substitute of paying high wages to the workers and employees in given area?
  •  How ethical issues sometimes become large barrier in the way of management in various business organizations?
  •  What initiatives can be taken by the management of big corporations to discharge their social responsibility?
  •  How poor financial management in a company can lead to unwanted and unexpected financial turm-oil in a business?
  •  How to manage the fraternity and unity among team members of a team and also in different teams to enhance the output of human resource?

Best ideas of research proposal topics on Finance

Research paper on finance can be written by writing a good research proposal and best topic is needed for it. Following topics of experts are going to fulfil that requirement of students for free of cost. Here are few topics of research proposal on finance from the Students Assignment Help and all of them are highly innovative.

  •  Is it a good idea to provide social welfare in a developing country by the government?
  •  How the idea of direct and indirect cess or taxes varies from underdeveloped and developing countries to that of developed?
  •  How the use of paperless or digital currency is good for the development of a nation? Explain.
  •  How the stock markets keep on fluctuating from time to time with the political and other major upheavals?
  •  What are the major financial crises confronted by small and medium cottage industry in developing countries?

Research proposal topics on science for college students

Here are topics for research proposal on science for those who want to write highly research-based assignments for college. The entire list of topics is free and suggested as free research paper help by Students Assignment Help experts.

  •  How the development in science and technology can be seen as boon for medical science?
  •  Applications of optical and quantum physics in different areas of life in present time.
  •  Dangerous consequences of biomagnification in every level of the food chain and how to stop it?
  •  Is there any way to control the resistance power of weeds and pests towards pesticides and other such chemicals?
  •  What is the success rate of tissue plant culture in biotechnology?

Highly innovative research proposal topics on Business studies

Here are best topics for research proposal on business studies from the brain of talented writers. Business studies research paper can be written easily by taking one topic from the list given here.

  •  How SWOT and PESTLE analysis is crucial for business organizations for their best flourishment and growth?
  •  Is it possible to run a business firm smoothly without considering the aspect of supply and chain management?
  •  How to cope up with the inflation and deflation and its effect on the business with time in different types of business?
  •  Which types of business cannot be run easily in modern time without the help of technology?
  •  Out of equity finance and debt finance which one is best to embark on a new business in a startup?
  •  Why big business firms need best quotation and enquiry management system to run their business smoothly?

The above free list of topics for research proposal is definitely going to enhance the level of marks for college students. Those who find it difficult to carry out research on topic then research paper writing service is given by Students Assignment Help experts. Before placing your order online for research paper help you can read many sample research paper on science, economics, law and business studies on StudentsAssignmentHelp.com easily. This is how the quality and format of research paper can be checked. If you want the experts to write research paper proposal then it is also possible for you. Plagiarism free round the way writing services are given from the best professors of world-class universities. Those who have just prepared the outline of a research paper can also complete it with the help of talented research paper writers.

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