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Story Starter Ideas

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The beginning of a story should be catchy and interesting to hold the interests of the readers. That is why story starters serve a big role in the process of writing various types of stories. The opening few lines of the story starter paragraph lay the foundation of the story in the mind of the reader. One has to be very much focused and keen while writing a story starter as the entire story is going to depends upon this starter. The length of the story starter, points that should be included in it and its importance is very important to know. Few story starter ideas are given below for multiple types of stories. You can write an adventurous story, fantasy story, scary story and even both long and short stories by going through the given suggestions. 

What is a story starter?

As the name indicates story starter is the opening paragraphs of the story which are written with the intentions of clearing the ground of the story to readers. These story starter works in a similar way as that of an essay prompt and requires the writer to be extra creative. It is important to have a good idea about the story in your brain before you gear up for its story starter.

A managed paragraph with interesting and relevant sentences about the base of the story is written in a story starter. The entire purpose behind writing a story starter is to give a brief idea about the story to readers so that they can decide to continue reading. Such story starters are mainly written in creative writing courses by the school and college students across the world.

Significance of writing story starter

If you are not writing a story starter at the beginning of a story one might not bother to read the entire story. But if a brief synopsis of the story is given in the form of story beginner which explains the highlights of the story the chances of reading it becomes higher. It is always good to give an overview of the plot and major points of the story in the beginning in an interesting manner. Writing a story starter is not that easy as one has to ponder one’s mind to come up with relevant and influential points. Also, the creativity in the story writing gets enhanced when a proper beginning is given to the story.

Unique and important story starter ideas for writing a good story

If you are writing a story then make sure that proper steps are taken by you to write its story starter. This is because if you will not write the good beginning of the story there is no use of making its main part grand. Just go through the following steps given for writing a good story starter and lure your readers towards your story in the opening paragraph only. Both short and long stories beginning can be written by following these story starter ideas. Writing a story beginning in a professional way is always helpful to attract readers and vice versa.

