Thematic Essay Writing Guide for Graduates

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Thematic essays are given on a literary text mainly by the professors to their students in the form of coursework writings or admission essay as well. If you are also assigned with a thematic essay by your professors then here are some tips for writing best thematic essays.  by reading this article , you will get a idea about the definition and other important things about writing thematic analysis essay and its format.

What is the thematic essay?

Thematic analysis can be refers to as piece of writing which mainly emphasizes on overreaching themes. Such types of essays are written on topics related to different fields such as geography, history, civics, culture etc. In these types of essays writer has clear focus and they utilizes literary evidences for supporting their main theme.  Thematic analysis essay can also refers to as academic writing in which you need to answer a specific question which is there in prompt. At the time of writing thematic essay you are require to keep in mind the different concepts relevant to your field.

Outline of thematic analysis essay

An outline of thematic analysis will help you in maintaining flow in writing process. Like other type of essay, thematic analysis also has 5 paragraph structures. An outline of thematic analysis includes the following elements:


  • Narrate the topic
  • Write the background information.

Body paragraphs

  • Give explanation of main idea
  • Provide examples
  • Discuss opinions of different authors about topic.
  • Shane your opinion
  • Compare your opinion with view of other people.


  • Summary of content in essay.
  • Write final sentence.

Example of thematic essay outline

Sample essay on political system


  • Basic information
  • Different kinds of Political regime.
  • Findings of research
  1. Most typical political system.
  2. Most famous approaches to governing.

Main body 

Para 1: Nation providing support to democracy.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of democracy
  1. Political independence
  2. interest of people in the nation
  3. Economic influence

Para 2: Communism 

  • Countries following communism
  • Advantages of  locals

Para 3: Monarchy

  1. Difference between constitutional and absolute monarchy
  2. Nations supporting monarch.


  • Rewrite answer to question
  • Provide summary of main ideas
  • End conclusion by writing strong sentences.

Tips to write thematic analysis essay?

You can follow these tip[s as it will help you in determining How to write thematic analysis essay.

Selection of topic  

An important and initial step in writing thematic analysis Brainstorming is the techniques which you can utilize for developing topic for writing thematic analysis essay. After making selection of topic you need to determine key theme. At this step, it is very much crucial for you to note down your thoughts related to work. It is the tactic which will help you in generation of brilliant ideas for introducing in the project.

Thesis statement

It is most crucial part among different elements of an essay. A thesis statement is basically a brief claim which is supposed to inform reader about central message.  Every sentence has more importance than others.

Draft introduction 

In opening paragraph of essay you need to write short paragraph. It is very much essential to highlight the main objectives of research. You need to mainly concentrate on paying attention on targeting reader. Here, you need to utilize the skills of good narrator.

Write main body

At this step, you need to write main body paragraph. Here, you are requiring including minimum 3 paragraphs. You can start paragraphs by writing topic sentences. After that you need to include main arguments along with strong evidences in main body paragraph of essay. At the time of writing main body paragraph in thematic analysis essay you should ensure that each evidences supports your claim. It is very much essential for you to utilize trustworthy sources for supporting arguments. You can also perform analysis for proving theory and for providing explanation of important claims.

Concluding paragraph 

This section in thematic analysis consists of summary of important discussion. The main objective of writing concluding part of essay is to provide reader an ease in addressing main point of essay.  Other intention of writing conclusion part is to ensure that all questions have been answered in an appropriate manner. Writer can also write about further research that is possible in this subject field.

Thematic analysis: example

Essay on what is belief system 

There is much belief system which dependents on culture and religion. Many of the beliefs are related to worship of gods, visiting religious events and sacred texts. Belief system plays very important and critical role in different culture prevailing in the world. I belong to Hindu religion; I will mainly concentrate on having discussion on it.  In essay I will also share information about the role of belief system in my life.

My beliefs are completely based on what I have learnt from my family members. I have included example which is related to my denial of beef as Hinduism does not allow consumption of cow meat. I am leaving in USA; still I have not forgotten my traditions.

Some topics for writing thematic analysis essay

There are few topics on which you can write thematic analysis essays theses are:

  • Years of great depression.
  • Consequences of civil war
  • effect of mass media on history
  • Issue of racism Reason to begin cold war

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