TEEL Essay Paragraph Structure – Writing Tips & Guidelines

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TEEL essay paragraph Structure is a best technique for structuring a paragraphs of an essay in systematic manner.  You may be hearing about such type of  essay structure for first time. Students find difficulty in organizing the  every paragraph of an essay in logical manner. In this article, our professionals  will provide you with tips of writing short but effective paragraph using TEEL technique.

Know about TEEL Structure

The TEEL Paragraph Structure for an essay is a fundamental structure which scholars use  for ensuring that all the key components  are cover in their paper.

This is the format  which scholars use for a text response essay:

  1. Topic sentence – major idea using the keyword from the query
  2. Explain – characters or prospect that explains this idea
  3. Evidence – 3 examples or speech marks from text
  4. Link back to query (words like consequently, due to this, thus)

One you can also find out the TEEL Paragraph Structure template online – TEEL Essay Paragraph Structure Template, which also contains notes for the introduction and Qualitative analysis.

Example paragraph

Suppose, When movie  haunted  Forest  starts off   we consider Jackson as a bad boy, after we discover by end of movie that  he is actually the hero in film. At the beginning of the movie Haunted forest  Jackson is shown to be as mean, ugly. He scares every buddy which comes in forest . Jackson also scares  even Donkeys when  they first meet. With the continuation of the movie, Jackson becomes completely involved with more characters. At last he fell into love with Princess and rescue her from felling into well  and also by stopping the wedding.Therefore, because Jackson saved the princess  and demonstrate that he values friendship he is hero of the story.

Example of essay using TEEL structure

While Jackson starts off as the bad guy, We discover by the end of the movie, that he is actually the hero of the story.  At the beginning of the story Jackson is shown as a mean, ugly person , he scares the knights which come to his forest. He even tries to scare Donkey away when they first meet by growling at him. However,  as the story continues, Jackson becomes involved with more characters, eventually even falling in love with Princess and recuse her for second time by stopping the wedding and loving her for who is she. As  Jackson saves the princess and demonstrate that  Jackson value friendship he is the hero of story.

How do I structure paragraphs in essay?

The TEEL structure provides an effectual method of organizing a paragraph. TEEL stands for (Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, & Link). You may find it cooperative to add C for Comment before Link. A paragraph structured this means would contain the following:

Topic sentence – the primary sentence in a body paragraph that tells the reader what the major idea  is there in the section .

Explanation – Explain what you mean in  detail.

Evidence – offer evidence to maintain your idea or claim. To do this, refer to your study. This may include case studies, statistics, written evidence, educational books or journal articles. Keep in mind that all evidence will need appropriate citation.

Comment – Consider the strengths and limitations of the proof and examples that you have presented. Describe how your confirmation supports your claim (i.e. how does it ‘prove’ your topic sentence?).

Link – Summaries the major idea of the paragraph & make clear how this section supports your general argument.

Rules to follow along with writing a paragraphs in essay

TEEL structure is a technique which you should follow along with previous rules in order to add value and provide better paragraph structure. The basic rules which you need to follow along with TEEL structure for writing an essay are:

  • A paragraph must contain single topic at a time.
  • There should be at least 3 to 5  paragraphs  in an essay.
  • Each paragraph should contain at least four to six sentences.
  • Usual size of paragraph should be half page.
  • Flow of sentences in a paragraphs should be according to TEEL structure.

Helpful guidelines on how to mark a TEEL essay section

Lack of enough information on how to write this kind of essay means the problem . It means you will not be capable of starting the article. If you do, you might move at snail speed or rush through it. You know what this means, right? Poor scores.

So, what to do? Use the following tips to come up with a top-notch paper:

Recognize The Meaning of TEEL Essays & What They need of you: Familiarize yourself with this kind of essay. Find information concerning TEEL essays from different sources such as the internet and books. Only through suitable research, you will be able to learn how to do a TEEL essay. An excellent TEEL essay adheres to the set structure. Each of the aspects connects coherently allowing the flawless flow of thought.

Gather Necessary Resources: Once you have learned regarding this piece, proceed to collect the relevant resources that will assist you to write the article economically. These can be books, magazines, textbooks, and so on. The core of these is to give you information about your topic in addition to appropriate examples.

Choose a Suitable Topic: Pick the topic you desire to write about. Make sure that you are comfy with this topic and you can find as a lot of information on it. Being conversant with an issue is a precondition for writing an essay efficiently.

Create A Draft: Formulating a draft is a critical part of the TEEL essay writing procedure. It will assist you to layout your article to let you proceed with it easily. Identify the diverse elements of your composition in addition to the bits of information that will go into them.

Come Up with Your Topic Sentence: just, this is what your section will talk about. It is a short sentence that provides the reader with a peek into what the paragraph entails. For example, “fast foods lead to fatness among children.” Your topic sentence must be short and in outstanding English. This issue is talk about further in this article. So, keep reading.

Write Your Essay: Write your essay following while stick to the appropriate essay structure. There is a section on the organization in this article.

Review Your Essay: This step will help you recognize all the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in your piece of writing.

TEEL Essay Paragraph Structure

Benefits of writing TEEL structure

So, far, we have talked about the meaning of TEEL and the comprehensive aspect of all it. Now, at the end of this blog post, here we summarise the benefits of using a TEEL structure.

However, the advantages are already clear from the explanation in the blog, but as I just said, you are going to get a brief version here:

  • We keep in mind to use the evidence in the precise sense.
  • Through a TEEL structure, we can stay focused on the objective and generic conventions.
  • We have to cross-check multiple times so that we can test with the draft.
  • We know precisely what to do & when to do.

Conclusion- So Dear readers, we have reached to end, and this is the time to wind up this blog with a fast summary. I hope by now, you recognize TEEL structure in a great way. Also, you know why to use it & how to inscribe it.

We started with the meaning of TEEL structure and came to recognize that it is a technique used for organizing an essay structure. After that, we went into the description of every feature of TEEL Structure and understood how to frame it. After that, we ended by knowing the advantages of TEEL Structure. I hope this was impactful.

Our experts are constantly there to guide you

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