How to Write a Scholarship Essay – Guidance from Start to End

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If you are entirely done with selecting the place where you’d want to do your further studies, you can move towards learning the methods to write a scholarship essay. Applying for a top college can be a burden, especially for those who face financial issues. They need to apply for some scholarship programs that can help them to pay their tuition fees. Students  have confusion between college and scholarly essay. This article will help students in avoiding confusion and will assist them in  writing the best scholarship essay.

 Scholarship essay: Definition

A scholarly essay is an essay which student needs to submit along with their scholarship application. It is a way through which different organizations use for supporting the students financially on the basis of their academic achievements. Though every student came in contact with multiple types of educational essays throughout their academic life, scholarship essays are somewhat different. In applications, you just have to list down the events you are a part of, achievements, awards, etc.

In relation to other types of essay, you don’t get the chance to elaborate on any of your experience. Through scholarship essays, you can do so to tell the judges about the issues you faced and the strategies you applied to overcome those obstacles. Readers are not at all interested in your sob stories, but they can feel your enthusiasm from the solutions you use for solving problems. Scholarship essay is a way for organizations through which they scrutinize the submitted applications and choose the best applicants.

Before gaining the knowledge about the outline of scholarship essay lets first develop understanding about difference between scholarly and college essays.

What is difference between college and scholarly essays?

Similarity between college and scholarly essay is that both represent a person and their opinion. Still there is difference between two essays such as:

Basis College essay  Scholarship essay 


objectiveThe main objective of college essay is to reflect personality of an individual.


Intention of writing scholarly essay is to share opinion and interest of company offering scholarship


Such essays can be lengthy approx. 650 wordsYou need to write scholarly essay within 500 words


Colleges provide you with freedom to select your topic.You may require answering specific question given by scholarly committee.

Outline of scholarly essay

The basic outline of scholarly essay includes the following elements:


How to start any sentence is a common issue which students generally face. Herewith following points, you can begin your statements without any trouble.

  • Write down your full name.
  • Tell the subject of your program that you are going to apply.


  • Hook sentence
  • These statement

Main body

  1. Obstacles

State the challenge you have face in your life. Here we don’t mean to elaborate your problems, your financial scarcity, or anything else that would turn into a sob story later on. Instead, define this point with the following points:

  • Brief the significant challenges that you have ever faced in your life.
  • The strategies you have followed to face these challenges to overcome from them.
  1. Aims:
  • Tell the ambitions for your education.
  • Define your reasons and achievements to show that you deserve to be a student of your dream college.
  • Elaborate the matter of interests for you to choose the particular field of science.
  • Explain the reasons why you need to participate in a particular program to earn your significant objectives.
  • If you do have any long-term objectives, then brief them as well.
  • Why are you in need of the degree?
  • How does a scholarship play a significant role in helping you to attain your major objectives?
  • Outline the notes for your conclusion.


  • Summary of key points
  • Restate the thesis

The above-defined structure is the default and perfects to draw a clean outline. If there are any specific guidelines defined by the organization, and then strictly follow them.

How to start scholarly essay?

An initial section of scholarly article is introduction. Before writing introduction you to first develop understanding about scholarly essay prompt.  You need to gather information about deadlines. As this will help you in ensuring that you have enough time for writing an essay. 

Step 1. Become familiar with scholarship essay prompt

Writing a scholarship essay can be quite tricky. Therefore, it is very much essential for you to carefully read scholarship essay prompt. You should also develop understanding about what is expected from you. If you are writing an essay for availing scholarship then the word count of your essay should be 400-500 words.  At the time of writing scholarly essay you need to clearly illustrate your opinion why you deserve scholarship.

The scholarship organizations give a question or “prompt” that is to be addressed by the essay. After reading the question, ask yourself if they really want you to reply for the same, or there is something hidden behind it.

Like they might ask “Why do you want to study Computer Science?” and its underlying question would be “Why do you want to study Computer science and how much you know about this field to be a deserving candidate for the scholarship?”You have to cover more aspects within a limited number of words, 500 approximately. So try to be concise, and avoid using general statements in your article.