  • Begin with an interesting topic:  Make sure that the topic that you have opted for your story is interesting for you and you are able to find the relevant resources on the given topic. Also, the validity and relevance of the topic matter a lot to make the story appealing to the reader. So before you begin with a story starter just come up with an innovative and interesting topic for your story. Do not let others decide your interests and always get involved in the selection of topic for your story.
  • Prepare the outline of the story in your mind: It is important to have an outline of the story in your mind before you write its story starter. This will help you to write a balanced beginning of your story by illustrating the story highlights in-depth. When you will have an order of the story points writing a beginning will become easier for you. That is why try to set a vague outline of the story in your mind before writing your story beginning always. A formal structure of writing short and long stories should also be there in your mind.
  • Always have a story plot:  This is the most crucial point of the story writing to have a plot for it because without plot story beginning goes in a disorder. The main purpose of writing a story beginning is, to sum up, the major points of the story for the readers. The story beginning can be written in such a way that neither the entire plot gets revealed to the readers nor it looks boring. Story beginning is written in an exact way like we write the movie or book review which helps the reader to decide whether to continue the book or movie or not. A good understanding and clarity of the story plot never let you deviate from the main gist of the story while writing a story starter.
  • Begin with the catchy sentences for your story: Writing a catchy and interesting opening for the story is very crucial whether it is a short story starter or long story. This is because when you will use boring and factual lines in your story starter paragraph people will lose interest in reading it. But when your opening lines will be interesting and based on lively examples it will boost the interest of the readers towards your story. So add some quotations, facts, and examples in the beginning paragraph of the story to make it eye-catching. Good catchy points can be gathered by studying your target readers who are going to read the story.
  • The setting of the story is very important: When you are writing a story no matter it is a long or short story it is crucial to define its setting at the beginning of the story. This will help the readers to understand the background of the story and its co-relation to the characters of the story. There is always a thematic background of the story that makes it possible for the readers to understand the fundamentals of the story. For example, if the setting is done in the form of war ground then the person can sense that the story is about a battle or war. Similarly, if the romantic setting is described in the beginning it describes a marriage ceremony or story about such an occasion. So you must give details about the setting in your story starter in the few lines to enhance its authenticity for your readers.
  • Characters and their development: The characters that are going to be the part of the story should also be given with their account in the opening of the story. You do not have to be blunt while introducing the characters and try to be a bit witty to introduce your character. Also, tell your readers about the development of the characters in a very brief manner through the plot synopsis of the story. This is the best way to write a good story starter for your story whether it is a short story or the long one. Also, talk about the change of characters and their appearance in the story along with the effect of their behavior on the direction of story.
  • The chronological scale of the story: The characters of the story, their development along with the plot everything should be in the chronological order. Also, you have to describe the time period in which the story is written. For example, some stories are written in such a plot that the writer plunges into the past then again in future suddenly. This confuses the reader while reading a story to a great extent. That is why it is important to describe the chronology of the incidences of the story in an indirect manner through your story beginning. The stories like the sound and fury are few to name that confuse the people about the chronology of the story. This shows the importance of giving a chronological order of the events in the story at a glance in an indirect way.
  • The central idea of the story: The central idea of the story or we can say that theme of the story should also be described in the story starter in such a way that it becomes able to hold the interest of the readers. There are various themes upon which a story is written like whether it is a thriller story, scary story, adventurous or fantasy should be clear to your readers from the story starter. Most of the time people fail to come up with the idea about the main theme of the story. As a result of which they throw away the story even without reading it. Missing out the central idea of the story, in the beginning, means you are not giving any reason to the readers for reading your story.
  • Keep it precise and to the point: The story beginning must be written in a precise manner without stretching the same lines again and again. Just write those points which are important to set a background of the story for the readers. A good story starter is not more than 300 words or one standard paragraph for a short story. A long story starter can be stretched to the length of 500 words at the maximum. Beginning for a story written beyond the above-mentioned words limit is often considered useless by the readers and nobody finds interest in such stories. Sometimes few stories are very long and we get compelled to stretch their length under such state only give the crux of the story plot in the beginning or story starter.
  • Define the base of your story in the story starter paragraph: The story starter paragraph is mainly written for framing the base of the story for the readers. Such paragraphs are written in such a way that the reader gets the idea about the topic of the story and its plot at a glance. The starting paragraph is written in an interesting way without disclosing the main plot in-depth to the readers. That is why the reader gets persuaded for reading the rest of the story further.

How to write a story starter for different types of stories

There are different types of stories that are written by the people some of them are adventurous while others are scary and fantasy stories as well. The story starter for these stories is although same but there are few unique features which are vested to very story type. Here are a few suggestions for writing a story starter for different types of stories suggested by the experts.

  • Story starter for an adventurous story: The adventurous stories are written on physical or psychological adventurous of human. Such stories beginning can be done by describing the type of adventure that is performed in the story and its consequences for the character. There should be a solid plot overview in the story starter for such stories as well. Some important eye-catching lines can be used for writing the story starter for adventurous stories.  Also, try to set a background and location of your story plot to define the characters of the story and their state.
  • Ideas for scary story starter: The ways, by which the story starter is written for other story types, we can adopt similar methods for the scary stories as well. The beginning can be done by specifying a setting and situation of the characters of the story. Apart from the setting, the plot of the story also matters in the story beginning but not in-depth. You must make sure that the crux of the story is not getting revealed at the very beginning of the story.
  • Tips for writing a story starter for short story: The short story starter must not be longer than a page or even less than that because if you will end up writing a long short story beginning it will no longer remain short. The entire purpose of the story starter is to make your readers aware of the major points of the story without destroying the interest of the story. So try to make sure that you only write the background of the topic of the story and its executive summary or plot without talking about the subplots of the story in the story beginning.
  • Fantasy story starter writing ideas: Likewise, any other story mentioned above the story starter for a fantasy story is also similar. You can write about the fantasy that is described in the story and how the story is set around that fantasy. Also the characters of the story along with the plot are described at a glance in the story starter of a fantasy story. When you are writing a short fantasy story the story starter should be finished within 200 to 300 words limit only. Do not forget to share the theme and characters of the story in an indirect way while giving an account of your plot for the story. 

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