How to Write a Summary Essay

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Just like a dissertation proposal which includes the introductory part and  main points of the dissertation, a summary essay is also a brief summary of essay. Writing an essay summary is a hard task. You do not have to only recognize the major information about writer but to summarize them in essay. This article contains  step by step guide on How to write a Summary Essay ?

What is a summary essay?

A summary essay is a kind of essay which could be written for the various forms of essays to offer the brief information regarding a work. It can also be refers to as type of academic writing which intends to assist specific audience in assessing writer comprehension of sources. You need to write such type of essay for other people. At the time of writing summarize essay, you are require considering the characteristics of target audience.  The main purpose of writing a summarize essay is to express a perceptive of the core of a source text to readers. It also intends to convey an idea and the text develop understanding about readers.

For instance, if a student writes a sample essay on autonomy in nursing then a summarize essay would be a piece of writing which contains all the highlights of that essay. In short, it is a way of expressing your paper in short and sorted form to the person who cannot read the entire essay.

Before developing the understanding about the How to write summary essay, lets first gain knowledge about format or outline of it.

Summary essay outline

Before starting to write summary essay, the best idea is to first prepare an outline. It is an essay outline which will help you in getting the picture of argument. The structure of summary essay includes following elements these are:


In introduction part, you need to write Thesis statement which consists of summary of main points of source. You need to include the source title, name of author and background information about author.

Note: You should not include evaluation of text or your personal opinion in introductory part of an essay.

Main body

In the main body section of such essay you need to write thesis statement. It provides summary of key points of sources.  Here, you can also provide one or more authors examples.

No conclusion

You add your own concluding paragraphs unless you have some particular need or instructions from your teacher.

How to write compelling summary essay?

At the writing summary essay, you need to consider that your essay function like substitute for the source which you are summarizing. The main task is to provide relevant descriptions. At the time of writing such essay you should not interpret readers. So, it is very much crucial to present sources in accurate and comprehensive manner. The 6 step of writing summary essay are:

Step 1: Read the original text

Before starting to write such essay, you are requiring to read the main text. At the time of reading the original text, you need to thoroughly analyze the tone, style, mood of author. You should try to find the key ideas which author has express in main text.

Step 2: Divide the text into sub sections

It is a step where you need to categories text into different sections. At the same time, you are also requiring to prepare outline. Here, you should break a text into different parts in order to make materiel easy to understand. After that you need to highlight key ideas.

Step 3: Write main idea

After developing the understanding about the content in original text you need to write down key ideas in every section.

Step 4: Draft an introduction

This is a step where you are requiring writing introduction.  In the introduction section of summary essay you should clearly specify the key idea of main text.

Step 5: Write main body paragraph

After writing the introduction, you can begin writing main body paragraphs. Here you can expand your key points by including examples. In the main body paragraph of essay you should only include important information.

Step 6: Start writing conclusion

After summarizing the key ideas in the main text you finish your essay. After that you are require to write Conclusion. In context of summary essay you need to include conclusion only when your tutor provide instruction. Before writing concluding part you should review guidelines. It will help you in identifying whether you should write conclusion or not.

Summary essay: characteristics

Following are characteristics of summary essay are:

  • It summaries the identified sources of original text.
  • Summary demonstrate understanding of text related to subject matter.
  • These are generally shorter in length as compared to original text presentation.
  • Summaries mainly concentrate on exclusively on the presentation of the writer key ideas.
  • You need to write summary in your own words.
  • Make use of Standard signal phrases for writing summary.

Tips for writing summary essay

The major question that sprouts in the head of students are that how to start a summary essay given in the assignments. But this task could be performed effortlessly by taking assistance from the experts. Best tips from the Students Assignment Help provide students assistance in writing their essay.  Here are some tips that students can use while writing a supreme quality essay effortlessly.

  1. Pick a rough notebook and note down all the points that have been discussed in the essay. You have to read the essay twice or thrice for this purpose.
  2. Now analyze the importance of points that are written on the rough paper and take only extremely important steps in your essay.
  3. Write these points in the summaries essay and exclude even examples as well.
  4. Do not write your summary essay too long as the name indicates it must be to the point and short.
  5. A summaries essay could easily be written by analyzing the given essay intensely.

So these are the most ordinary tricks that students use for writing their essays. So make sure that you are asking about these tricks from the experts who have rich experience in writing a summarize essay. Good guidance can lead you towards the top in no time so make sure to put in smart work along with hard work.

Key points to consider

Following are few points which you should consider at the time of writing summary essay are:

  1. One key aspect of such essay is its link with source.  While writing summary essay you should consider that interpretation of source can mislead reader. It can also destroy the meaning of main text.
  2. It is very much essential for you to ensure that your summary essay is a substitute of original text.  This means that by reading the text reader should understand original work.
  3. You should consider that the main purpose of writing summary essay is to provide summary of original text. In other words, you should not criticize original work.

Some common mistakes done by students in summary essay

Few common mistakes which students generally do at the time of writing summary essay are:

  • Students provide either too little or excessive information
  • They forget to cite the sources which increases the chances of plagiarism
  • Students generally concentrate on providing insignificant information, anecdotes and examples.
  • They present their own interpretation rather than explain the author’s opinion.

Topics for writing summary Essay

Below are few topics on which you can write summary essay

  • Catcher in Rye ( a book)
    Captain Fantastic (movie)
  • Lord of  Rings (book)
  • Mad Max : Fury Road ( Film)
  • Song of Two Humans (Movie)
  • A movie by Ingmar Bergman
  • A novel by Jack London
  • The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant

Help from the Students Assignment Help in writing Summary Essay

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