Some of the common prompts that you need to answer in your paper are:

  • Describe the leadership features and tell them whether you have got any of those.
  • Tell the judges enough about your ambitions and show your obsession towards it.
  • Explain your goals about your profession.
  • Do you have any characteristics that can make you a leader and a distinctive human being?
  • Can you offer anything unique to society?
  • Describe the strategies you use to overcome the issues that act as an obstacle in your career goals.

Regardless of the topic, try to show your goals, background, and interests in the prompts of your scholarly essays. Also, highlighting your past experiences that suits best with the funding organization’s objectives and missions.

Step 2: Selection of topic

At the initial step of writing scholarly essay, you need to make choice of broad topic. While selecting a topic for your essay you should consider objective of your essay. At the time of writing scholarly essay you need to demonstrate that you worth their money. Your topic should reflect your objective. At the time of selecting a topic you need to ask yourself certain Questions:

  • How you are different from everyone else?
  • What is biggest challenge which you are facing in your life?
  •  What are strongest traits you posses.
  • Goals of your future.

Step 3: Write hook

Hook is basically an opening sentence in essay. The main purpose of including hook in essay is capturing the attention of reader. Hook plays crucial role particularly in scholarship essay. It is a hook which will help you in making your essay memorable.

Example of few hook sentences 

Here are few sentences which you can include in your essay are:

Question: What assisted me realize that I want to help people?

Quote: “Success encompasses ongoing failure without loss of enthusiasm”.

Statistics:  Most of the children belonging to the age of 2-17 years of age are facing the mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, behavioral problems etc.

After writing hook, you can start writing introduction section for scholarly essay.  At the time of writing the introduction, you should make sure that it is clear and concise. You should link your hook with thesis statement. In introduction part of your essay you should provide background information about topic.

Step 4: Draft main body

It is a step where you need to write main body part of scholarly essay.  Among the different part, main body is basically a lengthy.  At the time of writing main body, you should ensure that specific section is providing committee with answers to their questions.  One question which scholarship committee generally asks is why you deserve scholarship? In main body part of your essay you need to provide information about the challenges you intend to overcome in your life. You are also requiring highlighting your achievements and positive qualities. It is very much essential for you to speak about your career objectives. You should also mention about the way scholarship can help you in accomplishing your goals.  At the time of writing main body part, it is very much essential for you to ensure that statements resonate with the interests of organization which provides scholarship.

Step 5: Write conclusion

Conclusion of an essay is a last but most important part of scholarly essay.   The 2 things which you should consider at the time of writing conclusion:

Reflection: It is a kind of conclusion which is most suitable when you intend to demonstrate your personal growth and present your weakness.

Write in future tense: In case you need to include experiences of past or present then you should write such type of conclusion. In the conclusion section of scholarly essay you should state that how specific event has influence your life.  You can also clearly specify the thing which you have learn from specific event.

Tip: you can restate your introductory statement in conclusion part. It is an approach which is appropriate and could make the reader more connected.

Formatting of scholarly essay

Formatting plays significant role in all types of academic writing. By having proper formatting of scholarly essay you can demonstrate committee that you have understanding and follow given instruction. The format of scholarly essay has following characteristics such as:

  • Font should be in Times new roman
  • Font size is 12
  • Double spacing
  • 1″ margin
  • An incident before every paragraph.
  • You need to write your last name and page number on left hand side.

 Scholarly essay example

I am an international student who is studying in reputed college of Singapore. I belong to humble family background.  Further, I am facing issue in continuing my studies. According to the World fact book, the place I belong to is poorest nation. There are approx. 80 percent of people suffering from final issues. Bukit Batok is a place in Singapore which is suffering from social vices like corruption and high level of political instability. It is the natural disasters   such as earthquake have weakened the economics of the nation. Tips for writing scholarly essay few tips which you can follow for writing good scholarly essay are:

  • Comply with narrative structure
  • Include more personalize information in your essay.
  • Prepare outline before writing essay.
  • Ensure you are eligible for scholarship.
  • Eliminate clinches.
  •  Be confident in promoting yourself.
  • Ensure you follow all instructions and prompts.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Make use of transition sentence between paragraphs.
  • Tell unique story.
  • Proofread and edit essay before submission.

Writing a scholarly essay can be quite difficult task. In case if you don’t have sufficient time and skills. If you are feeling stuck then you can seek assistance from our professionals . They will provide you with complete guidance about writing scholarly essay.


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