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Student's Assignment Help August 30, 2016

Dissertation – what the term actually means

An extensive, prescribed treatise, a written thesis, a formal disclosure, often based on the original research usually required for a higher degree.

The objective of dissertation is to create an unique investigated work on a clearly defined topic. A thesis is probably to be longest task to be completed by the student. Topic is being chosen by student of their interest.

Following steps will help you writing your dissertation perfect

1. Getting started

All of the research mostly begins with a question,

• What will be the topic?

• Whether your objectives are clear?

• What will be end result of your dissertation?

• Are you interested in presenting your research into conference or journal?

Focus on your thesis topic to accomplish it within the given time. Select a topic related to your academics and on which you are having knowledge.

2. Research and planning

Once your topic is being identified to you, go ahead with research and how to plan you work. It requires lot of time to complete the dissertation, so work according with the strict time table and stick to it. Make a timeline for the research stage; find the sources of research to understand the phenomena you are focused upon.

Find out the relevant sources of research, Internet is good starting place during the research phase. You can visit library, read journals, consider an option to discuss with senior professor. Read as much as you can whether it is academic research, trade literature, information in the popular newspapers.
Discuss with your advisor your plan of action, your methodology the issues and events that will help make a contribution to your discipline.

3. Accurate dissertation structure

You must structure your dissertation in a way that it attracts the way of your potential readers.
Make an outline– when you are very well aware about proposal, make a detailed outline for the large project. Make sure to include different and unique points in the outline, this will make easier to write your dissertation.

Introduction –

first chapter should include background, history, purpose and statement of the issue. Explain how the study adds to the theoretical body of knowledge in the field and what practical significance will it contribute.

Literature review –

review the whole of the research process and findings and acknowledgment you can make out of it.

Methodology –

this part describes and justifies the data gathering method used. It also signifies how you analyse your data.

You must make it clear why you chose this method and cite the reference literature about it.

You will focus on research questions, hypothesis, data collection, coding of data, internal and external validity of research done, description of data analysis and information about the population and sample.

Analyses of data-

organize and code data into major themes that help you to advance an argument. Themes should be laid around your central focus of dissertation.

Findings and conclusion-

this is the most vital stage in the whole process of dissertation. You will answer and explain all the research questions the directions they led you.

In the conclusion part you will finalize the results and brief the topic in the summarized part. Explain what contribution your study made to the discipline.

Bibliography- use the recommend citation style of study, make sure you have sufficient number of references to books, articles and sources you have used.

4. Editing and style

Editing is focused on the essence, and proofreading is focused on the form of paper. Pay attention to the logical connection between each argument. Focus on quality and clarity of work. You should normally avoid too much personal language.

Editing should be done at two difference levels at least, Micro and Macro level, micro involves correcting spelling and grammatical errors, macro editing assesses the overall structure of the thesis.

5. Referencing

Acknowledgement of your sources is the important type of academic progress. This will make your research more genuine and plagiarism free. You use and refer correct approach to research. Mention all the relevant references needed in support of your dissertation.

The dissertation writing process is a great challenge, which not everyone is able to cope up with. You have to keep in mind you have come too far away and you cannot go. Read and re read, and research and re research is a key tool in your writing process. Carry on your project step by step and you will able to convert your writing into a successful dissertation.

Never give up and keep your kind focused and inclined on your study. You will surely get a success and will create a perfect dissertation.

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