Write A Synthesis Essay

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It is not simple for students from different schools or colleges to write an informative essay paper without searching for genuinely. However, when the students are assigned with synthesis essay paper, then their first reaction is what the meaning of it?

The peculiarities behind assigning such a task to the students are beyond the scope of their academic thinking. There are different resources and sites through which you can collect proper information regarding writing content for the synthesis essay. Some of the familiar searching sources are articles, books, journals, magazines, the internet, and even newspapers are available for the students with the help of which they can prepare an excellent academic paper. By searching on several resources and sites, the students can gain sufficient knowledge for writing the perfect synthesis essay paper.

Meaning Of The Synthesis Essay

Synthesis means merging different components into a whole. The synthesis essay is similar to this. It can be referred to as papers that integrate different ideas into a whole. The writer combines the different ideas into one paper to demonstrate a concept which is known as a Thesis.   It is a synthesis essay that intends to bring together information from different sources so that writer can easily prove a Thesis statement. The main purpose of the synthesis essay is to provide valuable information. A synthesis essay is basically a written idea.  You are required to write a synthesis essay for demonstrating that they can deal with extensive research.

Types Of Synthesis Essay

There are basically two types of synthesis essays these are :

1. Argumentative synthesis essay paper

The main purpose of this type of paper is to argue on a particular topic and justify it with proof.  Like explanatory type, essay, you need to do similar things on regular argumentative paper.  You need to first state your position, make claims, and then provide evidence for backing up every claim.

2. Explanatory or background synthesis essay paper

The descriptive synthesis essay paper helps the audience to understand a specific topic by categorizing the essential facts. You need to present useful information in front of the audience so that the readers can understand their point of view. The main purpose of the explanatory thesis paper is to explain the topic by utilizing three sources. Then that, you are required to present the sources objectively. It is very much essential for you to provide two or more credible sources for every claim.

Structure Of Synthesis Essay

An introduction

You should add a hook which is useful information at the beginning of the essay paper. A good introduction paragraph must include interesting facts that will help in capturing the attention of the audience. A good thesis statement is also an essential part of creating a persuasive synthesis essay paper. A starting part of the essay should provide useful information about the background of the topic chosen.

Main body paragraphs

After writing an excellent introductory statement, the next step is to write the central body part of the essay paper. You need to write 3 or 4 paragraphs in the main body section of your synthesis essay.  You need to present supportive ideas and evidence which can make the readers convince easily. All the required information and the useful material are sufficient to influence the reader for reading the essay.


In the conclusion section of the essay paper, you need to include a summary of key points. A profound thought is enough for making the essay paper attractive and innovative. You should not include the new concepts or issues in the conclusion part of the synthesis essay.  At the end of the conclusion section, you need to provide the significance of the topic.

Example of synthesis essay

Introduction of Synthesis essay

James has published an article for warning readers that the utilization of mobile phones can have an adverse influence on young people. James in this article has also made a claim that an increase in the use of mobile phones and social media sites can create a metaphorical earthquake.  The author in his article has also given a number of proofs from the other researches which highlight issues and detailed observation.  As per the opinion of  Jackson, important theories claim that the use of mobile phones and social media has to lead to a high level of depression in young people.

Thesis statement

The emergence of social media has bought great changes in the lives of people.  The use of mobile phones and social media is spoiling the young generation.

Body paragraph

One significant reason for not supporting observation and claim made by the author is the fact is biasness in evidence. In one claim, the researcher utilizes a study that states that if young people use social media like Facebook more they became depressed. However, the author did not describe the issue of depression.  Studies on the same topic reveal that being a depression in young people is not caused by the use of Facebook.


From the above essay, it has been concluded that the use of social media and cell phones has a negative influence on the mental health of young age people. Excessive use of mobile phones can also have an adverse effect on the future of young generation people.

Steps To Write A Synthesis Essay

The 11 steps you are required to follow for writing a synthesis essay are :

Step 1: Understand the concept behind writing the synthesis essay

The primary purpose of the synthesis essay is to prepare the insightful connections between the different parts of the work.

In short, when you are searching for information about a specific topic, then it means you have to look for the concepts which can make the proper connections. To handle the synthesis essay questions excellently, students have first to learn how they can handle all the informative arguments without leaving any of the points behind.

To be able to write a good synthesis essay paper, students have to first note all the essential points from the references or sources which they have read. After that, you need to use perfect sentences to link the main points of their essay paper.

The students from different schools or colleges have to go beyond their thinking capability to make a reasonable judgment so that the readers get convinced with the article. In writing a unique synthesis essay paper, students have first to understand the concept behind it. They are also required to develop an understanding of the purpose.

Step 2: Choose an impressive topic that suits best to synthesis essay

You should select a broad topic for writing a synthesis essay. By making a selection of broad topics for writing an essay, you will be able to address and link information from different sources. In case, you are free to choose your own topic for an essay then you should first do the preliminary reading.

Example of broad topic :  Influence of texting on English language.

If the students have several topics for writing the synthesis essay paper, then they have to select the best one. There are several resources available for the students through which they can search for the perfect essay writing topic.  You should choose a precise and unique theme for your essay.

Instead of choosing from social media or high researched topics, it can be useful if the students look for an unusual and exciting theme for their synthesis essay paper.

Step 3: Read and then choose the desirable sources carefully

If the students have chosen the topic for writing the synthesis essay paper, then their next step must be to select the proper references for creating it initially. The students need to put every vital point in their essay paper with the sources provided to them.

You can search for sources that relate to the content and give proper reasons related to the essay paper. However, it is better to explain or include three references impressively instead of leaving the document with five incomplete sources.

