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Student's Assignment Help February 2, 2016

Smile is an expression of face to show our happiness. A smile brings positivity in our life. Smiling is a natural process; even a new born baby also knows how to smile. Doctors, parents, teachers all ask us to start our day with a smile. Many times a single question strikes in our mind that why to start a day with a smile?

Smiling has various advantages. A smile is more than the exercise. Here are the reasons why to start a day with a smile: –

A) Natural stress reducer: –

Every third person in this world is experiencing stress. Stress and depression both are common in elders, children and youngsters. Our busy life schedule is responsible for it. A smile can reduce our stress. When we smile, it releases endorphins chemical. Endorphin lowers the functioning of hormones that give rise to stress. It brings happiness in life.

Smile is a gift, start everyday with a smile

B) Lowers heart diseases: –

We can reduce the risk of heart diseases by smiling every day. Smile is the only natural therapy that lowers high blood pressure problems. Doctors also advice to smile during high blood pressure. When we smile, it lowers the heart rate.

C) Prevents mood swings: –

Many people experience mood swings due to stress, tension and other mental worries. When we smile, the endorphin chemical lowers the frequency of mental worries and prevents us from mood swings.

D) Increase productivity: –

A smile is a small package of positive vibrations that boost sparks and encourage people to work beyond their mettle. You will find smiling pictures inside the homes and office to keep the environment positive.

E) Fresh and active: –

Smiling boosts passion. It lowers our negativity and boost freshness. A research reveals that people who smiles daily found more fit and active than others.

F) Reduce sadness: –

We can help others by offering a smile. Everyone have some tensions in their life, a smile will lower their tensions and worries. See how profitable is a single smile?

G) Attraction: –

A smiling face always attracts others. People like smiling faces. It helps to interact with other easily. People attracts towards you.

Smile is a gift, start everyday with a smile

H) Attention: –

People who smile daily gain more attention from others. A smiling face is enough to make friends. Those people who don’t smile or lives in stress offer a rude face to others. Smiling face feeds positivity and positive things gains attention always.

I) Success: –

If you want to be a successful person in life, smile is your friend who will help you. It offers confident look. People who smile look more fresh and active than others. It offers the perfect first impression on others that opens the door of success in every field.

J) Immune system: –

Smile also improves immune system. For a good immune system, one requires rest. When we smile, it lowers our heart rate and offers rest to our body. So, smile is a natural immune system booster.

K) Offers younger look: –

A study reveals that, elders who smile everyday boost positive vibrations. This positive vibration offers younger look to them in comparison to the people of same age.

L) Longevity: –

There are various factors like stress, depression, anxiety, heart diseases etc that lowers our life. But, by smiling everyday you can increase your lifespan. Smiling everyday will reduce your mental worries and boost happiness in your life. Happy people lives longer than unhappy people.

Smile is the only thing to build positive environment near us. It keeps us energetic, active and stress free for longer time and improve brain power So, start a day with a smile.

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