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What is Thesis Writing -Importance and List of Topics

A thesis is a document or statement which is specially prepared for an academic or professional level degree. It generally represents the research and findings of the writer in relation to his professional degree. It comes from the Greek word “something put forth” Thesis writing helps the student to gain a vast knowledge on topics related to his academic level degree and creates confidence among students to take part in group discussions.  Nowadays Thesis writing is a horrible task for students, because in present scenario each and every person is suffering from busy schedule, and with this busy schedule it is a difficult task for students to make a research and generate ideas for topics of thesis writing. And in this problematic situation, it is far better to take online Thesis writing help and achieve your goals with flying colors.

Why Thesis writing is important?

Thesis writing task creates a horrible image in students mind and even every student tries to get rid of it. But Thesis writing plays an important role for students who are pursuing a professional degree. It increases the thinking of the power of students because thesis writing involves deep analysis of subjects with some research work at different levels. It improves the academic level of students and boosts up their skills and this leads to a shining future.

Thesis writing task is now a ritual of colleges and universities especially for the students who are pursuing professional courses. But on the other side, it is equally important to go with your regular studies to give outstanding performance in your exams. And to gain good grades in exams and make your dreams come true, it’s far better to take Online Thesis writing help services from professional Assignment Writing Company which suits to your budget and makes your Assignment completed in given deadlines.

Length of Typical Thesis Paper

The main difference between dissertation and thesis is that  thesis paper should not be more than 80,000 words.You cannot even write fewer words while drafting a thesis paper. Moreover, a typical thesis paper is also written in about 150 pages. This is the average number of pages, and it can be increased or decreased as per the thesis requirements and also depending upon various disciplines of subjects. If it is a Statistics or History thesis paper, it may go above 150 pages. It is sure that the thesis paper should be lengthy since it deals with the entire findings, information, facts and reasoning. On the hand , Dissertation can be more than 8000 words.

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Why Thesis Paper is long?

Writing a thesis paper is a lengthy process. This is the reason because a thesis paper involves various steps of writing and analyzing. The inclusion of topic description, arguments and theory makes writing the thesis paper long.

Thesis Topic For MBA Students

Thesis writing plays a major role in academic writing. Therefore, prior to selecting your research topic a researcher must very well know two important things. First, the researcher must identify the sources of data collection and second, the type of statistical technique used in the analysis. It is observed that many times MBA scholars submit the thesis topics without having the appropriate idea about the sources of data collection and the proper statistical technique for the analysis. Once the students start working on the project they face terrible issues. Therefore, students pursuing MBA must be careful while submitting the final topic. To help students in selecting their research or thesis topic, a list of relevant topics of research on finance is provided:

 Impact of privatization on profitability and capital employment of stated-owned enterprises in (country name)
Impact of interest rate on stock market
A study based on the effects of interest rate on sharp price
Incidence of gross loan portfolio on microfinance value saving comparison between microfinance institutions and microfinance banks
Banking and currency crisis causality from banks crisis to currency crisis
Empowering women through microfinance

Comparison of microfinance institutions, microfinance banks and microfinance institutions and development of entrepreneurial skills
Analysis of probability banks: comparative study of domestic and foreign banks in (country name)v
A study on the insecurity experienced by existing and non-existing customers towards online banking in (country name)

 Relative study of credit scoring methods between local and international banks of (country name)
Market interest rate and commercial bank profitability in (country name)
Sources of corporate dividend payout policy
Impact of free cash flows on profitability of firms
Factors influencing individual investor behavior: the case of the stock exchange (e.g. New York stock exchange)
Fundamentals and stock return: empirical study of cement industry in (country name)
The relation of credit risk rating with financial ratios in (country name)
Relationship between stock prices and rupee-dollar equality in (country name)
Determinants of dividend payout ratio: a study of fertilizer sector
Targeting consumer segment: A sustainable growth for mutual funds
Impact of privatization on profitability and efficiency of banks in (country name)
To study relationship between price-earnings ratio and growth
Capital investment and stock return
Debt and equity choices for funds
A test of price-earnings ratio to predict future growths
Mutual fund characteristics and its performance in (country name)
Factors that lead to investment in mutual funds
Impact of macroeconomic variables on stock sector of (country name)
Impacts of free cash flow on investment of the firms
Impact of taxation on company’s dividend payout/ratio
Share price volatility explicated by fundamental

 Composition of board of directors and its impact on firm’s performance
The impact of leverage on stock return
Dividend policy and stock price volatility
Impact of capital structure on profitability
Effects of liquidity crisis on bank’s profitability
Effects of different characteristics that leads to mergers and acquisitions
Determinants of financial development
Impact of dividend on investment decision
Impact of fiscal policy on economy of (country name)
The relationship between corporate strategy and capital structure
Impact of privatization on telecoms
Impact of corporate social responsibility on firm’s financial performance

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