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Structuring An Impressive Assignment

Student's Assignment Help 08/27/2016 216 Views

This guide will provide few simple and vital tips to write great assignments. You may previously be alert of several of the points but it will be a channel to make you remember yourself these points before you write up with your assignment. Three main points are:

• Structure

• Evidence

• Critical thinking

Key points to compose an assignment

1. Outline and Introduction –

these are the most important aspects of writing. Preparation and planning are input to success in any assignment. In introduction you are attempting to transmit the reader about the level-headed behind the work and mitigating how your work is a crucial element of research in the field .Introduction should be as short and snappy as possible, it gives an on the whole review of the document. The entire should sensibly end at the research question and notion statement or assumption.

2. Make use of your perception plan or map-

Write your assignment using your perception plan to direct you. As you begin with you will generate unique ideas in eminent ways. You can further check back your plan to evaluate whether the idea fits well into the paragraph or section you are writing.

3. Planning the paragraph-

For every paragraph ponder about the core idea that you want to communicate in that paragraph and note down a concise topic sentence which notify the reader what are you going to speak about. Use connecting words throughout the paragraph which include sequence words, result words, compare, contrast, addition and reason

For instance

Next, last, finally

In conclusion

To summarize

In addition, moreover



Just as

Similar too

4. Connecting paragraphs-

linking words will assist you to make this direction. Look at your plan or map and decide the key concepts that unite the diverse segment of your work. By referencing in one paragraph the significant matter from previous paragraphs, can develop important points for their reader .It helps to carry a thought from one sentence to another.

5. Body of the paragraph-

Every paragraph should make an end which should be linked to your outline and introduction part. If you have three or more main ideas you will have three or four body paragraphs. The most important consideration in the body paragraph is the argument that you want to develop in response to the assignment. The topic should be very well explained, described and argued. Body paragraph can be –

Topic sentence – start the paragraph by making

Supporting details – support the point by evidence and references.

Concluding sentence –end the paragraph by connecting back to the point you start with your paragraph and linking this to your notion statement.

In addition, there should be continuous flow of ideas; academic writing is impersonal so avoid using me and you.
Build your arguments by support and evidence. Bullets and numbering should be used it will help you to explain the point further in a comprehensible manner.
Use of illustrations and examples will have great impact on the reader. Where ever possible use statistics/facts/figures gained from multiple sources.
Evidence can include:

– Facts

– Published opinion

– Figures

– Research from journal, books, websites

– Published case studies

– Research data

Ensure that word count in your assignments are not far below or far above the mentioned word count, your map plan can help you on this.

Referencing Guide

6. Conclusion-

This is the final chance to impress the reader so make it commanding. Conclusion is more than just the last paragraph- “it is the working part of the paper”. It’s moreover great place to take back the reader exactly why your topic is vital. A good conclusion as following parts :

Stating the context and aim of assignment:

You have already crafted an effective statement for your introduction, your whole paper focused on that theory that is why it is prominent to take in hand the thesis in your conclusion. You can put your notion in first paragraph, second or third. It must include the context and the aim of the assignment. Your new statement must be independent and fresh one.

Summarizing the key points in brief:

State the major arguments and for your assignment. Comprehend how these parts are connected and linked. The best conclusion will include a combination not just a synopsis. It will include your chief points; the best conclusion will draw these points together and relate them to one another.

Do not include any new information:

It does not contain any references. End with a remark, a promise or suggestion for issues that may be addressed in the future research on the topic.

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