Three Layers of Essay Writing

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Academic essays are the backbone of students learning about the different topics related to their course and in order to check the learning process of students professors most often assign three layers of essays to them. But at the time of writing College essay assignments, students may face certain complications related to the structure of the three-layer essay. In this article, our professionals will provide you with complete information about three layers of essays.

What is a Three Layered Essay?

Most often we write our academic essays in such a format that the readers have confusion about an idea related to the efforts of the writers and the main point of the essay. A 3 paragraph essay is an essay that consists of only three paragraphs. It is considered to be professional writing.  By giving students to write 3 paragraphs of essays, teachers enable them to organize their thoughts and apply their knowledge in written format.

In such types of essays, in one paragraph you need to write a piece of background information about the topic. In the second paragraph, you need to include the main arguments related to the topic. By writing the Second paragraph you get an opportunity to convince the reader to accept the claim. The last paragraph contains a summary of key arguments which you have included in the second paragraph. In this type of essay format, you need to follow the principle of sandwich paragraph writing.

Structure of 3-Paragraph Essay 

  1. Introduction: the first layer consists of the introduction part in which the main task is to introduce the readers to the topic by citing the main concept along with the problems which you are going to address in the further part of the essay. Here, in this layer of an essay, you should provide the objective of writing an essay. You can start the first paragraph of an essay by writing a Topic sentence, as it is the tactics that will help you in capturing the attention of the reader.
  2. Main Body: Moving on to the next layer which is the main body of the essay. Here, students have to very carefully elaborate on each point of the essay along with proper evidence for supporting arguments.
  3. Conclusion: Finally, a conclusion wraps up the essay and known as the third layer of the essay writing in three layered essay formats.

How to Write Three Paragraphs of 3 Layer Essay: Example

A sandwich is a dish that has a beautiful appearance that attracts people.  In the same way, you should present 3 layer paragraph in an interesting way. Let’s look at the three layers of an essay in detail using an example of a sandwich.

  • The top slice of the sandwich  ( Introduction of an essay)

As the top slice of bread used for making a sandwich is thin. In the same way, the introduction part of your essay needs to be short. Before writing the introduction paragraph you should develop the understanding that the introduction is the opening that frames the subject of the paragraph. In the introduction paragraph, you should provide the reader with a reason for reading an essay.  For example,  if your essay topic is finding a job then you can write the opening line “Networking is the best way to find a job “. This line will encourage the reader to find a reason why networking is suitable for finding a job.

  • Center ( Main body of an essay)

For making a sandwich you need to put filling between 2 pieces of bread. In the context of the essay,  you can fill your essay and make it interesting by including numbers of arguments, evidence, and examples in the main body paragraph. You can include an expanded version of the ideas in the opening sentence of the main body paragraph.

  • Bottom slice ( Conclusion of an essay )

This is the bottom slice of bread which is considered as the base of the sandwich. In the context of an essay, a Conclusion is basically a base. You need to use strong sentences for writing a conclusion for Three paragraph essay. It is very much important for you to make sure that it demonstrates the main objective of writing an essay.

Useful suggestions for Writing a 3 Paragraphs Essays 

Below are a few tips which you can follow  for writing three paragraph essay these are:
  •  Selection of appropriate topic – It is an initial requirement which you need to fulfill before starting to write the 3 paragraph essay. Suppose, if your topic is a dog, then you need to first determine whether you want to include the information about rescuing dogs or you intend to include detail about how to choose a dog? After that, you need to write a Thesis statement. Now you should come up with at least three points that you are required to discuss in the main body of your essay. In the conclusion section of the essay, you need to reiterate key points and remind the reader about the thesis statement.
  •  Follow the structure and format – You should first prepare an outline of an essay. You can utilize the Roman numeral for the introduction. Begin writing an introduction by giving background detail about the topic and stating the thesis.  You should include a thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph. After that, you should start writing the main body paragraph where you should have a discussion about every point. You can utilize Transition sentences for relating the paragraphs of  3 layer essay. At the time of writing the main body paragraph, you should be precise You should use examples and arguments. It is very much important for you to write a conclusion in such a manner that it reminds the reader of the thesis and the main points.

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