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Difference between resume and CV

Difference between resume and CV

Students usually ask whether they should use a resume or a CV when applying for jobs, and often they use the word ‘resume’ and ‘CV’ interchangeably. Before you start applying for the jobs; you will need to determine which one is appropriate for you. RESUME- A resume is usually a 1-2 page; reverse sequent..Continue

How video resume can efficiently help you in getting a job

Technology changes with time. We have seen many changes in the technology in the past 10 years. Similarly, the pattern of resume also changed with time. Before 20 years, job seekers were writing t..Continue

10 Things To Follow, To Get Hired Really Fast

The interview tips list mentioned seems to be very general and basic which every one mentions you and you might also have analyzed them everywhere, but listing them here will surely help you to keep a check on them and never miss any of them and ensure your selection fact and quick. Hope this helps during interviews..Continue

10 Tips to crack the job interview

A) Read the company profile: - It is very necessary to read the complete profile of the company before appearing for the interview. You will get complete information about the company on their website. It will help to analyze the requirements of the company and you will plan your preparation based on their demands...Continue