Textual Analysis in Research / Methods of Analyzing Text

02/19/2020 | George Orwell | 855

Text  a transcribed conversation. In relation to research, the text is could be any object about which the researcher intends to provide a great description.

What is textual analysis?

Textual Analysis in Research is basically a research technique which researcher mainly applies for making valid  research conclusion through interpretation and coding of messages or content. It can also consider being a research methodology which researcher such analysis. Description of content, functions, and structure of message containing text is a primary objective of textual analysis in research.

Textual analysis is also known as text mining. It can refer to a tool for machine learning which researcher utilizes for extracting value from the text. It is a procedure which includes developing understanding about picture, language, and symbols. Textual analysis is  a important component of research

For example, Data which you have collect through investigation on the historical places might contain  challenge in relation to historic places, culture, etc.  Therefore, it is very much essential for you to develop understanding about social framework which effect the message in content.

Methods of text analysis

The two most common methodology  which you can use for analyzing text is:

1.Text classification: It is also known as text tagging. In this technique, you need to classify the text in the pre-defined group. You can use Natural Language processing software for performing the classification of text. Natural language processing is one of the strong tools which helps in performing the analysis of text and categorizes the same into a group on the basis of content.

2.Text extraction: This is a technique of analyzing text helps in extracting the valuable information from the text.

Methods Of Text Analysis

Example of Textual analysis which researcher uses for performing studies in culture and fields such as :

Textual analysis in relation to the investigation performed in culture or media. While performing a task of developing a theoretical framework you need to establish link between various elements of text along with problems in culture and politics.

In this, you can analyze the different aspects of text like :

  • Target population
  • Source of text
  • Choice of words
  • Relationship with other text

Textual analysis in research is basically a qualitative approach where investigator makes an assumption about the culture and politics on which they are performing an investigation.

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