Writing a source gives proper information to the reader and allows the students to focus on the main point along with the development of new ideas. The students can search from the different reliable resources for writing the perfect synthesis essay paper and the proper sources for connecting the content.

Step 4: Develop a good thesis statement

After you have done preliminary research for the sources and have selected the appropriate topic for writing their synthesis essay, then you should start an essay with a good thesis statement. The thesis is the main idea that represents the thinking ability of the students.

For writing a persuasive synthesis essay paper, students have to prepare for the best and innovative thesis statement that can attract the reader’s attention. A good and well-structured thesis statement encompasses the topic and states to the readers that what they are going to read next in the essay paper.

A good thesis statement must get started as a complete sentence for making the readers attentive and excited about the essay paper. The students can search on various sites for obtaining the proper information about writing the thesis statement.

However, the writing statement for the thesis mainly depends on the essay paper topic. You can write a thesis statement either at the starting or at the end of the document. The inclusion of the thesis statement at the beginning or end completely depends on the type of essay paper you are writing. A proper statement or a good quote can help the students to grab the attention of the readers towards their writing.

Step 5: Reread source materials to support the thesis statement

It is a step where you need to reread the sources provided and the topic. After that, you are required to select quotes, ideas, statistics, evidence, or facts for supporting the thesis statement impressively. When the students can find such valuable information or content for their synthesis essay, then it is better to write them as a required note.

However, sometimes, it can also be beneficial for the students to search for the argument against the central concept, and later in the essay paper, the students can try to disprove the statement.

You are required to put effort into sharing essential ideas or quotes so that the readers can develop an interest in reading the essay paper. A reasonable concession can strengthen the article written by the students by providing suitable information in front of the readers.

There are several facts and general knowledge required by the audience which the students have to relate to the essay paper. If the readers any of the interesting statements in the essay paper, then they can find it exciting to go through.

Step 6: Create an informative structure of the thesis statement

The students need to think about how they can present the synthesis essay in front of the audience. The format or structure plays a crucial role in building up the interests of the readers. If the students fail in giving a proper outline to the synthesis essay paper, then they will lose the attention of the audience and ultimately can score low academic grades.

Step 7: Outline of synthesis Essay

Writing a good synthesis essay paper outline is the primary thing which the students have to do before presenting the paper. A synthesis essay mainly includes three parts, namely; introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The process of creating a well-structured outline of the essay paper is not the point of waste of time. Even if the students are not asked for outlining the synthesis essay paper, then also they have to work on the framework for creating a well-organized essay paper.

A good outline of the essay paper serves as the backbone of the essay paper, which helps the students to remain on track. Writing the essay paper without creating a suitable outline can disorganize the essay paper and increase the risk of disapproval. It is essential to arrange the data in an informative manner so that the readers get impressed with the article written by the students. That is why a proper outline is essential for the students to put in any of the educational essay papers.

The main components of the essay paper outline are:

  • An introduction part: The most challenging step for writing the synthesis paper is to start it. Many of the students spend many hours thinking about the best ideas which can help them in creating the persuasive essay paper. Including essential facts, proper quotes, statements, or questions can make any of the synthesis paper exciting  for the readers.
  • Main body: It is a step where you need to write an informative central body paragraph for the essay paper. You need to write the main body paragraph in three or five sections. As it will provide the readers with educational content, useful pieces of evidence, and proper knowledge.
  • Conclusion: Finishing the paper with the proper interlinking words and references is useful for providing the readers with proper insight on the topic. Students can restate their writing with the properly used thesis statement and have to summaries all the points which they have mentioned in the entire essay paper.

Step 8: Use creative structure to present statements perfectly

A most elaborate structure is one that helps the students to provide proper examples or illustrations. A direct quote, efficient summary part, or a series of standards are enough for making the paper look more attractive and creative as well.

The students need to mention such an exciting point in their essay paper, which can support their thesis statement impressively. While the students are preparing for the original argument, then they have to look at the perfect format that can make their paper interesting.

Step 9: Write the first draft based on the outline chosen

You need to find new ideas and proper information from the different source material for supporting the thesis statement perfectly.

Instead, the students have to prepare one draft correctly so that the students can develop the final essay paper excellently. The draft prepared by students should include the introductory part along with a proper thesis statement. You need to write a central body paragraph for supporting appropriate pieces of evidence. After that write conclusion consisting of key points summary.

There are a series of sub-points through which the students can prepare the persuasive essay paper. You need to include the proper pieces of evidence in the essay paper. It is the tactic that will help you grab the attention of readers. You need to include interesting facts and evidence to provide the reader with ease in understanding the objective of the synthesis essay.

Step 10. Revise the essay paper again and again

When the students have complete their synthesis essay, then they can take a break sometimes before revising the paper.

You need to revise or reread the article thoroughly before submission. It helps the students to strengthen the arguments by improving all the transitions and statements between the points or paragraphs. It can be beneficial if the students are reading their essay papers loudly because it will enhance their editing skills.

Students can also read in front of their relatives or friends by asking them to point out their mistakes. If you find any of the errors in the synthesis essay paper, then you need to edit all of them. Most importantly, you need to ensure that the content in the essay paper is making good sense. However, it is adequate to check by revising what the article is supporting the sources or not.

Step 11. Proofread the synthesis essay paper

After reading the entire essay paper, you may found grammar, vocabulary, or technical mistakes in it. It is beneficial for the students to edit all the errors and mistakes before submitting them. Along with the editing and removal of errors,  you should also consider the issue of plagiarism.

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