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This School Kid (Anmol Tukrel)Taking Over Search Giant Google

Student's Assignment Help 08/21/2015 352 Views

This is likely to happen that Google might have to lose its position as no. 1 search engine in the world. Yes, it’s true. A school kid has developed a search engine that is 47% more accurate than the giant Search Engine Google. The things were astonishing to believe, but you have to believe in them.

The name of this computer master is Anmol Tukrel, an Indian Origin Canadian student who has developed its own search engine. He wanted to exhibit it in Google’s Science Fair that is organized for the students between the age group of 13 to 18.

According to Anmol Tukrel, it took him 60 hours to code this search engine. Firstly, he wanted to do some experiment in personalized search space. Then, he realized that Google already has already done it and he should bring it to the next level.

Anmol Tukrel further says that his computer teacher supported him a lot. He skipped one year in computer science. His teacher knew that he is good in computer science, but not so much at this extent.

He did his internship in a Bengaluru based firm with the limited resources that he was required to develop this search engine. He did several experiments with his search engine at various levels and found that it gives more accurate results than Google.

He has just completed 10th grade. Now several big guns want to be connected with this genius mind. However, he will only decide what should be done next. Will he keep working on his project with studies or work with a big IT company?

Anmol Tukrel does not think that drop-out was the best idea. It indicates that he is so concerned about his studies and do not want to stop learning even after this great achievement.

Well, this development is showing the level of competition in the future for big search engines, In the end, the users will be entitled to the benefits of more personalized search results.

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