Thesis Statement for Essay – Meaning, Purpose, Importance, Characteristics, Function, and Tips

02/29/2020 | George Orwell | 1133

Thesis statement is very much an important part of an essay. Before writing an essay you should develop the understanding of meaning, purpose, importance, characteristics of a good thesis statement. We have provided you with a few tips that will help you in writing a good thesis statement .

Meaning of Thesis Statement 

Thesis statement is basically a single statement that is written in the beginning that provides the reader idea about the topic and content of the essay. You are required to write a thesis statement after the completion of the introductory part of an essay. The thesis statement has a close relationship with the background information of the topic which is which writer can utilize for elaborating on the topic. If in case there are three body paragraphs in an essay then in such a situation you need to write a thesis comprising three pieces of evidence. Example: Social media has proved to be a good communication platform, but it has also become an effective source of promoting products or services by the organizations.

 Purpose of the thesis statement 

The main purpose of the thesis in research is to represent a clear and particular argument that will provide guidance to the reader.

Importance of thesis statement 

  • Thesis  is very much crucial as it helps in controlling the subject of an essay. It is a thesis statement which enables you to concentrate on the main idea.
  • Thesis statement will also assist you in organizing your essay.
  • A good thesis statement provides the reader with ease in developing an understanding of the topic.

Characteristics of a good thesis statement 

 Few key characteristics of a good thesis statement are:

  • The thesis statement consists of a sufficient amount of evidence.
  • It is interesting.
  • Thesis statement is not too long.
  • It could be easily manageable.

 The function of the thesis statement 

 Few functions of a thesis statement are:

  • A thesis is an essential part of the essay. It enables the writer to express their thoughts and opinion about a topic or specific issues.
  • It is the thesis which helps in the determination of the structure of the essay. You just by writing one powerful sentence, you can easily narrate a complete story.

Tips for writing a thesis statement 

There are certain tips which will help you in writing a good thesis statement these are:

  • While writing  thesis statement you should consider the type of essay you are writing.
  • The thesis which you are formulating should be specific.
  • You should write essay thesis statement as the last of an introductory paragraph. You can add the supporting point to the thesis statement. The inclusion of supporting facts in the thesis statement will help you in developing the interest of reading in the reader.
  • If you are facing any issue in drafting an essay thesis statement, then free writing or brainstorming is two techniques that will help you with this.
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